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MPJ’s first job

good Monday morning how did you get your

first job in tech hmm that’s an

interesting one I created it I was

around 20 I think and I created this

ecommerce company an ecommerce store and

I created the the software for it and I

built bricks could build the software

for that business and ran that business

for a couple of years it was my first

business so I did a lot of mistakes so

the business eventually crashed I

learned that I’m good at making money

but not so good at managing it and

eventually it crashed and I I i applied

for a job at a small consultancy company

in my in my town within a small town

where I lived that back then and since I

had a couple of years of development

experience with the ecommerce store like

real coding experience they decided to

like extend a chance to me to prove that

that knowledge was real in the day yeah

put me jami’a gave me a job and I

remained there for quite some time and

that was like my first hired job all

right that’s all I all right I think

that’s enough questions for today thank

you so much for listening I hope that

was useful to you it’s kind of been a

cosy day but if I retired you have just

watched an episode of fun fun function I

release these every Monday morning Oh

800 GMT if you are forgetful you can

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here I am npj until next Monday morning stay curious

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