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Navy Seal David Goggins | These Are The SECRETS To MASSIVE SUCCESS!

I don’t care what you believe in but on
earth is a very lonely journey and it
starts with the accountability mirror so
until your mind is open to the
possibilities that I can do this you
will never be able to do it you got to
be able to find energy you got to make
up games makeup tricks makeup whatever
you can to get to the next evolution of
he’s David Goggins and here’s my take on
his top ten rules of success volume 8
okay let’s kick it off with rule number
one take accountability one big thing is
the accountability mirror mmm you have
to start with yourself so what happened
in in my life was we start to get I call
it like the rucksack a rucksack is a
pack that you carry in the military and
you put all your stuff in it your radios
your food your water all that stuff you
have to carry the military that’s your
rucksack it’s a backpack pretty much as
you’re growing up we all have a backpack
most of ours hopefully is empty you know
and what we put in it is all the crap we
go through in life that’s what is in the
backpack for the civilians and we carry
it around with this so what you have to
start doing is realizing that no matter
where you’re at in life I got called
nigger a lot my dad abused me you know
learning disability stutters immaturity
insecurities self-doubt so much crap on
top of me so much stuff I lied a lot to
create friends so people so much stuff
was in my backpack no one’s coming back
to help me so it starts with that person
in that mirror you have to realize you
are on your own now and whatever else
you believe in I don’t care what you
believe in but on earth it’s a very
lonely journey it starts with the
accountability mirror of looking at
saying hey my daddy beat the hell Army’s
not coming back all these things are
coming back I have to face myself and
you have to own all those things that
people may have done to you now it’s
yours you got to own it it’s yours now
to fix the problems that people did to
you it makes no sense it’s not fair I
get it but if you live in that what was
me mentality of guess what my dad did
this to me my mom just did to me
people who bullied did this to me you’re
gonna always live right there you have
to figure out ways to move forward
because we’re not coming back it starts
with the mirror and I call it the
accountability mirror in the book rule
number 2 be open-minded if you walk into
any kind of
event whether it be physical or mental
if you walk in with already putting that
block on your mind if man this ain’t
gonna happen people go how did you wanna
hurt 35 miles to death bad and so hide
you 100 miles with no training because I
went into it not thinking I can’t do
this man I went to it with the strategy
I had an open mindedness so until your
mind is open to the possibilities that I
can do this you would never be able to
do it once the mind starts to believe it
can be achieved it then only then that
it starts to break down tactically how
we can do this until then you can always
lose rule number three stay in the fight
there’s energy all around us that we
think that we have to have asked to come
externally a lot of times we’re gonna
have like a TV in front of us watch
somebody listen to a podcast listen to a
great music a lot of times in life is
quiet and those are the times when you
want to run and hide you got to be able
to find energy you got to make up games
makeup tricks makeup whatever you can to
get to the next evolution of life so
taking souls is just another way it’s
not about hurting the person you’re
against it’s about finding the tactical
advantage in every situation you
physically can to get to the next you’re
trying to inch further to the goal line
and you don’t want to what is that goal
line the goal is whatever it is for you
for me I want to get through hell week
now I won’t get to help with you know
with my head up high being strong I
don’t know what the goal on this for
everybody my goal has been very
different for most people but you’re
trying to find energy and strength to
stay in the fight to continue on until
you get that second wind the second win
is coming whenever the second win may be
for you it’s coming but what happens is
we get so stressed out that the end is
so far away that we just can’t find
another foothold another handhold so we
jump off the cliff from his fall rule
number four on your mind well life took
me somewhere unexpected I’m unprepared
it’s about 6 degrees out here and I’m
underdressed but guess what no one gives
them okay get them crammed sometimes
life can really hijack your mind when
that happens to you you’re all dumped
your goals are ambitious everything is
out the window in life we all go to
different things sometimes your
girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with
you guess what get the over it then
no longer wants you
maybe you fail a test in school you
worked your ass off guess what you fell
the test get over it move past it learn
to not let life hijack your brain at
work you’ve been working your ass off
that new promotion you don’t get it
someone else does maybe they kiss better
ass than you do guess what get over it
life will hijack your mind if you let it
