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Qual è il cerchio della tua competenza?

what is your competence this is the
big question that any start
an entrepreneur appears whoever has a
project must be done
the topic we are talking about today in
this second installment of this is up
fucking the harmonica someone will do it to me
I can not explain harmonica players we already have
three ministers sound because I’d like to
learn the second topic anyway
this super special dedicated to
start up seen from the inside for today
we still have a name you have to read the
my name is this of competence
simple but very simple concept
neglected in practice works like this
warren buffett and charlie munger years ago
have popularized this concept of
circle of competence or circle of
skills is actually a concept
as old as the world that of
competence that is, you go to see
in ancient Greece what they said to each other if
you seek happiness you must know yourself
same you must know which ones are yours
strengths your virtue to follow
your art 1 you must also know what is the
measure of that virtue and the questions on the
topic of competence when start up
they are basically three
question number 1 which is the circle of the
your expertise let’s take the example of of
guinea pig update of this study
start up in rome etc etc and
the update’s competence is selection
and simplification if I go right to
here is simplification selection
they are the heart of the circle of
competence and is a proper linen circle
little baby is not really big
small so no because I know that is
our competence circle
because it is a service that starts from one
my personal experience my knot
previous having done so many years
obliged de facto to select the
news you imagine on television you
you have to select what the news is
interesting for a large audience then
you have to translate them in a way that they are
understandable and you have to do it one way
also very fast you can’t stay there a
talk seven hours of a news story for which
this continuous habit of selecting
to simplify translating for the public of
fact makes me enter
inevitably in the DNA and when we have
launched full quite sad the two concepts
in the end or not find them there is a
based service saves time but
it’s how it saves money
time based on the circle of yours
competence by selecting the news e
making them understandable to those who
according to me the law is the concept
important to remember here is that it does not
there is a circle of competence
ideal is not that you have to aspire to have the
circle of the competence of elon musk
which is the big one in the giant group
an infinite rim or charlie munger
these are important that you find the
yours and how do you find yours
observing knowing you testing
experimenting by paying attention to the facts
based on what these are
feedback can understand what i am
your strengths this brings you
to question number 2 we introduce
with a piece of music as rare as it is
great the circle of your competence
ok you know how in our case
simplification selection is the circle
of your competence as well as it is
great and that is how much you are able to
use it in more areas
for example in the case of reddit the circle
of competence is limited in this
phase the social media news section of the
digital world online marketing thing
ok this is the limit of the circle of the
competence that we seek in the morning
offer a update that talks about
cook the ten best news of
starred cuisine we leave our
circle of competence or we identify
someone who is a master of that circle
of the starred kitchen expertise or
let’s say off the jar then hook of
masi translated in a nutshell that introduces
the third question that one must always
be done when now it is time to stop
at the beginning but also during the whole
path that I’m sure to stay
inside the circle of my competence
honesty coming out because big deal is
that one perhaps starts well
perfectly what he does well in it
identifies the right contours and says ok
this is the thing that leaves a lot of trouble
well and then sfora margin widens out of the
circle of his expertise and there is game
now if you decide to leave the circle
Let us take an example of your expertise
as conor mcgregor and says I don’t
the more mmi i go to fight understood with
floyd mayweather why
at this point I make a lot of money
I go out of the circle of my competence I go
to do another sport
at that point I do it for business but
from the logical point of view he did not have a
meaning why you take away from what you
your subject matter here
competence perhaps because it is so intuitive
in theory or it’s such an easy test
it is neglected so much it is instead
the topic of the arguments and the three
questions are these we repeat what is the
circle of your competence as it is
great the circle of your competence e
let’s always ask yourself are you sure you are
playing in the circle of yours
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