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Get Mentored by Evan for 6 MONTHS (+ Prizes if I’m not Coming to Your City) | #BelieveTour2019

okay believe nation we are giving away
six months one-on-one coaching with me
and a bonus for people who are coming
from out of state out of town come to my
tour we’re going to talk about today
this is this is our weekly update Wow
this happened lots of pluses happen for
the tour we’ve changed the name is
something becoming too anymore instead
believe tour mostly because it just
makes more sense that it’s believed this
this has gotten bigger ever every week
it’s getting bigger bigger bigger I’m
super excited to go in detail but the
two prizes that were announced this week
but before that what how are we doing
with us weather updates do we have to
share with people we got the two manager
the locations were Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
is official show now we’ve sold three
tickets the Pittsburgh everybody who has
friends in Pittsburgh we gotta sell more
tickets is that the locations we still
working in the locations is coming soon
within the next couple of weeks we’ll
have figured out a lot more locations
but right now we only have Pittsburgh
nailed down but we have two dates yeah
you guys can still go and get tickets
for every city we just don’t don’t know
exactly where but it’s gonna be in the
city somewhere okay what else
updates this is good good to a manager
updates are over you know wasn’t
prepared for this that’s okay okay so
two prizes I’m gonna talk about one is I
want to give away in each city one on
three mastermind so I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna take three people from each city
who come to the event and then two days
later we’re gonna have a coffee together
me and three of you this is what I want
to think for people who are out of town
a lot of people in writing in to say hey
how come you’re coming on my city
hey helping me out coming to Europe hey
help me out coming you know we’re
hitting a lot of cities and we can’t hit
every city obviously but I want to
reward the people who come from out of
town and so here’s what’s gonna happen
two days after the event I’m gonna meet
three people out of coffee
we’re gonna meet for two hours no we
said two hours two hours you me and two
of the people for two hours and me are
you gonna come yeah yeah how’s it make
sure you you know on time you know
that’s you I can alot if I don’t want me
there because there have been five hours
and 72 but yeah anyway good luck to you
and me and Nina and two other people for
two hours to help you almost 101 do
Twitter whatever issues are facing so
two of the people that I picked are
gonna be whoever came furthest so
Pittsburgh is the first event whoever
came furthest I’m gonna I’m gonna ask
but let me show up where’d everybody
come from and whoever came furthest gets
to be at that coffee shop meeting with
me wouldn’t know why show a date
then whoever came furthest if you came
from the suburb of Pittsburgh that
whoever came furthest gets to come with
that coffee shop meetup so I’m gonna
pick one person from the city one person
from the city as a random trial that
could put his name in the in a hat and
like and pick it up and then then the
other two people beat whoever came
furthest so it’s an incentive for all
you people who are coming from out of
town you are ready to get the bonus free
coaches such with Lily that’s a hundred
dollars guaranteed you already get
entered into the other prizes but the
people who are coming from either town
have the best shot of winning the coffee
shop meet up to reward the people so you
have no excuse for not coming from out
of town you get to see a new city that
maybe you’ve never been to before you
get they spend an amazing three hours
with me at the event and then your
chances are pretty good of getting the
bonus coffee session time two days later
for two full hours get dive into what
everyone is I’ve been to so that’s
that’s one of the prizes I’m really
excited about that the other one is I’m
gonna pick one person from the whole
tour at random to do six months of
coaching with me six did we talk with
this no okay well let me have a
conference with my tour organizer so
six months with me once a month we’re
gonna get on a call and I’m gonna help
you with whatever issues that you’re
facing so this is one of the grand
prizes so last time we announced the
grand prize would be a free ticket our
workshop in May how to make money from
your ideas three days intensive with me
my team 15 people max you get the full
ticket price the full pass it’s $2,000
price six months of coaching with me man
you know how to put a price tag on that
it’s the thing I value most is my time