don’t allow all these things to make you
a lesser person you must own your mind
don’t let life on yours also if you want
to learn how to have more confidence
check out my 250 for serious they’re
free the links are in description below
you will never learn from people if we
always tap-dance around the truth
everything I didn’t want to do is what
got me to where I’m at today rule number
five figure out your purpose
why don’t you transform yourself and
even though I’m still I’m not running
from myself I’m constantly facing myself
I’m costly battling myself I’m not
running from them anymore
I used to but now I’m constantly
battling them so now what happens is
once you get to port in your life where
you’re able to be on a podcast to be on
a TV show and to everybody else up you
are I will answer any question you want
about me anything I did anything bad
good ugly I will tell you when you get
to that point in your life that’s where
your real journey begins and you no
longer have to have a small victory to
keep you going you now realize what your
purpose in life is and you realize all
this is just part of it but at first you
need all these different tactics to keep
you going because you haven’t figured it
out yet once you figure out that you’re
in a race amongst billions of people
that live in this world you’re in a race
by yourself you have a purpose and it’s
your purpose now there bones the purpose
it is your purpose and only your purpose
and it’s your race so then you’re like
hey ma’am
my thing I’m doing the best of my
ability what’s next
there’s no longer these small increments
to get through life because once you
figure out why you’re here
it just becomes a process rule number
six be prepared for anything talk about
mr. Dobbs he’s a good friend of mine
still to this day and he went into that
place man and I knew where he was going
isn’t my third hell week and I knew Sean
real well but I knew he was real
arrogant he had a serious chip on her
like I do
I still do I got to control it every now
and then it got me in a lot of trouble
sometimes but I knew he had it
I knew that chip on your sore not being
controlled it will it will get you up in
it and it cost him a lot going through
buds and I saw the look I saw the look
because I once had to look I was going
through prayer rescue school and
something got so hard and your mind
can’t process the hardness you don’t
know the the the right tool is to get
through something hard because you’ve
never been challenged before I could
tell he was a superhuman that nothing
ever challenged them but I knew because
I bet you he’ll make a couple of times I
knew don’t don’t underestimate that it
will it will find a demon and will bring
out some insecurities in you and it did
and I it was like maybe 30 hours in the
hell week or something like that I’m
looking over at him and I smiled at him
where we’re standing just like this in
line and he’s getting his med check at
doctors looking at him and talked it
happened this to be beautiful timing and
I’m sitting there I’m getting meth
checked and I’m looking at him and his
eyes says he’s a thousand-yard still
looking right through me he’s getting
mad checked and I’m looking at him and
before all this happened I told him I
said don’t underestimate this man he was
I can’t ever see myself quitting Goggins
I go to watch out I go watch out I guess
we’ll get in your head I go the end is a
long way away so we’re sitting there I
die and he didn’t see me I’m right in
front of him and I could tell you
thinking he has that quitting mind
starting up I look at him I go I told
I told you the next thing I knew ma’am a
car pulls up and um he he rolled out
rings a bell he rings to bill any quits
but uh it was he’s a great human being
harden it it doesn’t make you you know
when you quit something like that man
it’s a huge lesson learned that I can’t
go into anything thinking that there’s
nothing that’s not gonna get in my way
you gotta be prepared for all those
obstacles rule number seven being
courageous when I picked up your book
the thing I loved about it is the amount
of effort that you’ve been through to
give us I’m sure this was suffering
through like writing this book the
amount of effort that you’ve been
through to actually give us detail right
on your life we all have different
things in life that have scarred us we
want to act like those scars don’t exist
little scars like you know if you go out
and you get cut that scar is gonna be
there on your arm you can go down and
look at that cut and say Oh or that scar
and saying oh that happened from you
know I was in the kitchen what would
happen we have the same thing in our
brain I have all these scars on my brain
from growing up from you know being
abused from suffering through life from
having to learn disability from
stuttering from having it just a really
bad childhood and so all those memories
either cut open that scar and go into it
and that was a hard process for me to do
not only was that hard process me do for
me to have the courage to share that
with people you know because I’m the
so-called toughest man on the planet so
they think so for me to break open that
shell and tell people hey that wasn’t
always me you know it’s it’s hard to do
