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“If You Say NO, it’s Already OVER!” | Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) | Top 10 Rules

I don’t think there’s anything wrong
with chasing money I just think that
it’s usually the quickest way not to get
it look if you say no it’s already over
like a little if you wake up and say
it’s not gonna happen for me it’s
already over but the more that I live on
like the reason I really win is cuz I
understand time the motivation watch a
top 10 with the leave nation what’s that
believe nation it’s haven’t I believe
when you and this channel is designed to
be a part of your daily success routine
so let’s get your motivation to attend
and get you believing in you grab a
snack and chew in today’s lessons to
remain who went from being born in the
Soviet Union moving to America and
becoming a lemonade stand entrepreneur
to growing his family wine business from
three to sixty million dollars now
operating vaynermedia and Vayner X and
quickly becoming one of the most
recognized entrepreneurs on the planet
is Gary Vaynerchuk and here’s my take on
his top ten rules a success vol 12 also
if you want to know what Gary Vee and
other successful entrepreneurs have to
say about building unstoppable
confidence check out my 250 for
confidence series where every day for
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the description below the reason people
aren’t patient is they value other
okay let’s kick it off with rule number
one love the game I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with chasing money I just
think that it’s usually the quickest way
not to get it I really believe that I
really do I think when I watch people
that are driven by money I see a lot of
unhappiness and failure
it’s very common if we did the happy
meter here it’s the people that are I
promise you it’s the people that are
doing what they want to be doing like to
me yeah I couldn’t explain to you enough
and I have almost empathy for the
cynicism around this statement it’s
unbelievable how much I don’t like money
I like the game I love my game I love
the game of building I wake up at six
o’clock in the morning in a garage
saling because there’s nothing like
pulling up literally to this day I can’t
replicate the high of going to a garage
sale walking into a yard of junk and
finding something for a dollar that I
know I can sell on eBay for 17 bucks is
a bigger happiness high than closing a
six million dollar account retainer and
it’s not even close that’s what I want
for everybody because that’s how they
get the twenty rule number two
be prepared opportunity meets
preparation that’s something a lot of
people talk about I’ll tell you what I
believe in I believe that there’s so
much opportunity at all times that it’s
actually preparation everybody prepared
finds their opportunity yeah so so sure
I believe in it but here’s what I
actually believe in opportunity is
abundant mm-hmm we live in a world that
has unlimited opportunity especially if
you’re willing to look for it hmm
looking for it is predicated on the fact
that you put in the work you put in the
work because you knew that you were
gonna go look for it
so I believe in preparation preparation
preparation because I just believe that
opportunity is almost like oxygen
it’s everywhere always and some
opportunities are bigger than others but
preparation man people don’t do people
convince themselves before they start
that the world is unjust or they can’t
or stings are up they complain they’d
well they say no before
they say yes and of course look if you
say no it’s already over like a litter
if you wake up and say it’s not gonna
happen for me it’s already over you you
might as well not try rule number three
understand time my friends this is a
remarkably special time and I’m
completely convinced the far majority
and I mean 99% of this room is going to
regret it I’m completely convinced about
it it’s not fun for me to say that but
it’s very obvious to me that humans take
for granted and are really bad at
perspective and timing the reason I push
patients how many people here are under
30 raise your hands
stand up if you’re under 30 don’t be a
dick stand up let’s first of all clap it
keep standing
you’re young you’re not tired yet if
you’re standing right now you really
have like let’s get into perspectives
and actual understanding if you’re
standing right now with the way that
modern medicine is actually evolving
there’s a very high percentage that
you’re gonna live three more lives that
you’ve already lived if not five like do
you understand why I struggle when
people give up on a year or two in or
upset that they haven’t gotten there yet
three years in when you phases are about
to live four more lives I’m being
serious like you’re literally gonna live
four more lives five more like from the
day you were born that you cannot
remember – right this second you’re
about to do that three to four more
you can sit literally literally your
biggest advantage is timing for all the
great things that I have in my life I
would literally give it up all of it all
of it just to be 25 I would give up for
17 years I’d give up everything I have
because that’s how valuable time is and
the far majority of this room has time
time as their asset and every day the
number one asset they
have time they give away by being
impatient mainly on the back of
listening to society or their parents
that they have to have their figured out
at this age the fact that people
actually think at eighteen twenty-two or
thirty you have to have your figured out
is ridiculous let me promise you all
those parents and uncles and
grandparents that push down your throat
that you have to figure it out by now
they still haven’t figured at the town I
mean it
so this nonsense this nonsense that you
have to have it figured out at eighteen
twenty to thirty you many people freak
the freak out at thirty
how many feeler thirty right now that
was crazy right
like people lose their at thirty like
meanwhile their kid and so I’m
unbelievably aware lately that one of
the you know people are just like why do
you when I talk about my parents and not
