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Failing Together: Live streamed mob programming under unideal conditions

good Monday morning so lately you’ve
been seeing a couple of these live mob
programming videos plopping up on the
channel and the reason we’re using that
is because it’s the new format that we
are going to be pushing for loud
malfunction in the coming year and I
would like to talk about why that is and
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off we are here in Stockholm David as
behind the camera and it’s minus 4
degrees or something like that it’s so
called the last year I’ve been having a
little bit of creative crises to be
honest it’s hello car it’s I’ve been
having like thoughts about what is fun
for function about and what is what what
were you what are we doing with our
yes and I’ve been post this question a
lot of times to the audience what is fun
fun function to you and I get a lot of
different answers some of the people
watching really appreciate the the
making complex things seem simple that I
seem to have a certain knack for a lot
of people like that it’s it’s funny that
it’s creative like that makes you a bit
of exciting like a lot of people like
that we touched it more softer aspects
of programming and applying it this it’s
a little bit all over the place but what
I’ve wanted to identify was what is
missing in the industry like what is
missing in the the content being
produced and among that group of things
what are the things that we are uniquely
why to bring to the table and that is
what like that is the reasoning why we
we ended up with failing together which
is the new live mob programming under an
ideal conditions format that we are role
like starting to roll out during 2019 so
I would like to talk about that tutorial
a little bit like a tutorial format so I
started out with tutorials when I when I
was a programmer I I believe that the
first tutorial series that I I watched
was rails casts like it was a these
amazing little bytes of information
where that explained a very clean little
simple concept and that was how I
learned rails and do large degree like
how I learned the programming and they
they were great like I I don’t wanna I
don’t want to put the tutorial down it
has some amazing aspects to it however
one thing with tutorials that always
struck me is that once I’ve watched one
of them were like watch it serious
although like this is followed like a
book and this is how you make a web app
is that you you’re left with this
feeling of okay but but what now and the
reason why you’re left with that feeling
is that the tutorial as a format doesn’t
really teach you how to solve problems
it just shows you like this very paved
neat path it gives you the impression
that programming is this like series of
assembly instructions that you can
follow which couldn’t be further from
the truth
so the tutorial gives you the impression
that programming is elegant and
and I think that all programmers have
felt this once they actually started
working as a programmer that hey this is
neither elegant or technical this is
actually very messy and very social the
art of program or not the art program
but the work of being a software
developer is very much making sense of
this chaotic universe that we’re in the
universe is just a mess I often talk
about this concept called limnic
eruptions which is when there’s a carbon
dioxide pocket in the bottom of a lake
that is a master hundreds of years and
then just suddenly bubbles up to the
surface and pushes out all oxygen in a
few square kilometer radius which
basically kills everything that is
dependent on oxygen in that area and and
I loved it that loved telling that story
because it’s so poignant Lee shows how
little the universe owes you like the
universe universe is not evil just
doesn’t care so whenever something works
whenever like you have important library
and it just like oh this just works that
is because somebody made it work – what
being a human being a tool making being
a developers it’s all about like making
like elegance out of the mess and you
are the person making that elegance as a
software developer and so that’s the
elegant messy part and then there is the
technical social part I firmly of their
opinion that coding is a very small part
of being social like being a software
developer and many years ago the the
lone wolf developer Worsham was much
more like an ideal much closer to what
it was to be a software developer I
don’t know if you watched their movie
what they call the Alan Turing movie and
it where we’d Benedict Cumberbatch
Chinese shows like this person that has
very hot has very hard time working with
others and he’s like this this immense
genius and he figures out how to solve
the solve a crack the Enigma machine the
encryption device that the Germans used
to send send encrypted messages and I
don’t want to hear I don’t want to put
down that achievement that is a massive
achievement but that is not how software
development works today today software
development is hot hundreds of
developers interacting in some cases and
that means that the the overlap between
developers is actually where you’re
going to spend most of your time it’s so
important for you to be good at code
review it’s so important for you to
