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Best ADVICE from The SHARK That Will Take You to the Next LEVEL! | Mark Cuban | #MentorMeMark

we’re all passionate about something I’m
passionate about basketball doesn’t make
me an mba player being nice just makes
life so much easier you can pick the
wrong job you can pick the wrong spouse
you can pick the wrong whatever but you
wanna soar get a mentor what’s that
belief nation at seven I believe in you
and this channel is designed to be a
part of your daily success routine so
today let’s learn from one of the best
Mark Cuban and some of his best advice
to take you to the next level mentor me
mark also if you want to know what mark
and other successful entrepreneurs have
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confidence check out my 250 for
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the description below I’ve always been
passionate some people thought you know
okay let’s kick it off with rule number
one be prepared to win there’s part of
you that either wants to create a
business or you off obviously already
have created a business the hardest part
is taking that first step right there’s
always that line like I was talking
about earlier that you have to take a
step pass but the thing people always
say well you know you’re not afraid to
start a business why aren’t you it’s
terrifying or you know you I just it
scares me to do it and my my attitude
has always been if you’re prepared it’s
not a risk right Bobby Knight who was
the coach at Indiana University used to
say everybody’s got the will to win but
it’s only those with the will to prepare
that do win and the same applies to
business we’ve all seen her friends go
out there and just wing it
you know it’s my passion we’re all
passionate about something I’m
passionate about basketball doesn’t make
me an NBA player right it’s not just
about passion it’s not just about saying
I’m doing it it’s not even about
incorporating it’s not about the idea
it’s about are you prepared and are you
willing to do the work remember to be
nice nice is way undervalued you know
particularly in this day and age you
know if you turn on the news everything
seems like it’s gonna get blown up but
being nice just makes life so much
easier and look I learned the hard way I
had to have my partner Todd came to me
one day and he goes I like to curse he
goes I don’t care about cursing but you
curse too much not everybody’s as
accepting as cursing as you are calm the
and I took at the heart not so much the
cursing part but but I just I it became
apparent to me that the nicer I got the
more effective people around me got the
more productive they got the more sales
we had I was undervaluing nice you know
I started my my first company after I
got fired from a job and I was 24 just
turned 24 my first real company if you
will and I was always go go go go go all
consumed right live it eat it sleep it
breathe it and I knew people couldn’t
keep up or work as hard as many hours as
me but I wanted them to and we were
successful and we didn’t have much
turnover but I could have done a better
job if I were nicer and broadcast calm I
got a little bit nicer right as things
but then once I got to the Mavs and and
some of these other companies and Todd
reminded me you know and and really told
me you know just nice nice works and so
when you find yourself going to work
when you’re finding yourself dealing
with customers when you’re finding
yourself making decisions we all get
that ah jatai right that feeling in our
stomach that tenseness that stress at
various points of times that we all have
to go through but sometimes you just
need to calm the down right take a deep
breath and be nice because you’ll find
out that people will do much more but if
you reduce the stress of people and
you’re nice you’re going to have such a
huge advantage no matter what your
technology is no matter how it compares
even if it’s a download for an app
people will still have to deal with you
your culture will come through being
nice being being supportive reducing
stress that all comes through even in an
app rule number three know your
strengths and weaknesses I think the
most important is knowing your strengths
and weaknesses and knowing what you
enjoy doing you know if you look at it
as a job you’ve already lost it it’s not
going to be your passion and you’re
going to count the hours if you look at
it as something you love to do and then
you know what your strengths are
and you can leverage those strengths in
your business and in helping others and
once you recognize your weaknesses then
you can work with people that complement
you I mean every one of my businesses
I’ve had a partner who’s very anal
Martin Woodall Todd Wagner I mean
incredibly anal people perfectionist
because I’m a slob you know I’m a
big-picture think about what’s around
the corner how is technology going to
change things how can I change you know
this industry and you know making sure
that there’s somebody there to make to
dot the i’s cross the t’s and keep me in
the bass lines
um and you know recognizing my
weaknesses is just as important as
recognizing my strengths and my core
competencies and and you know having a
passion to do rule number four try out
different things you just have to try
different things and even even if 99% of
them fail you only have to be right one
time you don’t have to figure it all out
in advance you can be wrong you could
pick the wrong career you can pick the
wrong job you can pick the wrong spouse
you can pick the wrong whatever but you
get it right one time you’re set but if
you don’t try and if you don’t go out
there and try all those different things
you’ll never get that one time and so
it’s not a question of okay how much
different stuff do I do or how many
different things should you try try them
all try them all until you find the one
you like and then it’s like it gets
really easy because even when it’s up
you’re on a mission you’re loving what
you do you know and then then it gets
easy and so that’s just the approach
I’ve always tried to instill in people
who work for me and myself rule number
five be driven another quick story so I
didn’t have money for a car and my x19
