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DIY Steampunk Air Cannon – Prototype V.1 (URBEX Pipboy)

okay so I’m here with Steven Haas if you
haven’t checked out the video intro
about his channel you go ahead and click
up in the corner here and that’s his
flamethrower gauntlet that we checked
out at Maker Faire in New York so we’re
going to be making a urban explorers pit
boy and that’s gonna have some sensors
on there for air quality and if there’s
like any sort of poisonous gas in the
air to let us know before we go into an
area that could be potentially harmful
in my video I pretty much made a little
prototype circuit that has a couple
sensors that we’re reading data in from
one is a hazardous gas so it’s like
propane and butane and smoke and they’ll
detect how much of that is in the air
and then the other sensor will detect
pollution in the air so these two things
were reading in we’re figuring out how
bad the areas in general around the
pip-boy and then there’s a little screen
that actually tells you how bad it
actually is so this is a great little
thing that you can just turn it on see
what the conditions are in the area that
you’re in and kind of tell whether or
not it’s safe to be there I’m also going
to try and create a little pneumatic
launcher so we can maybe launch
something and scare off some animals
that may have found their way into these
areas potentially like sort of knock
some security cameras and blind them
like I’m gonna say a spider-man web
blasts we’ll also be giving you the code
and also the STL files if you want a 3d
print this for yourself just give us
credit if you help a lot and you know
tell your friends about where you learn
how to make this stuff so we’re actually
not sponsored by this company it’s
called hacker boxes but this is where we
got all of the sensors there is all
sorts of different gaps in here and so
the combination of our video is going to
be kind of a brief introduction up how
yes lots of sugar mainly to go to the
store and buy more stuff alright so I’m
all right using these solenoids for
yep that was bad these are the types of
moments I’d like to get on video these
are great for tests and prototypes nerf
starts in there about halfway down the
so I don’t really have the necessary
tools in order for me to press this
copper hex nipple into the pipe here so
what I’m gonna try and do is take this
drill press and while using the wrench
at the same time and putting down
pressure I’m gonna try and basically
that is insane
there’s literally like no room so then
that will go there the pressure chamber
solenoid that is gonna release the QE V
and this is gonna be our barrel which
we’ll be able to screw on different
lengths and stuff like that so I just
took one of these little couplers
quarter-inch on the outside eighth inch
on the inside cut off the threaded
portion then used a file here just to
make it nice and smooth whenever we put
on the actual nut this thing won’t go
so I actually ended up upgrading to a
one inch diameter first I’m going to
solder this then the bottom cap then
nipple to the cap here and the cap to
here and should be all nice and sealed
up it’s all said and done it’ll be on
so this is a regulator allows you to
take your high-pressure air from a
paintball tank from 0 to 300 so you can
actually use it for these pneumatic
gadgets and these are solenoids which
are 12 volts
basically it is a valve that opens and
encloses when you attach a battery and a
switch and it’s one way but you need 12
volts it can hold I think up to like 115
psi so I’m trying to test out this QE V
which is a quick escape valve I just
take this thing of parts you can kind of
understand because I didn’t understand
it when I first looked at it and it’s
still doesn’t really make too much sense
so whenever there’s air going in here it
presses this plunger up against this
nozzle and you have a nice seal so this
fills up with air and you’re able to
build pressure now when you release air
from the same place that you entered it
this is the fill valve this plunger
comes back for just a split second
because the air is rushing out this way
which then allows all the air that’s
been stored in the a which is I don’t
know what that means but it’s a and
that’s where you store the air that air
rushes past the plunger and is released
from R which is a letter in the alphabet
I honestly don’t know I forget I have to
look it up real quick you’re going to
try something for the first time always
film it because it may never ever work
again so this is first time baby I hope
you like it like so I’m gonna be using
these 12 grams co2 cartridges we have a
all right so we’re at 200 psi it’s about
that’s 250 it’s what it says right here
doesn’t look like we have any leaks so
that’s a good thing because this thing’s
pretty steady it’s a little bit worried
this is not gonna fire at all
let’s put something in front of it
obviously thanks Obama
whoa bhana oh my god that’s like semi
automatic I kind of want to put a
45-degree angle on here that way this
thing’s actually like oh yeah of course
when I say all right so I’m gonna this
and the nice thing about high-pressure
air there’s a very little delay because
it’s not converting from a liquid gas
it’s already just super compressed air
oh my God look at this oh my god this is
gonna be a nail driver so psyched what I
found is really cool is because this is
a one-way valve there’s actually one
more shot left in here I don’t know what
happened if I should put that there
it’s running on 50 psi actually it’s my
275 whoa that sounded like an ale driver
what’s weird is there’s still a little
bit of air left in here guys I think
this might be one of the coolest things
I’ve ever made it’s semi automatic if
you want all the parts and how to build
this there is a link in the description
where you can find all of the affiliate
links and that helps out my channel and
this is a playlist if you want to see
some more pneumatic launchers and sort
of these types of gadgets and this is
thank you so much for watching stay creative and take it easy
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