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Success Secrets That Made Grant Cardone Rich! | #MentorMeGrant

I gave up my career and maybe I’m gonna
be a baseball player to drugs one of the
things that we do a little trick we do
in our company is we always have
something on our calendar to look
forward to
you think starbucks sells the best
coffee please nasty Juanes or get a
so today let’s learn from one of the
best to grant cardone and the success
secrets that made him rich mentor me
grant let’s kick it off with rule number
one never give up I lost my dad when I
was ten I lost my brother when I was 20
I lost you know I gave up my career and
maybe I’m gonna be a baseball player to
drugs I’ve lost five or six jobs now and
I’m a loser I’m a total loser
but I do have this little this little
light inside of me it says I’m special I
had this little thing inside of me and
says hey you you are special you know
you have something but it was just
covered up and all this stuff and all
these problems and in the drugs and the
bad friends and the bad choices so my
mom finally says enough is enough don’t
come back here anymore I’m done I could
tell it was hard for her I’m in a
treatment center in the next 24 hours I
go to this treatment center I’m there 30
days for the first 30 days in seven
eight nine years I don’t use drugs oh
wow I don’t have to use drugs finally
that thing where I said I was quitting
ten times a day I was quitting ten times
a day for the first time in my life I
was able to quit successfully
I’m leaving the treatment center when
the insurance ran out because that’s how
those work when the money runs out they
boot you to the curb I’m terrified
scared to go back to society I don’t
have any friends that aren’t using drugs
my girlfriend was using drugs everybody
around me everybody I knew use drugs and
I’m going back to a job where even at
the job I had they used drugs and I’m
like I’m going back to an environment I
have to cut off all my friends not
really friends I got to cut off all the
enemies right and I got to start over
and before I leave the counselor grass
meaning the counselor says to me look
dude I’ll see you back here probably you
know if you don’t die I’ll see you back
here and I’m like what do you talk about
dude I’m not coming back here and he’s
like oh no you’re coming back
and then he gives me the lecture he’s
like you’ll never make it see when you
go to a treatment center you tell them
everything about your life like all your
secrets all your your your inhibitions
and and your you know the things you
want to do in your life right and so I’m
telling them in this thing everything
I’ve done everything I’ve done wrong I
share my whole life but I also share
with them what I want to do my
inspiration in life I’m gonna write
books I’m going to speak to audiences
I’m gonna help people I’m gonna tell
people this story about drugs and how
damaging they are and I’m gonna be
somebody I tell them and they’re like no
no no no you’re a drug addict and all
you’re ever gonna be to split the
counselor tells me all you’re ever gonna
be is a drug addict you need to give up
all the ideas of writing books speak
into audiences being rich I always
wanted to be rich I wanted financially
to be rich my whole life I wanted to be
my dad I wanted to be the guy that could
take care of his family they said you
need to give up all those ideas and
settle for one thing not using drugs if
the day ends and you don’t use drugs
grant that is a good day for you rule
number two get attention when I started
Twitter account I had no followers when
I started Facebook count no followers I
was my first follower when I started
Instagram account no followers I didn’t
know how to post video I didn’t know how
to take a selfie I didn’t know how to do
any of this but I did have a commitment
to grow in my finances and if you want
to grow your finances attention is the
gateway you want to go to heaven who
wants to go to heaven you got to die I’m
just telling you man you got to die to
go to the heaven and most people don’t
want to die they want to go to heaven
but they don’t want to die most people
want money but they’re not willing to
get the attention they’re not willing to
do what it takes to get the attention
including spending money and I would
just tell you this if you want to change
your financial condition the first thing
you need to do is go out and market in
the marketplace so that you can create a
lead and not worry about whether there’s
ROI or not it’s so stupid that people
like what’s the are
oh dude what’s the ROI if nobody knows
you okay what’s the ROI if I don’t know
your name don’t know your company don’t
know what you do don’t know your service
don’t know your product don’t know where
you’re located what is the ROI okay
best product does not win today the best
known product wins
you think starbucks sells the best
coffee please nasty okay but it’s close
and I know what I’m getting when I get
there McDonald’s sit let’s sell the best
close and available rule number three
keep yourself motivated one of the
things that we do a little trick we do
in our company is we always have
something on our calendar to look
forward to okay if you want to stay
today’s what Sunday I always have
something out here out here out here out
here and out here to look forward to
little short runways that keep me
excited okay I’m going to Turks and
Caicos to shoot a real estate a program
when I leave here yesterday I walked out
of here I’m freaking exhausted I’m like
boy I can’t wait to get to Turks and
Caicos see it reenergized right now when
I’m done with that I need something else
to look forward to here I got a whole
bunch of stuff that’s gonna happen here
at the end of the month that it’s gonna
keep me jacked up when I’m at Turks and
Caicos because the truth is Turks and
Caicos could get a little boring for a
guy like that how many of you have
trouble hap going on vacations you have
trouble unwinding okay you don’t even
want to go you’re like I can’t even
enjoy this so I need little tricks I
have little tricks everybody should do
this in their life okay you need things
to look forward to also if you want to
have confidence like granting other
entrepreneurs checking my 254 series
it’s free the link is in the description
below you have to go build