coming from anything but the more that I
live unlike the reason I really win is
cuz I understand time and listen I know
I can get hit by a bus or get terminally
ill I get it here’s the problem that’s
far more unlikely for the majority of us
the math works in your favor and we are
stunningly not patient patience has been
the foundation of my sick patients
adversity these are the foundations of
my success rule number four work harder
the reason I love hard work is it’s
controllable it’s hard for me be like be
you know that seems like like when
people like being pushed harder thinking
a lot of politically correct you know
over extreme European points of view get
mad at me for Gary you’re it’s unhealthy
you can’t garyvee you can’t go to the
grave with all your money I’m like Tina
I’m not talking about money and I don’t
feel like it’s work when I love it
like maybe you don’t like your job as
much rule number five do the 1% things
you’re asking for a 1% of 1% life so far
I’ve heard I didn’t want to eat and put
out stuff and deal with no feedback for
a year or two I don’t want to spend the
three or four hours to like learn it cuz
it seems like there’s so much you have
to realize when you’re asking to do to
live a one-percent life that you need to
do 1% things dude I’ve worked in a
liquor store for fifteen hours a day
seven days a week for years and somehow
people put that as like part of my
narrative but don’t give it the respect
rule number six focus on the context the
word that drives my life is actually
context not content I talked so much
about content the reason I am successful
at what I do and my companies are
successful and the companies I advise
are successful and the people that
follow are successful is because they’re
great at context not just content
clearly if you don’t have context on the
other person if you’re not deploying
empathy for the other person if you’re
not worried about them then you have no
shot it’s really no different than
giving a speech the reason I’m a
dominant public speaker and one of the
best at what I do
is because I’m far more worried in the
next 32 minutes plus about delivering
you value and giving stuff for you not
what I can get out of it for me you know
some speakers get confused and they want
your money I don’t want your money I
want you to win and then send me an
email that you’ve won rule number seven
don’t worry about losses the other thing
I’m a very big believer in is getting
people to not feel like it’s a scarlet
letter if they lose
something nobody talks about at all is
your scenario you jump it fails you
reset and go back and get a job in the
craft that you had because of your
resume and you restart in four years
from now we have we so America is pretty
good at looking at losses in a positive
way compared to other parts of the world
where it’s like a true Scarlet Letter
death forever but still even here you
know people don’t know when to go back
from their jump because they don’t want
the loss on the resume they made the big
to-do that they’re gonna you’re gonna do
it now it doesn’t work and what they do
is they triple down into debt to look
good in front of people and what if it
did and you never find out oh you’re
preaching that I want you’ve already
done that I’m actually talking about the
next part which is having the options to
know that the game is super long and
then if the bisman you go through
ice-cold when you go from never having a
business to having a business that’s
like literally asking me I’m asking you
to right now qualify for Wimbledon and
tennis it’s a lot harder than people
think you’re grown you too are grown I’m
not trying to suppress by the way I’m
talking about the practicality of like
options I love that we live in a world
I’m trying to get people to like really
understand how to win this so much of my
success is completely predicated on not
worrying about all my losses which means
at times of you know my great losses or
the things I passed on maybe I should
have done Shark Tank
maybe maybe maybe not I don’t think I
should have done it not this late in I
think I’ll do my own thing like you know
like but I could but I mean there’s a
lot of time you know I didn’t invest in
uber when I thought I made $400 I mean
that’s a loss rule number eight stop
listening to others tip of the day stop
listening to anybody but yourself
outside noises so many of them
imagine athletes stopping every time
they heard people booing them or talking
while they were on the court that’s how
I think about being an entrepreneur like
course or just living life but just
imagine that like you’re on the
free-throw line on somebody not you just
they cry or they don’t take the shot
rule number nine be realistic I do think
people are capable of dramatically more
than they expect but you know there’s
you know listen I could be a
dramatically BETT bigger and better
singer than I am right now which isn’t
zero hmm but there’s also a very fine
line of extending yourself and then
bleeding into delusion there there is no
scenario where I’m gonna be Frank
Sinatra or Beyonce yeah and so I think
one of the things that I worry about
especially in my field of
entrepreneurship do I think that most
people can replicate their salary at a
job that they hate by starting an online
business and over a seven-year period
make the same amount of money talking
about or producing content or selling
things around skiing or Jam making or
shoes than they did as being a miserable
clerk at a retail store yes I do
do I think most people are capable of
making a million dollars a year running
a business no I do not and I think
that’s in a very it’s a where I think
these debates become too black and white
and some people like oh it’s just about
mindset and positivity and you can do it
and everybody’s a hater and a troll or
the reverse where people like all these
people are foolish they’re selling them
and snake oil the reason that
is and the reason I wrote crush it if
you ever really really read it
I believe in passion and optimism and
pushing yourself but I
disproportionately believe in
practicality patience and hard work –
and rule number ten the last one before
