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Scientists Create Tiny Zones of Climate Change | National Geographic

if you go out to a tree in your front
yard and you shake it and you look at
what falls on a sheet most of that stuff
nobody in the world studies we wanted to
make these future worlds to see what
things would look like we’re raising the
temperature and boosting the temperature
based on different climate predictions
they’re controlled by hot air that’s
being pumped continuously so five and a
half degrees could be something that we
see in about a hundred years four or
five degrees it doesn’t seem like that
would make all that big of a difference
but it actually can have really big
effects on the organisms out here
insects which is most of animal life
they’re a convenient way to get a pretty
big hunk of the picture these chambers
for the small things we study they’re
the scale of Manhattan relative to a
person they’re one of the clearest looks
at the future that we have at five
degrees we start to see diversity of
ants decrease and we start to see the
amount of verba very actually decreases
as well which is something we didn’t
predict an herb every is the effect that
insects have on plants so when a
caterpillar eats a leaf that’s their
livery and if the caterpillar is eating
all of the leaves off of the plant in a
chamber that’s going to have other
effects or organisms in that chamber as
well even really small changes in
temperature can have really big impacts
on our world our chambers can validate
what we see in cities cities are
interesting because the warm parts of
cities are actually now as warm as what
we predict for for us in 2100 but the
real challenge is all the rest of the
stuff and so there are a few things that
are problems now that somebody can tell
you about there’s a bunch of stuff
that’s there and is not a problem now
but that could kill your tree in the
future then there’s stuff that’s
beneficial now that could actually
become a problem and then there’s stuff
that those
Riis depend on for their existence that
nobody studies and could go missing in
the future and it would take us a while
to notice but the other thing is to try
to find general rules so we can make
predictions about this stuff that’s
showing up and how disastrous it might
or might not be
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