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Nervous vs. Excited

I was also watching the Olympics and
this is what I mean I realize this when
I was watching the London Olympics so
couple Olympics ago and I was annoyed by
how all the journalists asked all the
athletes the same stupid question
literally everyone were you nervous or
are you nervous whether it was before or
after the event every single time and
every single time all the athletes gave
the exact same answer
no as excited no I’m excited every
single time
these elite athletes had learned to
interpret body stimulus what is what are
the signs of nervousness your heart
races you visualize the future you clamp
your hands get clammy what’s this what
did the stimulus for excitement your
heart races usual eyes the future your
hands get clammy they had learned to
interpret what their buddy was telling
them not as nerves but as excitement and
the reason the journalists said were you
nervous is because they would be nervous
athletes would never say that to each
other they say that was exciting so I
tried it I did a little test on myself
right I’m on a plane we start hitting
some really bad turbulence I go and then
I say to myself literally out loud this
and I was fine so I do it a lot now when
I find myself getting nervous I say to
myself this is so exciting and I’ll
explain the reason to myself why so like
an actor you don’t get nervous when
you’re going to stage anymore but
occasionally you do so I get to go on
stage a lot and I don’t really get
nervous much anymore but I was going to
present to 3,000 Chiefs of Police right
in the middle of all this police
brutality hullabaloo and I got really
nervous because the stakes are really
high you know and I was literally
getting nervous backstage and I said to
myself this is so exciting
I have an opportunity to talk to a group
of people who can actually affect change
in this country this is really exciting
now I could have said the same thing I’m
so nervous I’m about to talk to people
who could but the interpretation was
excitement just change the narrative it
works brilliantly well [Music]
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