a very special bonus clip is communicate
with the world the number one thing
practical that you can get out of this
talk go home and start doing is realize
that if you’re not communicating to the
world then you’re in trouble because
attention is the asset and whether
you’re producing content or you’re
running advertising if you’re not doing
one of those two things you’re actually
really vulnerable my biggest concern is
there’s a lot of people here who are
actually having a good year how many
people here are having their best year
in their business raise your hands
that’s phenomenal excites the enemy it
also scares me to no end because if
you’re winning without the stuff that I
believe in it means that you’re
vulnerable the reason you’re seeing
videos of me pop up talking about Toys R
Us or Sears or other thing in trouble
and now it makes me look really smart is
because seven or eight years ago they
weren’t doing the things that I knew
they had to do to be successful today
that became their vulnerability if
you’re selling a ton of homes or you’re
getting more clients than ever or your
whatever it is whatever success you’re
having if you’re doing that without
producing a high volume of content every
day on Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Instagram you know YouTube or a podcast
you’re immediately right this second
vulnerable because somebody else is
going to and over time they will take
your audience they will and so I highly
recommend that the tangible thing that
you do from this talk is that you
realize that you have to go home and
figure out how you’re going to
now I’ve got a really special bonus skip
from Gary on how to jump when you can
afford to drown that I think you’re
gonna really enjoy but before that it’s
time for the three-point landing
questions time to move from just
watching another video to actually
taking action in your life or your
business and if you’re feeling bold
leave your answers in the comments below
here we go question number one whose
voices do you need to stop listening to
number two what are the 1% things that
you need to start doing now and number
three what past losses do you need to
a lot of people that follow you or a lot
of business people they started with
freelancers in any field whether it’s
writer filmmaker whatever they started
the freelancer usually with a part-time
full-time job then at what point if the
business is going okay or okay
should they either stay a freelancer or
become a freelancer with a micro
freelancing team or get full timers and
open businesses the answer is depending
on your situation
mm-hmm if you’re 21 and you have no
expenses and you’re living at home you
have to go high-risk as soon as you see
any blood in the water you go if I’m 21
and I’m at home and I have no expenses
and and I’m making 47 thousand euros
pounds dollars doing something I don’t
love but I want to be a film person and
the first person pays me $1,500 or $1
forever and it works and it went well
and she the boss of this candy store
says I’m gonna tell my friends about you
I may jump right away I don’t have any
concerns if I’m 42 years old and I have
three kids and a mortgage and I’m
$100,000 in debt because I went to
college in America and it didn’t get me
a good job and I’m gonna countin and I
make 137 thousand a year which basically
pays for my overhead roughly because I
bought a house bigger than I needed
about a car bigger than I needed this
cliche American and somebody pays me
$1,500 and they’re like I’m gonna tell
my friends I’m gonna give up Netflix and
my video games and my weekends to
eventually get that to 60 or 70 or 80 or
90 thousand a year before I say okay now
I’m at 90 137 if I actually went all-in
I can close the gap on that 57,000 now
I’m gonna make the jump because I’ve
three kids a mortgage and debt every
piece of my advice is circumstantial
what makes me vulnerable in producing
pieces of content on the Internet
is it lacks contexts for every
individual the reason I produce so much
content is the reason a piece of content
may hit somebody different this time
next time is because even the same
person’s life changes yesterday Aaron is
25 and single and living at home
tomorrow he meets Sheila falls in love
and you know
million things could happen Sheila could
be making a million dollars a year
different life Sheila could be making no
money but he loves her so much and she
wants to buy handbags every day and now
he has a bigger you know financial
problems Sheila wants to be his partner
she like he wants to buy handbags it’s
not cliche it’s life it’s contextual and
that’s why the answer to your question
is a million things but you jump when
you can afford to drown you jump when
you can afford to drown what I mean by
that is when you jump into the pool you
have to know that you’ve never swam
before and you might drown and you have
to be able to do that when you can and a
21 living at home you can yeah cuz you
can go back and get a job you have no
overhead right but at 43 with three kids
you might not want to yeah and by the
way or you might you might have such a
supportive spouse Sheila Aaron’s the
stay home dad Sheila’s making the 147
Sheila talks to Aaron says Aaron I’m
gonna die if I don’t jump I’m 43 and if
I don’t jump now I’m gonna be 62 and
regret it my whole life so I’m gonna
jump and if I fail and the economy
collapses I can’t get a job we may have
to sell this home we may have to move in
with our parents in Florida but I have
to do that and take the loss in front of
everybody’s eyes that were losers and we
up because I know myself and I know if I
don’t jump now I’m gonna be miserable
for 40 years that I was an accountant
the most important word ever if you had
to think of one word that’s most
important to you or that sums you Apple
if you want more Gary like a lot more
Gary check out the top 50 rules video I
made on him the link is right there next
to me I think you’ll enjoy it continue
to believe and I’ll see you there too
many people are executing or hoping or
trying to figure out how to live in a world that used to be
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