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Crew vs. Cold – Behind the Scenes | Life Below Zero

campers aren’t working that’s getting
super frustrating this is what it’s like
on life below zero cameras already down
tough conditions all around a fill-in
no heat no power no anything won’t even
we have balance that’s just a typical
day of the Arctic
they confessed what we got
it’s super windy and our cameras aren’t
working and it’s getting super
frustrating it is an impressive storm
and I’m only supposed to get a little
bit of a lull so like it or hate it even
though I’ve still got wind even though
it’s still a blizzard I have to start
moving the snow just blowing blowing
blowing and it’s messing with their
cameras it’s getting frustrating we have
visibility of maybe it’s just a typical
what I’m doing is setting up suit
clearance snow conditions are a little
plus tree battery thanks coming up we’re
unable to do our job that’s what I’m
doing this sucks
can’t really always rely on gear
operating properly here’s the top of a
building right here so we’ve gotten a
lot of snow a lot of wind let’s move to
lot of snow so setting up these shots I
really don’t know if they’re gonna work
a lot of times but we want to maximize
our time out here so we’ve got GoPros
set up on Sue’s Bobcat you never know if
there’s gonna last very long or if those
are going to fail and then we’ll be
running to other cameras watching her
clear snow it’s probably around 15
degrees ambient temperature but with the
windchill it’s probably more like
negative 15 negative 20 I guess I don’t
know it’s cold enough you don’t want to
touch anything with bare fingers for
very long electronics don’t seem too
last very long and the cold either
trying to clear the path so that our
plane can land at some point you pick us
up but it’s intense so to get this shot
of her doing it
we need to t300 tough when you go pros
up and I need to be a badass and flower
mark toot won’t even turn on seriously
yeah making TV we’ll see what happens
the Dro it’s a valuable tool
I mean GPS is just messed up and I don’t
know I’d hate to lose this drone not a
bad way to spend a day digging a little
snow cave I feel like it’s important for
me to brush up on my skills and I’m not
gonna wait until I have to have one to
figure out at 55 do I still remember how
to make one it’s been kind of trying
with flying the drone lately between
super high winds currently cold
temperatures haven’t really been able to
have much success and keeping the drone
kind of where I want it
I think we’re so far north that can’t
determine if where the GPS is where the
GPS signal is and so it honestly just
leaves no matter which way I push the
controller left right up down the thing
the drone just takes off I mean look at
where we are there’s a chance that I’d
probably find this thing where it ends
up I have no idea never know what the
weather’s gonna do zero wind we’ve been
up here for two weeks and this is by far
the nicest day we’ve had see right now
it says my GPS is good see what happens
here Suz walking out to the Argo and I’m
just do one more move and then what cost
how’s the good light that was the best
one of the whole trip
how’s the best one for two weeks of
flying this is what makes me happy right
there drone it’s down that’s great and
we got a good shot [Music]
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