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Chargrilled Veggie Kebabs | The Happy Pear

welcome where Dave and Steve from the
happy pair we’re all about health
happiness and community so today we
brought our kids we got Maisy and Elsie
and we’re gonna see an LCD hand-painted
Steve we’re gonna cook char grilled
vegetable kabobs and we’re gonna cook
really tasty flat face great way to get
the kids involved and to get the family
cooking and eating really well we’re
gonna soak our skewers in some water
good so the reason why we’re doing that
is so once the skewers go on the heat
they don’t break and burn and go and
fire since they soak the water they’re
not gonna go on fire first off we start
with our aluminum we have a block of 150
halloumi so we’re just gonna chop two
centimeter squares yeah nice work guys
you’re doing great unless we’re gonna
chop the cores yeah they’re no stealing
the vegetables girls we need them we’ve
got some really cool mixed color
Tomatoes doesn’t matter if you just have
all right it doesn’t matter at all but
the more color you have just the more
interest in there so normally this
recipe without machee in it but because
this is for the kids and the kids don’t
like chili we’re gonna leave it a next
up we’re gonna we’re gonna season this
with lemon lemon zest and some mint so
first step we’re gonna smell it you like
it it’s not not mint is Mary’s greatest
mr. fairies through this place and all
the leaves just the leaves off big good
job team okay let’s whack her all in all
it looks nice and pretty okay last step
we’re gonna zest in the zest of one
lemon try to get an organic lemon cuz
it’ll be unwaxed
so there won’t be any plastic you kind
of roughing with some and so we’re just
using it any old grater you know we’ve
got one here and it goes and we’re just
gonna zest in we’re gonna add in too
tight to total spoons of olive oil pinch
of black pepper let’s add in a pinch of
salt and that’s mixer all true you guys
mix make
mix so now it’s curing time so we’ll
give vegetable stir in time okay be
careful of them now Stevie so I’ll do
one first then you copy me so first look
look watch the first step you’re gonna
get your no first step you can start
with the white bit there lay me a quite
a bit we’re gonna put that two in the
bottom and be careful that it doesn’t
break and they might go let’s go to
so think about pretty colors what would
look nice a bit of the white stuff might
be enough Maisie yet us it just be
careful that it doesn’t break
beautiful work remind your fingers we
did a little Maisie
good job so well while the girls are
skewered up to the ski was doing a
beautiful job I’m gonna get our griddle
pan I’m gonna turn on high heat and
we’re gonna get ready to char these look
at our beautiful so while the girls are
finishing off the last two I’m just
gonna put them on here I can you see
they look really really pretty on the
guns are pound nice bit of sizzle so
these are charcoal grill do you want
this really high heat you want the pan
hot so they do char you don’t want to
low heat you want to where they just you
know they it’s starting to brown already
we want Bramley one char okay she’s
ready to make some flat breads hands up
else you ready for flat breads ready for
flat breads okay so we got two master
bakers here
well Dave is charring the are kebabs
we’re gonna make some real easy flat
breads so now we’re gonna add in three
and 50 grams of buckwheat flour if you
don’t ask for it you could use white
flour but folks weed is less refined
than white flour it’s a whole grain then
we go and it’s also gluten free and it
goes into the big bowl sleeves up
sleeves it’s not sleeves up next we’ve
got two tablespoons of baking powder in
a ghost this is just gonna help them
puff up a little bit guys way to mix
that true as well as you can so next
we’ve got three 250 grams of yoghurt
we’re using soy your cousin a is
allergic to dairy but you could use any
yogurt you want in a cause you ready you
know it’s kind of cool the kids love
getting involved you know
to eat it and lastly we ran out in a
good pinch of salt that’s what we could
do in winter just like cover our hands
in flour and dough could leave sewing in
a realm into little squash or golf ball
sized balls you see that little fella
there so we’re gonna use rapeseed oil
I’m are gonna infuse it with garlic and
some black parsley you can use any of
you wants that you’ve grown in your
garden okay so we’ve literally I’ve
prepped 2 cloves of garlic I’ve diced
them up nice and fine I’ve prepped up a
small bunch of black parsley that’s what
I had grown in our garden here and I’ve
got some rapeseed oil so here we go I’m
just gonna add it all in and just allow
it to infuse nice okay so we’ve rolled
out our flat breads you’ll see we’ve got
12 little golf ball sized balls and we
have two little eager girls to flatten
them yes okay one for me one for Elsie
when I show you if you’re way way let me
show you okay wait let this lady lucky
work ready ready 1 2 3 pull flattener
just cut a few lines and why why cause
if they just look cool when they’re
cooked okay so it’s just for coolness is
okay so I’m just gonna wail them up with
our infused our garlic and flat parsley
infused rapeseed oil so if you can’t get
we just have local rapeseed oil here so
we tend to use that from a lot of things
so they take about three minutes on each
side something Batchelor nice and crispy
and crunchy consistency that when it’s
very nice we taste good okay so here we
are look at these beautiful kabobs you
look gorgeous what do you think man
Elsie what do you prefer the kebabs or
the breads we go yeah hang on straight
for the kebab so thanks enough for
watching easy to make it with char grill
kebabs real easy flat breads again by
getting the kids involved it just gets a
neat more participate mr. joy practical
obtain a really good dinner hunt enough
for watching wishing you happiness
[Music] you
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