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What comes after web development?

good Monday morning what software

development directions do you like

besides web development hmm okay

I think that by far the one that is

entry interests me the most right now

from like the perspective of where I

think the industry will grow a lot is

machine learning I don’t know a lot of

machine learning it’s something that I’m

completely procrastinating or learning

but I would really really like to and

the reason why I’m so interested in it

is that I think that a lot of the things

that have rather complex user interfaces

today will be replaced by machine

learning algorithms for example Spotify

is orly when it was launched it was

essentially kind of conceptually a big

database of songs you have to search for

the songs that you already knew you’d

like do you have to assemble playlists

to create cohesive experiences of like

what songs fit together and the service

that they have now is pretty different

and especially you discover weekly if

you don’t know what Spotify like if you

haven’t used Spotify you discover weekly

is this playlist that the

recommendations of a mix of new and

familiar songs that Spotify generates

for you every Monday I think and it’s

based on your listening history so if

you listen to like a lot of songs from

you know some artists then discover

weekly will figure out that okay there’s

a lot of people that listen to this

artists also likes this artist and this

artist has just released something new

and this person hasn’t listened to that

so it should probably listen to that and

they’ve spent a lot of time tweaking

that and making it good and it works

really really well for some people like


although a lot of people are very happy

with but that’s machine learning for you

and I think that a lot of interfaces in

the future will be more like that just

like these magical lists of things that

a computer just figures out for you

instead of you having to wade through a

lot of stuff you have just watched an

episode of fun fun function I release

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I am mpj until next Monday morning stay curious

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