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For BETTER RESULTS in Your Life DO THESE 4 THINGS | Highly Successful People do This Everyday

before the Sun rises is the time of
least distraction before the Sun rises
where you can get intimacy and fluency
with what you want to stand for in your
day the better awareness will make
better choices better daily choices
better daily results one of the DNA’s of
legendary is longevity so if you look at
the Picasso’s the jean-michel basquiat
you look at the great sports champions
you look at the great history makers
they were much better at energy
management than time management and so
we’re in a war against distraction right
now and what we really have to do is
optimize our energy how do I do it well
I mean I get to the morning routine
which it’s really quite powerful because
if you start your day with sweaty
exercise you’re actually going to
activate a pharmacy of mastery that
exists in every human brain that’s going
to actually accelerate your processing
it’s actually the repair brain cells
that have been damaged by stress you’re
gonna release the neurotransmitter
dopamine which is the the fire
neurotransmitter which we all need as
entrepreneurs and business builders and
servants of humanity is all about rising
at 5 a.m. and that’s because if you look
at the great creatives and the great
Saints and the great humanitarians and
the great titans of industry many of
them got up at 5 and even right now
you’ve got Tim Cook and you’ve got
Howard Schultz and it goes on and on
before the Sun rises is the time of
least distraction before the Sun rises
where you can build intimacy and fluency
with what you want to stand for in your
day before the Sun rises the luxury and
tranquility of the early morning hours
you can do that deep inner work that
will allow you to go out in the world
and play it your best so what the
20-20-20 formula is is simply this
there’s three pockets the first pocket
is move five to five twenty and you get
into the sweaty exercise because like I
mentioned it releases neurotransmitters
reduces the cortisol increases your
metabolic rate which gives you more
energy so now and sort serotonin as well
which gives you joy so now it’s 5:20
fundamentally you feel different you
have energy your state is strong you’ve
got a fire in your belly
accelerated your focus 520 to 540 is the
second pocket of the 20-20-20 formula
which is reflect we live in a world
where a lot of people are busy being
busy but what’s the point of being busy
around climbing the wrong bound Everest
and so clarity is one of the DNA’s of
if you talk to the titans of industry
and you talk to the people really
getting traction around their ambition
these are people who have a monomaniacal
focus on the few things that matter they
have an obsession bordering on a
possession around the few priorities
they want to build our life early and so
520 to 540 the second pocket you’re
writing the journal you meditate
visualize you do what I call them the
book a blueprint for a beautiful day or
you just sit in solitude and you think
and you ponder and you reflect and then
the final pocket is 542 six o’clock and
this is the victory hour the final
pocket is grow but if you look at the
greatest billionaires I’ve coached many
billionaires over the last 20 years if
you look at the greatest producers on
the planet these people have one thing
in common they are ridiculously curious
and no matter how much money they make
and no matter how much impact they have
they maintain a white belt mentality one
of the keys to epic performance he is a
relentless commitment to daily growth so
that’s the 20-20-20 formula that the
five am method is built around and the
premise is basically this as you begin
your day so you handcraft the rest of
your day and if you have consistently
great days you’re going to have
consistently great weeks quarters a year
and a lifetime so your days are life in
miniature and you’ve got to get those
mornings calibrated for you really
you know we live in a world that
suggests the doorway to success it
swings outward if you build the business
if you get the jet if you get the money
if you get the cars if you get the
beautiful space then you’re gonna be
happy what I believe and there’s a model
in the 5m club that I think is a very
disruptive model but it’s a
transformational board and it’s called
the for interior empires and it’s not
just mindset it’s mindset heart set hell
set and soul said but I worked on those
for interior empires when I was a very
unhappy litigation lawyer like I’d made
money I was successful I’d to law
degrees and yet I’d wake up every
morning Tom and I’d go into the bathroom
mirror and I look at myself and I was a
completely empty person and nothing is
more expensive than losing your joy and
your peace of mind and so what I did was
I started working on myself yeah I
worked on my mindset and I read all the
books and I went to the courses but
that’s only your psychology and I think
that’s when the missing links in our
field which is everyone’s talking about
mindset but mindset is just your belief
system it’s just your psychology it’s
very important but that’s 25% of the
personal mastery equation I believe the
second piece is your heart set I worked
on that purifying your heart
that’s your emotionality not just your
psychology you’re never gonna make
history dominate your domain and
handcraft a world-class life if you’ve
got a great psychology but you’re
carrying the pain and sadness
disappointment and trauma of the past so
I worked on my heart set but that’s only
the second interior Empire the third
interior empire your health said don’t
die if you want to change the world like
dead people don’t change the world
there’s a fourth interior empire that I
worked on that allowed me to go out in
the world and and pursue my
magic it’s not just mindset it’s not
just heart set is not just help that set
its soul set and soul set has nothing to
do with religion soul set is about
working on your character so Yuri access
your nobility and your bravery and your
authenticity and your decency and you
find a cause that’s larger than your
life so when you go out in the world
every single morning
people might ridicule you because every
genius is ridiculed before they’re
revered people might throw stones at you
but you use them to build monuments of
mastery people might not misunderstand
you because any disrupter is gonna be
misunderstood and even you’re if you’re
an army of one a Galileo or Steve Jobs
or how to fill night you continue at all
costs so those four interior empires
that I’m going to detail in in the book
give you a fiery inner core of
warriorship and leadership that allow
you to go out in the world and do
amazing things but it all starts with
who you are because you’ll never rise
any higher than what’s going on in a
venue I think what’s happened on the
planet right now is there’s been a great
seduction and a great brainwashing when
we are kids we want we want to be
astronauts we want to be billionaires we
want to be history makers we want to do
all our dreams and then and and we stand
in awe and Wonder then we’re full of
curiosity and we’re loving and we’re
passionate we’re strong we’re not afraid
to be ourselves but as we leave the
perfection of childhood the hypnosis and
the brainwashing begins our
well-intentioned parents say oh you want
to be an astronaut you want to start a
business when you grow up you want to
paint like Joe Michelle Basquiat be
reasonable and George Bernard Shaw said
it better than I ever could he said the
reasonable man adapts himself to the
world the unreasonable one persists in
adapting the world to himself therefore
all progress depends on the unreasonable
so that’s our nature but our parents
give us limitation based on very limited
psychology and their emotional patterns
that they learn from their parents then
we go to school and we’re taught to live
in a box think in a box dress like
everyone else don’t sing too loudly
don’t dream too big don’t be too
passionate and then our peers do the
same thing to us and then society says
so genius is the realm of genetics not
everyday people which has been dismissed
by some very good science you know I
mean the 10,000 hour old that we all
know from the Florida State University
professor Anders Ericsson it just
confirmed so much so I do think we all
want I think what’s happened is we as
we’ve left who we truly are we’ve
contracted and now it’s all about
staying safe in the world versus going
out there and letting our brilliant our
primal genius shine and a lot of people
just have stuff that pain of
disappointment and their doubt really
deep inside and they just are addicted
to distraction and escapes because they
don’t want to deal with their potential
that they’ve denied pleasure has been
promoted too much in our society like no
great Titan of industry no legendary
cellist no great athlete you know the
great ones all understand that suffering
is the price of greatness so how do we
become braver you you do the difficult
things that you don’t feel like doing but you know have the payoff
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