and so we’re gonna be meeting phone call
or skype SkyDrive actually have a visual
Skype or Google Hangouts or something
like that where I’m gonna help you
one-on-one for six months so we’re gonna
talk you’re gonna do work you come back
next time they’re going to talk again
and then again and again and again and I
need to get you from where you are to
explosive growth well then I think one
person yeah one person so those are the
two big prizes that were given away in
every city I’m gonna do the coffee shop
meet up if you are local you get a shot
random draw and then the two people who
came to furthest to that event out of
towners you get a chance to win that
special extra VIP session we’re doing
that in every city right become every
city coffee shop and then one person
randomly will get six months of
mentoring with me one-on-one by video so
those are the two new prizes announced
from this week there’s more commenting
than in the weeks up until we launch
some super exciting stuff coming so get
your tickets let’s do it okay as always
on this episode I also want to talk
about the comments from last time so you
guys have questions comments leave it on
this video and we’ll answer it next week
for the video before get to that any
other announcements you’ve had a little
bit of time to think but what we’re
doing nothing else no no that’s okay
perfect into the questions a Nicholas
always entertaining
thank you progress Phoebe alright
appreciate the love send deep one when
you visit India not part of this year or
next year but come and you will most
likely get that prize if people meet
with me at the coffee shop because if
you’re coming from India and you
basically pick any of the cities then 1
2 you’ll probably be one of the farthest
away so I want to see somebody from
India show up somewhere I want to see
the Europeans I want to see you show up
the Asians I want to see you show up
come represent show up I want someone
from China to show up like I think I
think that would be the best you’re in
okay next seven is enough you got this
Nina you will be as corporate as you
want to be don’t be to cook your
different gifts and style makes you and
Evan in the amazing team hugs I love it
Gorge Chicago makes popcorn cheers all
okay I do we talk about Chicago makes
popcorn last night no I don’t know but I
do love Chicago we should have Chicago
mix popcorn in Chicago I went there all
right oh yeah never had Chicago makes
popcorn in Chicago I don’t know if it’s
actually from Chicago or it’s just been
called Chicago mix nah nah Lena’s in
charge your food situation so you need
to find out I say I got the food and
coffee shops like what to do in Chicago
at the end right yes yeah yes Josie but
if we have recommendations for where we
should get authentic Chicago mix popcorn
put in the comments pick it up next time
Congrats and even for diet congrats and
Nina called Eva it’s awesome I thought
you Mimi on my video and Mimi it’s cute
I think Nina’s like cute little mini
Nina Nina Zuri little tiny congrats in
you never diving into her new work how’s
the let’s let’s talk about that believe
you’ve been on the job for just over a
week yeah what’s it like you know pros
and cons strengths weaknesses things you
love on things you hate like how’s the
first week been don’t like it because
I’ve never done organizing before so it
took me a very long time to do the first
thing the first day this is so way stuff
I thought not you know like to find what
to do in Pittsburgh yeah and what to eat
in Pittsburgh say how did you do that
yes I took my way whenever we travel
I’m always planning everything and I had
to plan around her food spots as a
surprise with food and eat because
she’s a foodie and now I don’t I don’t
get to do any of that stuff I get to
just do my stuff and now neither
realizes how much work goes into
everything I’ve been doing for the past
16 years of planning chalice is amazing
how is working with your husband it’s
it’s good you’re my friend you come
bother me all the time yeah yeah say I’m
working just leave me alone
listen you gotta like the wife while
she’s working okay yeah it’s a long way
you have the self-discipline you have to
know that yeah you have to say okay I
need to get this done so don’t get I so
nice I guess I tracks I look at this oh
I wanna do that I look at that and now I
wanna do like and when I look at the
houses are your home we’re home right
when I let the girl stuff oh then I need
to focus I need to focus this is what I
need – lets go of me now we got a we got
a we got a stick and uh yeah I’m trying
to focus
I like working with Dina I like working
with you so far so good that’s just good
start I mean we’re gonna have a lot of a
lot of work together so first week going
pretty well so far
