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How You Can Get FREE Stuff DAILY!

what’s a believe mission I want to give
away some free stuff every single day to
you guys walk one of these last and I’m
excited to announce what we’re going to
be giving away so the reason why I’m
doing this I made a video not too long
ago YouTube really values views and
engagement in the first 24 hours
especially the new videos of this called
view velocity within the first 48 hours
YouTube really makes a determination as
to whether this video is going to be
served very broadly or whether it’s
going to just kind of go back to the
video corpus where it’ll receive very
few views over its lifetime okay so what
should if I want to play the system what
should I do you should focus on getting
views very early in a videos lifespan
this means featuring the video across
your social media sending it out an
email blast as soon as possible the sort
of thing that can drive a lot of view
velocity very early so the more you get
views on a video soon after comes out to
your subscribers the more likely you do
it was making noises to dogcoin the more
likely YouTube is going to promote those
videos across the network and so I want
to figure out a way to get you guys to
watch more the videos but also rewards
you for doing so and being engaged and
more importantly watching the videos
quickly I’m not waiting a week or months
because that negatively impacts my
videos on my channel you want to see
Timo we’ll say hi to Timo come say hi
see mo this is Timo he’s getting his
idle teeth in you excited to be on
camera mister you excited on camera this
is a new toilet Nina but if you hear
that that’s rich coming from see like I
would say to be good you want there okay
go play all right so that’s what I’m
trying to do in the contest here so I’m
going to be doing we’re going to be
giving away two things every single day
– lots of maintain but I’m excited to
test it out the first thing is I’m going
to give away some of my entrepreneur
hero’s trading cards you will either get
one of these special editions Steve Jobs
people as an act with
numbers on a numbered Edition or you’ll
get individual cards from the series we
got Steve Jobs an AP Giannini and all
these famous entrepreneurs we worked
with Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuk and
a whole bunch of this is he form this
and I’m also be given away a session
with Lily MA who is coach on my team and
is leading one word workshops for me she
normally charges a hundred dollars an
hour or her coaching sessions and she’s
going to giving away sessions daily for
you guys as well so here are the rules
here’s how you can qualify and enter and
win this is what’s up first of all we’re
going to be looking at every single day
in the morning the past three videos
going to be the most recent in spread so
good morning
whatever the morning is the evening
slot and the noon slot you can produce
videos in the morning noon and evening
so it’s going to be that morning video
the one from last night and the one from
noon the day before those are really
doing me check it out every single
morning whoever has a comment that has
the most likes is going to win the cards
single card with a special edition cards
or pocket cards every single day so
we’re going to look at whoever has the
most likes on a comment so it’s
hopefully encouraging people to leave
comments that get liked as well right to
leave engaging comments I didn’t want to
do something when you’re just putting
something stupid in and it counts as a
comment I want to put something that
adds value to the community so we’re not
just creating a contest to game a system
but you’re creating something that
actually adds value to believe nation
we’ve got so hopefully it encourages you
to leave good comments that people enjoy
and people want to read and engage with
and click the like so that’s how we’re
going to track it for the cards and you
also have to put your BTA number your
hashtag vta number if you don’t know
what hashtag bt is check the description
you can go find us for lilius coaching
session what we’re going to do is a more
subjective one we’re going to pick the
comment of the day that has the most
believe embodiment to it so it’s not
necessarily the most popular one the one
who has the most thumbs ups but the ones
that just embodies believe
the belief spirit the most lilies going
to be picking it so she’s going to be
identifying which one she believes
embodies believe the most and that way
or we’ll be contacted and that you get a
free session Lily and I hope you enjoy
because it’s pretty interesting and
life-changing to be able to go through a
process with her so you guys see me to
come out watch it within 24 hours or
sooner leave a good quality believe
worthy confidence on it feels good feel
proud that you absorb knowledge you
shared with believe nation community and
you have a chance to win some cool
prizes so that’s what I’m thinking for
now at least looking forward to starting
the contest and a launch is officially
right now good luck guys
MPs we’re going to notify the winners in
the comment section so underneath your
comment if it was a winning comment
underneath is going to be comment from
my team that says congratulations you
won one of the prizes of the day from
there what you want to do is just email
a screenshot of your comment to free ads
Evan Carmichael calm and we may need to
get your address we’re sending you the
cards or we’ll get some more information
so you can get connected with Lily get
your prizes so pay attention to the
comments because I’m going to make sure
you get your notification good luck
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