you know it’s hard to do so it was a
tough process throughout this journey I
started becoming this new person I’m
sorry creating this new person people
started seeing me as this amazing
superhero in the back of my mind I knew
the real story that I was like man one
day you have to really share it I’m like
man but do you have the courage you know
like it’s great to live right here I’ve
established his people think you’re
great just stay here
don’t go back let’s not go back but the
only way you can help people out is let
them know that this is
so I had to go back and say this is
where I come from yeah and where I come
from as hell rule number eight continue
to challenge yourself all that I went
through my life to get here today
it is tattooed it is tattooed in my
brain every day I wake up I am
constantly battling that person that is
like man you know back in the day this
happened to you man you know like you
got called nigger so many times and your
dad beat the out of you man and you
know you couldn’t read in this daggone
junior year all these things start to
creep up even now where you’re at today
every day you’re having to constantly
battle it’s not as bad as it used to be
by any means but that person still there
is that person always lives and that’s
the that’s the point about you have to
continue to always challenge yourself
every day rule number nine ignore the
noise the one thing I’m most scared of
in the world is losing losing touch with
the the best thing in the world is is
your mind
your mindset how you can picture
yourself how you can focus how you can
drive how you can put yourself in so
many situations get out of it because
those headphones were listening to those
those phones that that we googled to
find information there’s so many
situations in my life with a it’s not
gonna help me it’s not gonna help me and
you’re able to just turn that off so
fast because I know
please help me none of that stuff is
ever helped me mm-hmm
no that’s tough Sarah helped me witness
help me has been me alone getting much
together and being accountable for who
I’m not and who I want to be so against
help me and rule number ten the last one
before a very special bonus clip is
examine yourself I coach a lot of people
nowadays billionaires who’d call me on
the phone and said man I’m still missing
something it’s because they did what
they were good at and they have this
beautiful family
two three houses cars everything has
everything that weren’t on the outside
looking like my god I mean how can you
be unhappy I walk around with the
backpack with all my
no car right and I walk around happiest
person wrong have nothing happy as hell
it’s because I found out the whole key
to life it’s not in all that you have to
face yourself so many people live to be
a hundred years old and they die
miserable having everything because they
never examined I caught my live autopsy
mm-hmm you never examined this happiness
peace enlightenment it’s all up here man
it’s all up here and I start talking
like this people man you know no no it’s
the truth man yeah that is true it’s all
up here he’s getting to go and face it
that’s the hard part now I’ve got a
special bonus cup from David on how to
find your why’d that I really think
you’re gonna enjoy but before that it’s
time for the three-point landing
questions let’s go from just watching a
video to taking action here we go
question number one what’s the noise
that you need to ignore number two where
do you need to continue to challenge
yourself and number three what do you
need to take more accountability of I
want to become a Navy SEAL I wanted
people to push me outside of my comfort
zone every day you know and I thought
this was gonna be the absolute best
platform to do that these guys the
stories I heard after buds it just gets
harder and I didn’t see it that way cuz
buds is just to become the seats right
like my god I can’t imagine what the
fuck’s gonna happen but what happens to
a lot of people not everybody can’t
speak further out not everybody buds
breaks people down to the point where
you don’t want to be broken down again
like that to me that was exactly the
exact starting point for my journey in
life that was a starting point for me
for a lot of people it’s a finish line
and I didn’t see it that way for me so
that’s where I started become an
uncommon among some common people is
where I started realizing that you put
people in a pedestal that you shouldn’t
that you you gotta get in there yourself
and examine people see was really about
yourself so once I got in there real I
say these are there’s normal people yeah
there are a lot better than
they’re able to get to I know a lot of
people who get through Navy SEAL
training but you know there’s a lot of
mystique behind behind all that stuff as
you start to go through and you start to
break it open a little bit you know a
lot of hard guys but you know I want it
if you want more diva Goggins check out
the top 50 rules video made on him the
link is right there next to me I think
you’ll enjoy it continue to believe and
I’ll see you there because everybody
most people are weak the whole thing
about comfort zones is if you live in one for too long that becomes your norm
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