okay next Shannon you have to stop in
Peru for a visit love the work you guys
are doing really change your life thanks
Shannon listen come to any this is my
default internet Teddy one who’s out of
town come to a city we will meet you
you’re gonna come to the coffee shop for
someone on three action I’m excited come
on out okay you source media it’s
because you believe evident I would want
to sell calendars for myself between
photography and one time I asked that
community on the town’s Facebook page
how many would buy and I had only ten
people so one day I said I don’t care
what’s up tons of calendars and I said I
was and had some almost ready to ship a
200 plus people are buying as a speak I
love it
yes yes this is a scary tour for me you
know we’re staring down the mouth of
Pittsburgh as far as I first stop and
you know we’ve got a room and we’ve got
three tickets sold and we need to we
need to selling the tickets I mean the
other the other ones I get them you
don’t have but we don’t have a venue
booked yet but now picks for his book so
like we need we don’t have a lot of time
yeah it’s a month away basically so we
got a lot of yeah we got a lot of we got
a lot of believing to do and a lot of
work to do to make this happen but thank
you for the love I appreciate you source
media next Deborah I love your energy
and sincerity appreciate that you source
again how far had you got on your
YouTube production
I know it has to be a whole them and
fold them which is the expect in life
you need to be early not behind again
done they get questioned just see a lot
of material suppose daily videos yeah we
do three times a day but I have a team I
think people are burning up because they
don’t have a team and I mean people
don’t just burn out on YouTube they burn
out in business period being
entrepreneurs heart but I’ve been used
to be an entrepreneur since I was 19 I
got my start and now this 24 people help
me out my team Nina will be in charge of
figuring out our schedule while I’m away
because I think different things in
different days but that’s gonna be
totally in the wind on the trip right so
a pattern doesn’t happen higher but this
is follow my regular pack like every
Tuesday I didn’t do two videos that’s
not going to be possible yeah so we’ll
have to we’ll have to figure it out
but I’m excited you know I’m just gonna
show up and do my thing tarz
I want my way to set up a new meeting
with a very influential person any
industry I’m trying to start a business
in I’m so nervous right now I could puke
thank you having your inspiration and
the things you’re doing are work and
helping people appreciate that tires
good luck with your meeting I hope you
don’t puke but even if you do puke it’s
the best even better is it you puke on
that person like I think that’s actually
the best but you show up in your cell
right I think that’s the best like I
mean it sucks but then you can only get
better and then you have a story to tell
forever you know like if I was so
nervous at Pittsburgh that I went on
I went to Pittsburgh and I got so
nervous that you know whoever is in like
the side seat I like vomited all over
them first of all it’s such a great
story and second of all I would so make
it up to that person like I would mentor
that person for life I feel so bad that
I puked on their face just don’t you
come though I would I would mentor them
for life and you’d be such a great story
right anyway I love that you’re chasin
that tires good luck everything
everything great in life is on the other
side of you being nervous so go all-in
Lillie ma I’m so incredibly
this tour we embrace the unknown up in
Edina this is gonna be a life-changing
90 days for everyone myself included I
look forward to meeting up with via
Skype yes Lily and thank you for we’re
doing a one-on-one coaching session with
Lee for everybody who buys a ticket
super generous and you guys are all in
for a life-changing experience with Lily
as well it’s actually it’s a way to hack
Lily like Lily charges a hundred dollars
first session you get if anybody doesn’t
even care about me but just once Lily
you get a session with her or 45 bucks
instead of 100 or you buy a three pack
for what’s this how much is three
tickets ninety seven nine ninety-five
you can get three for the price of one
no you get three sections of Lily yeah
yeah oh my gosh you only have to show up
to berate you just hack it and get loose
the inventors bonus anyway lots of value
happening what else knows dge on tap
Maltese are more key I think they’re
talking with team oh yeah she’s a team
of sheep ooh yeah three-quarters Shih
Tzu one-quarter poodle and Tristan is a
miniature – I see hundred percent yeah
we put the dogs away there in the corner
there in the room we’ve heard a couple
