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The Geo Bee: A 30 Year History | National Geographic

good morning ladies and gentlemen and
welcome to the first National Geography
Bee finally
anniversaries are important they are an
invitation in many ways to look back and
celebrate where we’ve been
to have started out as one of over five
million means that you’re already
winners and in our mind
you are already champions it’s young
people like these who give me hope for a
long time it’s just kind of interesting
how you can take the real world and put
it onto a piece of paper it’s fun to go
new places the people this is going to
be fun isn’t it folks you can tell
already this is the flag of what East
African country Kenya yes the Okavango
Delta feeds into what Lake to the South
Lake and gummy you are right you can
breathe a big sigh of relief on that one
llama but Lithuania Ho Chi Minh Trail
South Africa the Crimean Peninsula
Montana yes you got that in the nick of
hi everybody before I give you my answer
I want to congratulate all the students
who are participating in this year’s
competition the study of geography is
about more than just memorizing places
on man it’s about understanding the
complexity of our water appreciating the
diversity of cultures that exists across
continents you have the honor of being
the first girl in the national final so
congratulations for your just fine you
being here today you will be an
inspiration to young girls all over the
country I bet you next year we’re gonna
hello everyone what a pleasure it is to
be back here in our nation’s capital
you’re now down to our two finalists
congratulations and best wishes to all
three and I’ve got news for you you’re
[Music] [Applause]
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