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What does it mean to be a mentor?

so we get a lot of questions about being
a mentor what does it mean to be a
mentor will you be my mentor will I be
your mentor things like that here’s what
I’ve learned about mentorship mentorship
is not something you ask somebody to do
like will you be my friend it doesn’t
work like that
when you find somebody you get along
with you share values your shared
beliefs you spend time with them you get
to know them you develop trust you take
us you’re vulnerable with them you open
up to them and you discover that you
become friends it’s what happens you
start off as simply acquaintances in my
experience mentorship is exactly the
same there were people who were much
more experienced than me who had wisdom
that I didn’t have and I’m when I would
call him they would take my calls and
when I would ask them questions they
would always take the time to give me
answers and over the course of time they
became my mentors like they became my
friends and I remember one time I was
with one of my mentors Ron brooder an
amazing guy and I was leaving his house
and I put my arm around him I said you
know I’m glad you’re my mentor and he
looked at me and he said I’m glad you’re
mine and it caught me completely off
guard and true mentorship like true
friendship is not a one-way street it’s
not about one person only giving advice
the other both people are showing up to
give and both people are showing up to
learn but you kind of ask someone to be
your mentor especially someone who’s a
total stranger knock on their door and
say will you be my mentor if they don’t
know you you’ve never met them it’s like
friendship you cultivate a relationship
and if that person is always there for
you and wants to see you thrive and
succeed and believes in you then perhaps
they will become your mentor like making
a friend
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