cries and ready yeah because the camera
is on this really wobbly tripod and then
I guess we probably would have had to
like put them on your lap or something
if you guys want the dogs in the next
video put in the comments and we’ll see
me people do that but otherwise they
would not hope for the tripod and a
little filming so I took their little
mini frisbee anyway they’re fine they’ll
be okay
Oh next question about the thoughts sue
me a bill will you take the dogs with
or will the little hearts melt somewhere
while waiting for you guys
okay I need a gets answered this
question no unfortunately we cannot take
down because I’m a lot of places that
are we going to state they would not
take dogs like for some European bees
they allow dogs but then we have to be
24/7 without so we just not possible so
we decided just to leave the dogs with
Ellen’s sister yeah so she’s going to
stay in our place for three month I know
tells are saying that yeah Jim Carrey
yeah so just easier we tried we looked
at it but then the fine I mean it would
mean doing only air BB and doing only
places that and then we’d still be
leaving the dogs there by themselves the
whole day and which they’re not they
don’t allow that you have to be really
yeah the mouths have to be with that
Wow think about that and it’s also just
not a fun wife right like no again yeah
so anyway so yes my sister’s gonna look
out to the dog she has her own talk to
beagle yeah and and so they’re gonna
have lots of fun together a lot of dog
questions okay Steven I’m really
enjoying the change-up on the Britney
poster cards in the earlier video it put
a happy smile on my face well that I
think is I was sick so I did us I did
six xpresso videos I had to record I
usually do six and special videos and a
weekly recording and my voice was gone
like I’ll never st. gone I couldn’t
speak but I had to make video so what do
you do so I just held up I wrote on a
piece of paper and then held about my
goes on right I’m glad you enjoyed it
better than not like not making a video
is not an option right you don’t have a
camera you can find the way you don’t
have any the software you find a way you
don’t have a voice you find the way you
find the way and find the way you find
the way not making me this is not an
find the way so on a tour like I’m sure
we’re gonna get it we’re gonna get
screwed over many times you know
obstacles will be put in our face and
we’re gonna we’re gonna keep going
that’s help that’s entrepreneurship
that’s life I hope you were coming to
Southwest Florida Tampa Bay or Sarasota
if yes count on me cheering you and
believe nation on to the stratosphere
I want the two K training I know the
knowledge will be unit valuable Stephen
listen Mike until everybody else come on
out come to California con the
Pittsburgh come to Cleveland come to
Indianapolis come to any places we’re
going to be from Florida you got a good
shot of getting the coffee shop meet up
so I want to see you there Stephen I’m
excited say you know you’re not going
anywhere near me on the tour but I just
want a meal to see if I if I feel enough
care in the response so you know you got
a call from Amsterdam is the Amsterdam I
know is Holland know
Hollen yeah holidays everyone anyway so
you know come on out you you need to get
to America and and let’s hang up you’re
gonna get the coffee shop meet up chef
idea always entertaining big LK I know
Oh big I know big I know always
entertaining big I know
Wow superb I like animals while superb a
chair alright I love the energy it’s a
lot of energy from chef idea Kevin s
Evan trying to include in the city so
we’re not doing a trial meetup even
though it’s on the map we put on the map
because that’s our departing point we’re
not doing to try to meet up because i we
have got Hayden and that’s our last day
before we take on the tour to Pittsburgh
so we’re not doing we’re not doing a
trying to meet up but for the people who
are in Toronto what I’m doing is I’m
having people on my IG live morning show
and so we sell some time spots open if
you want to get on the morning show
email me and we’ll try to make your time
to figure it out but if we if we do 2020
we should probably do one in Toronto
like a fiction that’s causing some
confusion yeah yeah because it says
Toronto but yeah anyway that was our
that was our mistake
JC the black guy those sweaters my god
looking so fresh I like it which one do
we have on was this this one this one I
have the other ones nice Nina’s not
wearing her brain gear
she just went black shirt closes up I
guess I’ve got I’ve got my brain the
Kieran Foran for at the beginning of
when I was doing my thing
I had one hoodie that I wore for any
major events and then I got I got like
10 or 12 or 15 hoodies which is just a
