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“NOBODY Can Cause MENTAL PAIN to You – It Is YOU!” | Sadhguru Interview

nobody can cause mental pain to you it
is you in reaction to something that
happens around you it is time you take
away the nonsense that’s happening
within you
once your intelligence is against you
there is no force on the planet or
anywhere which can save you right now
people’s idea of successes they’re doing
better than their neighbor your idea of
success should be that you are a full
fledged life in one word your most
important core value is
what’s up belief nation new format today
we are heading to go interview Sadhguru
he is a Indian mystic yogi on a mission
that changed the world
a top-10 was the first video I did on
him and before that I had never heard of
bunch of my audience asked for him and I
said okay let’s look into this guy
and he had a really interesting message
so we made the video it exploded got two
and a half million views and he was in
Toronto last night doing his mystic eye
event that Nina and I attended 6000
people filling the convention centre and
he gave us some time this morning early
Sunday morning minus 5 degrees outside
he wants to do an outdoor interview so
we’re gonna go meet him downtown and see
welcome everybody
special YouTube interview I’m very
honored and blessed to be here with the
legendary said guru thank you so much
for spending time here he has an event
happen in Toronto was an amazing event
last night 6000 people showed up and
he’s got to run
to another city more adventures but made
a few minutes for us this morning I had
a whole bunch of questions ready for you
kind of going in but after experiencing
your event I thought I’d maybe quickly
lead off with something a little more
personal for me because it was you know
mind shifting kind of being at that
event last night you did this activity
where to get us awake and energize you
had us close our eyes and you count to
three and then we had to yell lose our
inhibitions and and let it all out and
that idea of kind of losing control
losing traditions for me personally has
actually been a challenge and I was
hoping to get your perspective I have
never done drugs because I don’t want to
lose control I fight roller coasters
because I don’t like losing control the
body I’m excited for your perspective I
don’t know why it’s a it came up because
last night I did my best but it’s always
been a challenge or a struggle for me
and I’m just curious to get your
perspective nature has imposed
substantial amount of restrictions on
you can just zoom out into the space
there is enough restrictions you don’t
have to invent your own restrictions on
top of it so if you invent your own
restrictions slowly over a period of
time you become a constipated life that
means life won’t happen easy
it happens in small happenings so being
in a state of abandoned not out of
control being in a state of abandoned
means all the stuffs that you have put
on yourself you pulled it off
native stops are still there there for
your safety and your well-being but why
are you imposing stops there’s enough
gravity is holding you down that’s bad
enough now you want to hold yourself
why because fear what is the fear about
the fear is always about if I do this I
may suffer so that is the fundamental of
my work to bring you to your place where
there’s no fear of suffering because the
only two kinds of sufferings that you go
through physical suffering and mental
surface when we say physical suffering
there is pain in the body unfortunately
the truth is if there was no pain in the
body most human beings would have
destroyed themselves mutilated
themselves see already you have done see
wherever there is no pain you chopped it
off right there’s no pain in your nose
I’m sure in the name of fashion you
would’ve cut it into ribbons hey there’s
no pain in the body at all maybe you
would have pulled out your intestines
and walked in the street you look Jessie
looks grotesque but believe me if there
was no pain people would have just
destroyed themselves cut them into bits
right now there is pain that is what is
keeping them in one piece
so physical pain is there but the fear
of suffering is not just about pain the
fear of suffering is self-inflicted
nobody can cause mental pain to you it
is you in reaction to something that
happens around you that you cause pain
to yourself if you have half your brain
removed then you would see you would be
quite peaceful right now people are
going through stress anxiety depression
misery all kinds of things you can give
it any number of exotic names that you
want but essentially their intelligence
has turned against them that’s all it is
once your intelligence is against you
there is no force on the planet or
anywhere which can save you so the
fundamental thing is to bring this that
all the faculties that we have should
work for our well-being
right now our own body our own mind our
own emotions are working against us this
one thing has to be fixed this is the
and I love it and and bring it to
entrepreneurs this good core my audience
people want to start their own business
the spiritual side of bringing that into
a company what advice would you have for
somebody who’s starting their own
company and how to do it in a in a
well-being way see the nature of
activity doesn’t really matter whether
you’re doing business or sport or music
or art it doesn’t matter what you’re
doing the important thing is you must be
a full fledge life so if you are not a
full fledge life in the sense if your
body if your mind if your emotions your
do not cooperate with you what kind of
enterprise are you going to do just
survival business if you just make a few
bucks to survive that’s it that’s not
what enterprise means enterprise means
constantly to step into new terrain
that’s what it means if you want to step
into new terrain tell me is fear a very
supportive emotion that you can carry
with you no you will always look for the
familiar when there is fear you always
look for the familiar
when you look for the familiar there is
no Enterprise maybe there is some retail
the idea that you talked about last
night was if you get too entangled
therein trapped or something versus
being involved in something and having a
little bit of space to breathe and the
freedom in that could you maybe explain
on that people are always thinking that
something else if somebody else is
restricting their freedom but once
freedom is lost simply because they are
tangled up with their own body
and their own mind these are two
dimensions of you two faculties unless
your body and your mind is fully in your
hands if they are continuously working
for you never against you only then you
can live a successful life
people have approached in a well being
either with belief systems or
philosophies or ideologies or some wacky
ideas of their own it’s time to approach
your inner well-being in a scientific
manner as the science and technology to
create external well-being there is a
whole science and technology to create
inner well-being that is what we call as
calling as in engineering technologies
for well-being it is time that you
approach your inner well-being also in a
scientific systematic way and employed
technologies to create this well-being
everything else using technology you
understand that technology can
facilitate everything on the outside why
don’t you understand that the best piece
of technology on this planet is this
