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The 5 Types of Single People

peace and finit waters diving deep once
again we are here we’re in nature
breathing in that beautiful prana five
first of all shout out to all the deep
divers out there you are one of the main
reasons I’m not single so much love baby
now I’ve got a question in on the
Instagram and if you’ve got a question
if you want me to cover a topic
Instagram at infinite waters is that
simple a woman wrote in saying that is
it wrong to be single that’s a great
let’s dive into it now you gotta ask
yourself which one of these single
people are you okay
the first kind of single person is what
I call who I call the inspector that is
the kind of single person that will
check over somebody a million times and
then do it
another million times right trying to
ask them what they ate for breakfast
today what books are they read who have
they been with and that’s great we are
all inspectors whether we like to admit
it or not we are I certainly am like for
instance I got to know if you are a
vegan or not that’s my criteria I’m
fussy I got to know if you care about
animals if you do well that’s a super
turn-on if you don’t well it’s going to
be harder you’re probably going to be
probably gonna keep me single right a
lot of us we’re perfectionists when it
comes to relationships and the great
paradox is that we don’t have time
you’re so busy yet you are a
perfectionist you’re searching for the
perfect partner but you have to ask
yourself are you perfect I know I’m not
perfect definitely not that’s why I take
whatever I’m given just kidding
the greatest relationship we can have is
with ourselves that is the greatest
secret so in essence none of us are
really single once we embrace ourselves
the second kind of single person is the
one that’s actually in a relationship
huh yeah that’s right I talk to people
every single day
people write to me thousands of people
yeah I’m in a relationship but I’m
feeling I’m not feeling happy I don’t
want to be here I would rather be single
than be in a relationship where I’m
miserable I don’t know about you but for
me it’s all about enjoyment baby it’s
all about being with someone that cares
about you not just being in a
relationship just to say hey I’m in a
relationship you’re not you suck because
do you know how many unhappy people are
actually in a relationship would you
actually know how many happy people are
in a relationship for me I’m a Pisces
Pisces we are naturally romantic I
always have to be in some kind of
relationship how do you think I can keep
on creating right I’ve got people
helping me giving me that good love
energy I’m doing the same thing to you
ask yourself are you with someone in a
relationship but do you feel alone do
you feel like they’re neglecting you do
you feel like you are being abandoned
then you have to ask yourself do I know
my true worth then you have to ask
yourself does this person really care
about me ask yourself do I really care
about myself because that’s gonna move
you into the right relationship now the
third kind of single person is the one
that says I don’t trust you no I I would
never trust you I can’t trust you is
that kind of single person that doesn’t
give anybody a chance you ever meet
someone that says no I can’t
I’m sorry you just met me give me a
chance for goodness sake right and
usually more times are not it it’s
because simply you got a lot of bad
memories right we all have I have a lot
of bad memories in relationships I
screwed up they screwed up take
responsibility I got a lot of great
memories I’m creating them every single
day in relationships but you see what
happens when we just focus on the bad
times in relationships see a lot of us
are what we call wounded lovers we’ve
been in a relationship maybe it didn’t
work out and then we say well I’m not
gonna meet another person like that or
all men are like this all women are like
that and because of that when you shut
yourself off from meeting new people
life can become awfully boring right I
love connecting with people that’s
obvious but at the same time it’s only
you gotta see new relationships with new
eyes a lot of us we’re carrying baggage
into new interactions we’re seeing
people with old eyes right we see
someone in them we see our ex we see
someone and then we say actually they’re
an asshole how do you know that how do
you know that okay the fourth kind of
single person is the one that says can I
get a hello there I love being single
right a lot of us I’ve been single in
periods of my life in periods of my life
where I loved it why because it’s
freedom sometimes you got nobody yelling
in your ear telling you what to do to
come home at this time to go out at that
time they’ll ask you to pick up your
dirty laundry right sometimes that’s
beautiful as well
it’s that person that loves the freedom
of being single and I’ve met so many
people who they’re so well kept they’ve
got such a great relationship with
themselves you would actually think they
were in a relationship and then they
tell you no I’m sorry I’m single you’re
like well what’s your number you’re like
well let’s go out you’re like oh hello
what’s your secret so a lot of the times
I always say it’s okay to be single let
me repeat that it’s okay to be single if
it makes you happy if you know that’s
what you want I see a lot of us we don’t
know what we want so we go with any Tom
Dick or Harry or Sarah or Jane right I
know what I want what’s that someone who
is interested in becoming their greatest
version and that’s what I attracted I
know what I want what’s that someone
that cares about animals that’s what I
attract it
I don’t know what I want well that’s
what you’re gonna attract anybody is
gonna fall into your lap and you’re
gonna say what the hell are you doing
certain people love the freedom of
exploring letting go of labels finding
themselves right a lot of the times I
always tell you that when I was single
when I am single which is sometimes a
lot sometimes not so much what happens
that’s the time you’ve got to use to
work on becoming your greatest version
because in relationships once we see we
attract what we are as we change the
types of people we meet also changes
your vibe attracts your tribe naturally
even without you trying like I am good
I’m cool because if you’re the fifth
kind of single person you know your true
worth what does that mean it means that
you’re good you’re good you know what
you are worthy of right you’re patient
you realize everything in the universe
works in a cyclical manner therefore
there are seasons times and places
yeah very poetical today right because
you know your true worth you don’t mind
waiting a little bit extra for the creme
de la creme if you don’t know your true
worth if you don’t have a good
relationship with yourself if you don’t
love yourself if you don’t honor
yourself many times you find you might
end up being in a relationship where you
get abuse people shout at you for no
don’t do that and you’re like hey back
don’t worry about it
when you know your true worth it’s about
realizing everything in this universe is
built on the law of attraction the law
of Correspondence when we talk of the
seven home attic principles so as you
are changing as you are evolving you are
gonna meet people I meet people every
day pickup artists
women that spend thousands on this dress
and I say that’s wonderful if it makes
you happy but at the same time it
doesn’t matter I used to have my hair
all over the place right you remember
that remember that
well I found my partner through that
don’t laugh because if you can see
beyond the physical then you are onto
something you see that’s the kind of
that’s the fifth kind of single person
the one that sees beyond the physical
they’re single because they’re not just
attracted to how you look okay you got
big breasts okay you got big muscles but
okay what about beneath the surface
right it’s that intercut person who is
always looking for a deeper more
meaningful connection and also someone
who whoa breathe then that beautiful
prana have a beautiful day the love
connection baby infinite waters we are
out here in nature stay well stay healthy

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