self-confidence rule number four get
I was 28 years old three years sober no
drugs in my body for three years I’m
selling cars I’m moving Toyotas and I’m
getting good at it too like you come in
and say look I got bad credit and I’m
not buying today I’m like goes that’s
two cars I’m a penalize I’m a penalize
you for saying that boom okay okay yeah
bad you got bad credit
that’s perfect at least you got some
credit see I ain’t positive I’m there to
get something so so captain Ryan says to
me he’s like you’re the most positive
person I know I say dude I’m not
positive I’m 10x I get results okay I
want to get the deal done I want to make
my kids proud of me my kids aren’t gonna
remember whether I was positive or not
they’re gonna remember whether daddy
delivered the goodies or not you
understand when you go to Whole Foods
and they said that’ll be four hundred
they’ll be like you need to get some 10
X you need to get some 10 XS and money
to go with your freaking attitude rule
number 5 master communication well I
think the the idea of not going to
endorse you know talking to people yeah
like these are the skills that are not
taught in schools this is why it goes
back to your question about the school
system failing the Bakke that the the
required skills I need a client like if
you simplify the thing that people like
about what we do is we simplify the
business process mm-hmm I need to make a
contact how can I do that like how can I
just simply if I’m doing if I’m a
cameraman and I want more work you know
how do I knock on the door or make a
phone call get in front of someone so
hard impress them you know if I go to
hearings right here I’ll see how many
people don’t have that skill I walk in
that I don’t even get hello you know I
don’t get hello how you doing great to
have you appreciate you being here it’s
so nice of you to drop by
thanks for coming into Cartier I mean
it’s it’s a three million dollar ring
over there I went in there the other day
I can’t even get anybody to show me
anything I’m like how much is the ring
you know they kind of looked at me right
can you show it to me do you mind
showing it to me he showed it to me tell
me how much it was and I’ll leave you
didn’t show me a second ring a third
ring or fourth minute so those are the
skills that people need right how do i
how do i interact with people
communicate yeah and rule number six the
last one before a very special bonus
clip is pay the price when you start
look this is stupid
these cars that you’re seeing people buy
think 50-cent got six seven for
Christmas inside I got my wife of
Cullinan and I got myself this this is
ridiculous you don’t need to go out and
buy these cars okay this is without a
doubt complete waste of money and unlike
unlike some of the people that are out
buying because there’s a lot of young
kids right now thinking oh I’m a go buy
a Lambo I’m gonna get a Ferrari I’m
gonna go buy me a rose I’ve watched a
twenty four-year-old get by rolls-royce
I’m like man I don’t even look good on
you even if you can’t afford it what you
see right here is completely ridiculous
but years 35 years of hard work not just
hard work but making good decisions and
putting the money away putting the money
away and not doing this kind of stuff
put all this stuff off don’t do this
right now okay pay the price right now
work hard get great at your job get
great at whatever you do so good that
people are like man you’re the best well
who are you what do you want they start
asking questions about wow what makes
you so unique then you’re gonna start
getting paid more there’s no way on this
planet that if people don’t if people
start talking about how exceptional you
are you will get paid more at some point
when you do take that money and invested
in something where you can’t lose it
where it pays you every month and one
day in the future it’ll be worth more
than it is today do that for years it
might take 10 years 15 years 20 years
I’m just don’t enjoyed my life a lot of
hard work man now I’ve got a special
bonus tips on branch on how to work on
yourself that I really think you can
enjoy but before that it’s time with a
three-point landing question let’s go
from just watching another video to take
an action in your life for business here
we go
question number one what will you do to
get yourself attention this week number
two how will you keep yourself motivated
when you get stressed out and number
three what’s the communication skill
that you need to work on most I’ve been
busted broke the beat up
I’ve been I’ve been at a point in my
life where I thought I thought less than
me then anyone thought of me how many
have been there dude how do I get the
right girl the right family the right
money the right company the right
employees I don’t even like me I’m like
what happened what happened I had more
money when I was 8 then when I was 25
what the hell happened I liked myself
more when I was 6 years old then I was
20 25 years old what happened to me now
if you look at me today six years old in
57 dude I’m kind of digging myself right
now I like Who I am man I’ve spent the
last years just doing one thing dude
working on Who I am number one most
important thing Warren Buffett says and
I study a lot of people okay this year
I’ll probably spend this year between
mentors what’s really my mentor is just
the guys to hook up he says he’ll come
me up with other players 20 mentors I
don’t think I said a word write a books
courses I’ll go off for 3 weeks and just
do a course you guys worry about a
weekend I can’t get away for a weekend
did I go for 3 weeks and just do courses
I’ll probably spend 400 grand this year
I’m worth it man how am I not worth 400
look you worried about 400 grand how you
gonna get 400 million see you and I were
brought up to worry about what this
what’s in your pocket
right I mean I used to squeeze the
quarter so hard it fly and scream look
look everybody worries about this right
but whose money is this somebody else’s
if you want more grant cardone and check
at the top 50 rules video man in him the
link is right there next to me I think
you’ll enjoy continue to believe and
I’ll see you there
you don’t get attention today you have
absolutely zero chance of being successful money follows attention
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