human mechanism unless you approach it
properly it will not Eve living here is
half a human being is not good enough
right now people’s idea of success is
they are doing better than their
neighbor now your idea of success should
be that you are a full fledge life
because this is not my idea this is not
my philosophy this is the longing of
every life every worm insect bird tree
animal and also a human being are always
striving to become a full-fledged life
but we know what is a full fledge one we
know what is a full-fledged insect we
know what is a full-fledged apple tree
but we don’t know what’s a full-fledged
human being that’s where the problem is
what do you recommend as as habits for
people to incorporate on a daily basis
to feel that way hey everybody is
looking for tidbits of life
give me three points with which I will
make my life one mantra with which
everything will be solved that’s not how
life is it’s a comprehensive process the
simple way to look at it is like this
today you know because of medical
sciences that your entire body in a way
is a chemical soup the question is only
is it a great soup or a lousy soup so if
it’s a great soup then it tastes
wonderful for you and tastes wonderful
for everybody around you if it’s a lousy
soup then you have to manage with
presentation when the chef is bad you
know he decorates it these days food
never ever
outside situations will happen hundred
percent your way but what happens within
you if it’s happening hundred percent
your way you will be in the best
possible state always you will keep
yourself in the best possible way are
you as good as somebody that’s not the
are you full-fledged that is the point
you’re not expecting the dog to fly so
he’s wearing a Superman suit though he’s
wearing a Superman suit you’re not
expecting to fly but you want him to be
a full-fledged dog right you want the
bird to be a full-fledged bird one a
human being to be a full-fledged human
being so being in a state of abandoned
does not mean you abandon your life you
abandon all your stops bricks you
driving all the time it breaks on is a
silly way to drive because fear is
ruling you not your sense if you
especially if you’re an entrepreneur if
you call yourself an entrepreneur you’re
willingly stepping into unknown
territory that’s what it means with
brakes on you can drive like that and
what’s what’s the fear of suffering hmm
in some way you’re a failure fear of
this you can call it many names
essentially you fear that you will
suffer if things don’t happen the way
you think they should happen isn’t it
outside things if you look long enough
like me you know outside things will
never happen the way you want it that
happened to some extent but what’s
within you must happen the way you want
it you tell the story of a Maine who had
wings but never use them to fly and just
reproduce and had a life and isn’t it a
tragedy that he never used his wings to
fly do you feel like most of us are
walking through life with wings and we
never use them to fly unfortunately yes
a whole lot of people too many people
mm-hmm it’s time that human potential is
because we are the first generation on
the planet for whom our survival is
organized better than ever before ever
so this is the time to unlock our
potential to lose those all kinds of
inhibitions and fears that we had there
was a time if as much as cloud gathered
and lightning and thunder happened
without God was angry with us okay okay
all those things are gone it is time you
take away the nonsense that’s happening
within you and the entire process the
science of inner engineering is just
this how to work at it in a scientific
manner not with philosophy I can tell
you a thousand times give up your fear
it’s not going to go but if your
chemical soup is blissful
there’s not even a idea of fear in your
mind it reminds me of your concept of
the movies you play the movies in your
mind you can choose a drama you can
choose a horror story or you can choose
a positive movie and not get stuck in
the same movie forever you can turn it
off and start a new one yeah but for
that you should know where the switches
are right you are like a supercomputer
but you haven’t found a keyboard yet
time to find the keyboard that’s my work
to give people the keyboard for their
supercomputer for people who want who
maybe this is the first exposure to
hearing your message they want to learn
more what what’s the next best step
there is a simple online possibility
seven-day program which they can do and
after that there is a day and a half
event which always happens personally
with me where they get you know
introduced into a very powerful practice
which changes the basic chemistry of who
you are in four to six weeks you can
find a significant difference in the
very way you function
and today millions of people across the
planet have taken this number II was
estimating some media people in India
were estimating till now we’ve touched
somewhere near half a billion people and
it’s case that is largely by people
taking it upon themselves if you even
look on the net you will see most of the
videos and material is transmitted by
people not by the foundation people are
doing it because they found it so super
beneficial in their life it’s
transformed their life they want it to
happen to their friends and their family
and that’s how the entire process has
grown well I know I know you have a
plane to catch I really appreciate your
time this morning
final question in one word your most
important core value who would you say
it is clarity hurdy I like it I don’t
see things the way they are whatever you
do is going to be a mess I like it thank
you for the time today appreciate it
thank you my hope is that for
entrepreneurs watching just to add a
different side just to learn a little
bit more both the spiritual side and
just give people a different flavor so
all the follow-up questions were were
mostly for the audience and for you guys
right to be able to learn a little bit
about what I learned last night and
hopefully hear it in his own words about
the first question I asked was about me
being not having abandon or not be able
to you know like fighting rollercoasters
and not doing drugs and let loose so I
don’t know what am I afraid of what’s
the suffering I’m afraid of I don’t know
I haven’t figured that I got some
thinking to do gotta meditate on that
anyway I appreciate the time and the
answers and hopefully you guys learned
something from the two and hope it’s a
new perspective maybe there’s something
that you’d take away and
want to pull on that thread a little bit
more I think that’s the key part if you
get just a hint of an idea that this
might be worth exploring
that’s all you need you just need the
seed that could lead to a life-changing
moment it doesn’t all have to make sense
but a little piece a little tiny nugget
that you want to digest then just think
about it it kind of made sense to you
you want to explore it
think about it spend some time on it and
who knows maybe your life changes the
most important word ever if you had to
think of one word that’s most important
to you or that sums you Apple
that would be collect a little beacon
pay believe nation if you want to know
what the most important one word is for
Tony Robbins Gary Vaynerchuk Oprah
Winfrey and Howard Schultz I
have a very special secret video for you check the description for details
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