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Climbing Gym Heroes | National Geographic

I mean how do you know when you’re ready
is sort of a big question with free
sewing and I think ultimately you just
you just know I found out about it last
my girlfriend called me around 10
o’clock because I left work immediately
if anyone asks I was at a doctor’s
I mean it’s kind of freaky at first like
not until you look down you realize like
oh wow this is real now concerned you’re
watching Alex go through stuff that like
I wouldn’t even touch I felt like I was
up there with him it was it was
beautiful to be able to just turn around
and see like just the views that he has
good oh yeah he made it what happened oh
oh well we want to invite you to the
premiere on Thursday the red carpet yeah
I had no idea it was gonna be such a
good day when I woke up this morning the
film was phenomenal
like the cinematography was beautiful
like the whole relationship thing was
just like completely different from what
I expected going in and it just made me
feel a lot of things it was wonderful I
thought it was amazing it was truly
inspiring and I really want to go five
right now hard to put into words but it
felt so much more relatable in this guy
that I’ve looked up to and talk to the
robot is a human
I am feeling on top of the world right
now I’m shaking I’m never gonna forget
this night this is one of the most incredible evenings of my entire life
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