with a hole in the floorboard had died
and so I literally the way I got my car
was I saw a car that was stranded on the
side of the road this old Camaro and I
forget exactly how but I figured out
which Bank had had put the money up for
it for somebody to buy and I called the
bank and I said would you let me pick up
the payments
this you know only I need you to lower
the payments down a little bit and they
said yes so I had this you know
1980-something um Trans Am that I was
able to use but the point being that you
just have to do things you never think
you’re gonna have to do in order to to
survive and get through it
um you know those first couple months I
remember thinking to myself I’m in
business two months now you know I
remember getting to the point where I
had $15,000 in sales probably six months
into the company and I’m still living in
the show and thinking okay I can do this
I can do this and along the way it was
it was lots of trial and error you know
there were things that were new to me
things that were terrifying to me things
that would just I would break out into a
sweat but I always remember going into
my customers and just trying to be
brutally honest and say to them if I can
help you right if I can bring value if I
can make your company more competitive
more profitable will you work with me
and you don’t have to put money I’ll do
the work to prove it and if I get it
done then we’ll meet you know we’ll
figure it all out you know or they agree
to a price and then they’ll pay it at
that point and one by one I just kept on
making customers happy and lost some
picking you know for every one I lost
picked up three and I got I was so
nervous about the whole thing that you
know I just I couldn’t imagine slowing
down you know and so people talk about
you know life family balance I had none
I mean I literally remember dating some
girl this is truth and it was like we’d
been dating a couple years and like it
mark you’re so into your work I mean I
want to pick a fence I want a house I
want kids you know I mean you it’s me or
your job and I was like or me and you’re
me or your company and I was like what’s
your name again
I’m like if you don’t know me well
enough by now in two years that I’m
I mean there was no balance and rule
number six the last one before a very
special bonus clip is go through the
hurdles Steve Jobs said it best
everything’s a remix you know if you
look at what Apple did they stole a lot
from Xerox they stole a lot from
different places and you know the early
days of of the PC industry software
industry there wasn’t a lot of
regulation and it was just ready fire
aim you just went went went went when
you know now there’s there’s different
types of regulation my biggest myth as
an investor was because I paid too close
attention to disruption artemiy to
regulation so I had this guy send me an
email I first I had died finances last
company company called red swoosh we did
peer-to-peer file-sharing and he sent me
an email saying we’re gonna disrupt the
cab industry and I’m like that’s a
really good idea and it’s like yeah
we’re gonna call it uber cab and we’re
gonna go around and just use an app so
that people can hail a cab that’s why I
called an uber cab so you don’t have to
go through the the intermedia of the
taxi and I’m like this is great but
you’re gonna have to fight all the taxi
associations and all the transportation
organizations in each city in every
state you know you just you’re you know
and then I started talking about his
valuation and I never heard back from
the rest is history he’s still a jerk
but we’re still friends so you have you
know and the point is when you’re trying
to disrupt something like Travis was
doing right you know and try it’s gotten
him in a little bit of trouble
particularly recently but you know
sometimes you’ve got to be ready fire
aim and just bust through doors and
figure you know you’ll deal with the
constant you’ll deal with the regulation
or regulatory issues later and so you
know he’s obviously disrupted
transportation and he’s trying to do a
whole lot more than that and he gets all
the credit because where I saw
regulation he ignored it and so if you
really believe and you really have
something that you know you think is
going to happen and disrupt the world
you know bring it to me I won’t make the
same mistake twice
and then just go and you know and bust
through those doors and figure out how
to get through the hurdles now I’ve got
a special bonus cup for Mark Cuban how
to learn from history that I really
think you’re gonna enjoy but before that
it’s time for the three point landing
questions time to move from just
watching another video to taking action
in your life or business and if you’re
feeling bold leave your answers in the
comments below here we go question
number one what is your biggest
strengths and biggest weakness number
two what new thing will you try this
week and number three what hurdle is in
front of you that you need to overcome
one of the things that companies do or
startups do they come up with an idea
they’ll google it and if they don’t see
it in the first two pages they think
it’s original you’ve got to go back
right because over the past 15 years
there’s so many different businesses
that have tried and failed you have to
go back and find those and learn from
those so you’ve got to understand all
the implications and you have to learn
from history and so the best advice I
can give you on a video before talking
to you or emailing with you is that
you’ve got to find out the history of
people who have tried your idea because
there’s a 99.99999% chance that your
idea has been tried before that’s not a
good reason not to start it because you
might be able to outperform them but you
better learn from the history of your
idea um because you know what they say
about people who don’t learn from
if you want to know what Mark Cuban
thinks about the rise of AI and machine
learning check the video right there
next to me I think you’ll enjoy it
continue to believe and I’ll see you
you’re gonna have to have at least if
not more cursory understanding of
artificial intelligence because it will change everything we do
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