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well back to Explorer collectively
Americans check their cell phones eight
billion times a day and still no one
likes my photo but there is one place in
America where people don’t check their
cell phones at all
they can’t it’s called Green Bank West
welcome to the dead zone why would
anybody listen to anything I had to say
I had no future
each of these thicker is a suicide so I
looked at the suicides around the cell
towers so my house is right there what
am I supposed to do just keep silent and
be in fear of being ridiculed hell no
people can ridicule me
till the cows come home I don’t give it
you know ridicule me all you want baby
but I’m going to tell the truth about
this another day in paradise right
satellites television stations and radio
stations cell towers smart meters smart
appliances Wi-Fi in the home phones in
the home if we could see these rays we
wouldn’t be able to see each other
it’ll got a bass to sound ours do you
feel that right now
electrohypersensitivity refers to people
who react adversely to different
frequencies of electromagnetic energy
any kind of electric electronic or
wireless technology can contribute to
electro hypersensitivity my bedroom has
no electricity that way my body can heal
a little better
I could feel people’s cellphones walking
in front of the house that sounds that
sounds impossible that’s how it’s
bizarre she lives in her room she lives
in this house Cartman used to be
involved with so much stuff and she’s
not now she’s a caged bird if I move to
a place healthier than this I can be
much better there is a place called
Green Bank West Virginia they have a
telescope that’s very very sensitive to
the electromagnetic radiation because of
that they don’t have cell towers their
telephones don’t work
80% of my time is operation and
maintenance of this facility 20% of the
time here is spent searching for aliens
we’re standing on top of the largest
fully steerable radio telescope in the
world the National Radio quiet zone that
exists here is the only one like it in
the world
it protects this radio astronomy
facility within a ten-mile radius of any
electrical interference and because this
is an almost perfectly quiet radio
environment it has attracted people who
are electromagnetic ly sensitive when
the electric sensitive people first
started coming I thought it was a little
bit crazy but we have so many now
apparently there’s something to it and
they feel better when they’re here
I said let’s build a cabin let’s let’s
let’s build something that we can do you
know there’s no wiring in this room
there won’t be any wiring here even
though this is the living room because
that’s adjacent to the where I would
sleep in the bedroom I know this seems
extreme I’ve made a commitment to myself
and to my family to take care of myself
and that is why I’m here I get headaches
different different frequencies
different symptoms I know it sounds
weird but I had built this cabin after I
got microwave illness in 1996 when all
the cellphone towers went up
prolifically I really don’t care so much
what people think of me it’s not the
stigma of being eccentric it’s the
problem of trying to live I couldn’t get
the right medical care I needed
I can’t work you know I’d love to love
my work I was a workaholic in the 50s
there were magazines that had ads for
smoking and articles that it was
dangerous for a period but we’re getting
to a point where there’s gonna be ads
for cell phones and then there’s gonna
be articles saying you know it’s the
cancer risk is definite a lot of studies
that have been done if
money is coming from the industry that’s
trying to show that their technology is
safe there’s a certain amount of
credibility that they end up locking
because there’s money involved oh it is
for real we had a woman that would come
down from Canada and she said Arnie
look look at my hands they’re turning
red my wrists are starting to swell up
someone has a cell phone on in here so I
said okay folks who has a cell phone on
in here and one guy said oh she could
fill it and knew what it was
some of it is psychosomatic some of it
is just because they’re stressed knowing
they’re exposed I need I need a break
okay all asking what they want me to
turn off the fluorescent lights or
there’s a Wi-Fi or something that can do
to accommodate them somewhat I can’t
tell you if they got a parasite in our
case I can’t tell you that I’m not a
doctor I go to here two days ago
I staying here this this cabinet I’ve
encouraged her to live there because I
feel that she will still suffer some of
these effects and if she does then
she’ll have to take a look at other
possibilities to deal with it I bring my
cameras I love taking pictures
the electrohypersensitivity they are
portrayed as being crazy that they like
to live away from society and oh my
goodness it’s very wrong if we agreed
that this is real that it is causing
cancer it is causing electrical
hypersensitivity then what do we do
about it I know we’re not impressive
here I am just this woman in a little
shack that people think is a nut I’m
taking lemons and I’m making lemonade
and I’m really I feel so grateful that
this place is actually here right now
I’m like in between two worlds you know
and I’m here
I’m healthy but I miss my kids my family
and when I’m there I’m with them but my
home is my Jail well that’s it
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