normal zip up hoodies that you can see
my older videos and then I decided I
wanna I want something different it’s
all ladies let’s see you have any pride
of the Sun you wear I love Batman when I
put this on yeah I’m Batman I feel like
a superhero I put on my booty but I love
this one because it’s like it matches
the logo right it’s not quite but it’s
pretty close so the drawstrings on the
inside of the hood did that
and the sleeves match the logo
and then the the logos on the back and
then the other one I like because of the
it’s actually a woman’s large I didn’t
know it was a woman City but I ordered a
woman City because the because of the
the sleeps things you get that put your
fingers in the sleeves say athletic I
don’t know why guys hoodies don’t happen
I like I like me no women are amazing
and guys booties need to happen so
anyway I wear a woman’s large and the
thing I love about both of them is they
have really deep hoods they got the deep
hoods so like mrs. my microphone should
be okay
you know like I’m like I like the deep
hood and the other one’s got like your
really high in back too so like you can
hide your whole face in I love it I want
to I want to bury my face in nobody
anyway thank you glad you’re loving it
appreciate it
seven is enough please say Kansas City
Missouri is on your tour Kansas City so
it is enough seven is that I would want
to see you in Kansas City because your
name is seven is enough I want to see
seven of you think is enough we will see
you in Kansas City looking forward to it
Justin Evan I appreciate everything you
do all of this inspiring this show me
shows that I can be successful too just
as much so does anyone else yeah so I
mean that’s the point of the tour the
believe tours I think I think a lot of
people are just stuck in planning mode
thinking mode I want to turn you from a
thinker to a doer like I’m on a mission
to turn you from being in your head to
getting out and taking action and
crushing the fear that’s in your face
it’s in your way to actually live it up
and do it like for the tour for the
events it’s not just me standing up at
the front talking we’re gonna be doing
work you’re gonna be doing work each of
the events we’re gonna be crushing your
beliefs we’re gonna be building momentum
for your business together
so it’s fun I’m super pumped by it and
this is you know it’s a fear of mine
doing this right I’ve done one-off
events but not such a big I’ve never
done a to city tour a 23 city tour so
the fear that like it’s not gonna work
but now I have to do it right and and
hopefully it works yeah you guys get the
joy on the journey and hopefully see you
there tarz Thomas see you in Minnesota I
love at ours
time I soon will see you in Minnesota
super pumped I think that’s it I think
we’ll end it there Firefox when you got
Mina final Fox for this week I’ll share
my final thoughts but we have to put you
on the spot
what are your final thoughts for this
week speak from the heart Mina speak
from the heart
you got you got believe nation watching
cheering you want what do you want to
say from the heart I mean we love you we
love you cool okay I’m super excited so
like the two prizes announced this week
a lot of it came from last week right
where so many of you were saying you’re
not from you’re not going to my city I
don’t you know I can’t come but I want
to reward the people who want to better
themselves right I want to reward the
people who are saying now is my time I
want to reward the people who are
willing to take action because that’s
what opportunity looks like but
opportunity is not always just given to
you on a silver platter sometimes you
have to go out and claim it so there’s
something that you want to do or
somebody and not just neat but like
somebody some event you want to do
somebody you want to meet and it’s a
chance you take the chance whether
that’s in your city or a three-hour
drive or a three-hour flight or
overnight flight right like if it’s
important to you you do it and so I want
to reward the people who are ready to
take action so about that coffee shop
idea came out of that I’m super pumped
and then the six months of coaching I’m
curious to see who I’m gonna get and I’m
curious to see how much how far I can
take you if I’m working with you every
month for six months should be pumped
okay guys buy your tickets Pittsburgh is
up other cities are coming up and again
if you have questions thoughts
suggestions feedback put it down the
comments below and we will get to it
next week
we love you continue to believe and
whatever your one word is much love see
you soon oh and to get your tickets I’ll
keep the video right next to us you get that page see you there
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