write readable code and not readable to
you readable to others and writing good
documentation making sure that
onboarding is is good because you’re
gonna have a lot of developers coming in
and talking to product owners to make
sure that they make decisions that or
not extremely expensive for them and
that kind of stuff like it’s just tons
of tons of tons and one thing that we’re
going to be pushing in front from
function and probably directives do
during 2019 as the the notion that
software development is fundamentally a
communication skill is to get back to
the format then so we have software
development that is a craft that is
messy and it is social so what does that
mean for what what kind of format can we
create for that well we want a format
that is focused on failing and failing
and growing out of failure and we want
to create a format that is also that we
do together with other people to focus
on the social aspects of programming and
that is why we ended up on making a
formant I was live for more programming
because we want to do it together
when you
and like me and David like we find it
really fun we could do things together
and I’ve also tried doing things with
guests which has been very very
successful and we want to do that more
and then we also want the format to have
a lot of failure in it we want two
things to go constantly wrong because
that is what software development
essentially is it’s just like running
into wrongness running into failure and
then we figure out how to solve that and
how to how to grow from that so so
growing from failure and showing that
hey you’re OK even if things don’t go
smoothly it’s just like tutorials and
neat little software development talks
that make it seem like software
development is this craft where
everything goes right all the time which
is not it just goes wrong 95% of the
time and we learn from that and grow
from man and then we want to focus on
the togetherness where we interact with
you people live on stream where you help
us out we figure things out together and
yes through this combination of failing
together we craft something that did not
exist before and that is what the the
failing together format is is trying to
do it’s trying to teach you how to grow
from failure together with other
software developers that is what we’re
oh hello I didn’t see you there very
much thank you so much natural in order
to do this we need to constantly have
these uh Nigel conditions for the the
episodes so a core tenant of the failing
together format is that one person is a
navigator and one person is the driver
just like in traditional pair
but the the tricky thing like we that we
introduce is that the Navigator knows a
little bit about the subject not
necessarily a lot but more than the
driver who doesn’t know anything the
driver has is basically flying blind and
the Navigator is there to help them not
shim along the way but not not
completely guide them and this is core
to the format because we want to show
that none of us have has any idea what
they’re doing that is the definition of
being a developer because if you know
what to do if there is a set of in
assembly instructions and there is a
right solution then the thing doesn’t
need to be developed then it probably
already is a complete piece of software
or our library that you can import so
per definition being a developer means
like well we have no idea we are faced
with these problems that well we know
it’s a problem we have we know what what
needs to be fixed but ostensibly we have
no idea how and that’s that’s that’s so
important to convey and be okay with it
is as a developer and that’s the the
first part of what failing together is
about like they’re growing through
failure and being okay with failure and
accepting failure as being alive being
over the failing
the format is going to be completely
live recorded and it’s basically like a
game show it’s being recorded live on
tape on Twitch you can find that find is
live at slash fun fun function
please follow us there and then we’re
going to release episodes in in edited
form likely edited form on on YouTube
after the fact and I want to make clear
that this is a very new thing for us
this is there’s going to be lots of
kinks to be worked out in this format
before we can really nail it and make it
really good live streaming it’s new to
us making things in the moment is new to
us this having this long format is
tricky and it’s it’s new to us so while
we’re getting that in place we ask for
your partly for your patience of course
but also your feedback in your your
support and making this work like if
there is something that you see that you
think that we could do better or like an
idea of how to wow this could really
make a difference like please please
give us that feedback and and we will
incorporate it because we really want to
make this into something that you like
fundamentally this is something that we
do for the audience and we want to make
this into you your show something that
is awesome for you so I hope you’ll join
us on this journey on on slash
fun fun function or just watch on
youtube if you prefer the edited
versions after the fact
I am mpj and until I see you on the live stream stay curious
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