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4 NEW Battery Stress Tests

in today’s video we’re trying out for
new methods to stress test batteries
push them to their limits and see what
will happen to them
you may recall a previous video where we
took a bunch of batteries and we tested
them damaging them in ways that you’re
really not supposed to we drove nails
through them we cut them in half smash
them and we just hit them with a
blowtorch that was really fun I liked
seeing what happened but we can take it
a step farther here’s the basic idea
we’ve got a bunch of alkaline and
lithium batteries we’re gonna see what
happens if we deep-fry them well done
freeze them and chop them with an axe
we’ve got a bunch of our alkaline
batteries we’ve got some of our lithium
batteries and we’ve got four new tests
for new ways to destroy batteries things
that you are definitely not supposed to
do and we’re gonna try it
alright so we’ve got our voltmeter here
before we put our batteries into the
liquid nitrogen we are gonna see what
sort of output reading we get from the
batteries this energizer ultimate
lithium battery is giving us one point
eight zero six volts of DC and Duracell
alkaline battery is giving us one point
six one three volts DC all right
starting with the Duracell here goes
if suddenly they’ve been in for a couple
seconds but just to see if there’s any
change it’s gonna give it another test
this was one point six one three I think
now it’s given us one point five but
it’s climbing as a battery okay one
point five five three is what we’re
getting now so that’s down a little bit
it’s throw back in and let’s just let it
go and tell it until it stops bubbling
and then a couple more minutes after
that to really get a cold
our Duracell alkaline battery has now
been on our liquid nitrogen for about
five minutes and the liquid nitrogen has
mostly stopped bubbling around it
there’s still some bubbles coming off
it’s just not as a violent as it was
before but I think we’re ready to test
it again so we are at 38 millivolts so
that’s like 0.03 I think that is very
very little power is this how we find
out just how good my hammer aim is what
have I done it’s split open it did
freeze your hand pretty quick yeah it’s
a very cold you can use a little more
finesse it a little less power that’s
that is I’d say the entire contents of
an alkaline battery now if you remember
from our last video all of this right
here this was paste his black stuff here
alright let’s test the voltage on this
bad boy we are at an astonishing 3 1-0
mil it’s it’s bottoming out basically
it’s oh and now it’s up to 30 million if
no no there was a negative there for a
second this is just jumping all over the
place they can’t handle this oh now
we’re up to 1.7 volts it like God is
Fulton’s back that was quick they don’t
think the alkaline battery did that
no not obably because it has this paste
that was no longer pasting not doing its
thing alright
hmm oh I also Brooklyn oh I can smell
that though yep Oh interesting so this
one I am curious about I kind of suspect
as it warms up it might just ignite
because we’ve now probably made the
layers of the inside and that’ll touch
but I don’t know how warm it will have
to get before it does that okay we’ve
got our two batteries I’m a little
nervous about what the lithium one’s
gonna do because these do have a
tendency to light on fire if they get
too hot I don’t know if oil will get it
there but it like might make it expand
and then the metal inside could touch
and then that could make it light
batteries into the deep-fryer one
alkaline one lithium if we conclude that
it’s finished doing whatever it’s gonna
do then we’re just gonna unplug the
machine wait for a few minutes and then
try and carefully come out and lift
things off we’ll see what we can do
woo I think the wrapper around the
Duracell battery has come off I can’t
actually see the anti xur battery I
really really thought it was gonna have
a more explosive reaction than this oh
wait spoke too soon it looks like the
alkaline battery just started sort of
spurting out the negative yes something
I think the alkaline battery was doing
something and then the Energizer lithium
battery also did something at the same
time nope here goes the alkaline the
alkaline has now started freaking out
now okay so instead of popping like the
lithium did this one just fizzled out
that lithium one it just sort of popped
and I launched itself up out of the
fryer splashing oil all over our canvas
tarp and then it landed a few feet away
the alkaline one still seems to be
bubbling rather I don’t think we can use
this fry oil for anything else so this
is warm to the touch we’re gonna leave
it alone for a minute here cuz you can
see that it’s obviously expanded but I
can’t see where that leak was that me
freak out explode out of the deep fryer
when we’ve heated up the lithium
batteries before there’s sort of a top
cap attached to it and that has popped
off this one I mean the top cap is still
may have loosened so one leaked slowly
for a long time and one leaked very
quickly for a short amount of time well
probably a good burning acid smell so
our battery here overheated very quickly
started leaking we got a spot it looks
like it leaked at the side or maybe I
managed to weld a little bit there we
kind of lost our connection and the
battery of course has to have a
connection for it to actually weld
anything the electricity has to flow
through so I can weld on anything this
is connected to what our battery while
it did get somewhere at first I don’t
know I want to try that again but I’m
gonna peel the coating off so the whole
battery is metal and I don’t have the
plastic getting in the way this one I
think has potential to be even more
exciting because that one kept moving so
much I’m gonna try and and this be held
it’s lit and it will probably light even
more violently still very nice bright
pink color can you see the glow oh yeah
wow so this time I’ve scraped off some
of the outside coating on the battery
and I’m gonna see what happens if i weld
I’m gonna back up I want to be clear
that I’m not backing up because I’m
worried about the battery I’m backing up
because nate is a terrible shot when it
comes to using an axe Hey
well you hit it I did oh that looks
actually a decent hit yeah it wasn’t a
oh yeah
I take it back I dig that guy’s ever
severed that battery I’m perfect it all
other than being chopped in half though
hasn’t really done anything let’s see if
the lithium ones are more exciting just
hit it
what you did it first try
kind of thought that with it oh it’s
busy okay well you don’t be holding it
let it sit there in case it fizzes into
something more exciting wow you got it
we only have one left go for it I am
probably not a good enough shot for this
you smushed it in it didn’t actually
chop it it just smooshed it hit the side
it wasn’t a bull’s-eye right on the side
I was off by quarter of a millimeter
this time and the blade just like
smushed it sideways
battery destruction part 2 a success
guys that’s it for today but we’re
always got more for you to see that box
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