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I 5 pilastri della tua strategia di comunicazione sui Social

there are only two categories of companies a
those who can use social media well
use them to grow compared to
competition to monetize to find
customers to create a brand that has one
life in the long run and then there are
those that are not able to point
it is white or black there are no middle ways
and unfortunately the overwhelming majority
of the companies of professionals in
italy a burden but not black belt al
tar or in the dark black darkness pesto there
they are not at all inside this
category there are various sub-categories
a percentage of these companies is
unsusable because their fault thinks
still being able to fight with blows
fax the arrival of the mason on duty in
good luck I do not know what to say if i
facts not convinced that there is one
digital revolution in all respects
I do not want to convince myself
goodbye fat a little however it is
objectively difficult I look at you
I’m an entrepreneur or three companies
active at this time work from
twenty years in the technological world me
comparison with everyone who works
in the civic customer sector
inside I like it, however, it is in my world
I’m going to 2 million fans and
equally what I can tell you is
that’s hard fucking hard
I did I’m not ashamed to say one
beast effort over the years to try to
understand how this could work
world that I could better communicate i
projects that launched the initiatives i
start up and I paid on my skin in
continued expectation of will not be
I debuted this in a lot of time
also for my activities not for mine
personal videos that maybe one has seen
around and crates it took me years
It took a year and a half to make you never
looked at nobody is not easy is not
easy for nothing and why so
difficult because we are in a sector that
changes every nanosecond who raises the
morning and disappeared understood facebook goes down
of weight and then throw you on
instagram continuous change is easy
stay behind it
the further problem we have is
obvious that we must not hide and
that if everyone wants to train on these issues
generally the vast majority of
master courses where there are around two
huge problems the first is that i
materialistic courses are immediately old
because because they are all set up
techniques shortcuts the ruins that
the functionality go understood
try this I do that other instead
but that does not pay an approach over time
marketing driven to search understood of
to grab and not market driven
it is not an approach conceived with gods
clear guidelines is that if it changes the
platform you still remain standing
the prize number 2 and the quality of the
embarrassing teachers not all for
Charity is there anyone who knows slut
misery ie if one is 10 thousand fans on
facebook which is nothing like it does
teach facebook but made three videos
on youtube can not put on linkedin
I am a steve jobs specialis but that
species liszt of thing and then have this
unbearable logic of the secret seems
that zacher verses came from these
gentlemen to disclose only to them the
twenty-seventh fatima secret for
have stuff on the members but let’s stop it
let’s stop these baggianate then a bit
with this impatience as an entrepreneur
I said you know I’m an amateur
professionals do not know anything they are not
I do not consider myself a competent professor
of nothing in general understood not even a
ping pong which was 5 italy ever
reputed competent facts was a
artichoke compared to the Chinese, however, that
that I can do and condense inside
of a course that I learn every day
day on my skin I learned
in these years and that I have applied on
me montemagno with my videos and black bini
you fool the trip not so much on the
my companies so if I do stuff
at least the results are there to see in the
good or bad I ‘m public is not that
this was something to hide we did
for example, the launch of this
video course here and in the first three days
we sold 2 thousand registrations no
2000 person contracted to about 2 thousand
people the result very simple then
one evaluates as it pleases or if I
launch an initiative my writes a book
wrote a book and 2017 was the book
when mondadori best selling in 2017
I’m happy with the result
but you see it if it was a flop the cia
in montemagno he speaks but then sells 10 coop
here is if one asks but why the
videocourse of this bald man who is
talking and I’m video is different is spent
all others because it is based on
my personal experience because the facts
they are not opinions one must
evaluate the facts then he does not like them and
another speech but the facts are there from
see and I’m the first guinea pig together
to my companies together with mine
activities of you my theories that do not
they are theories in the darkness of my bedroom
here in brighton
no, they are theories that I then put to the test
of the nine
and some others work no and therefore
I’ve tried this video course
summarize everything that really
it works not based on some strange
theory actually in facts in Italy of
this moment and then also see the
things that do not work so you avoid yourself
some mistakes and you avoid helping those who have
a lot of wheat to do crap cosmi
that as I did
at the base of this video course there is
first of all common sense and the idea is
to find guidelines that
they keep you afloat even if you change the
world even if the market changes
we have divided it into five steps that
I am in my opinion the 5 things that one must
master the idea of being good online
then to the rescue base is that of
put down a little common sense
people no longer control the obvious but
you know how many people always say but
it is obvious and trivial
you have to do the videos but yes I know it upstream
it’s because you say it because you do not
then to what is obvious it is not said that
then one puts it into practice the idea of
let’s take good sound sense of it
let’s put in bad words that sees it
cross with what they are of
knowledge and the various platforms
we try to extrapolate lines
guide that can then be used a bit
in all sectors here are always there
of differences but at least it has
a map is more or less you know which direction
to go
five are the areas that one must
master to communicate today well
online to find customers thanks
all digital bla bla bla the first
concept is that of chi positioning
it’s clear what your positioning is
for who is your product for who is the
your service to clear the answer to
56 main questions you need to ask yourself
when you have to build a brand, you never have
created a brand you know where to start from
what’s your girlfriend on the market, you know
what is the place where you can be
perfect answer to that problem of
market all questions that are part
of a company’s positioning of a
professional on which the most
some people do not have the most
pale idea in words maybe said yes
it’s easy but in fact you realize that
they never even got the
problem then there is the area of ​​production
of contents
today in this context we are all gods
all-news channels are actually gods
all news channels that one wants or not if
you want to compete in a market
and full of competitors who churn each one
two minutes content you must be in
able to produce contents as you do
which content the videos that is but like them
I make the video what’s the most
efficient to do video side my ho
found a dynamic that allows me to
produce a flood of content but not
being sky or disney and this is a
fundamental aspect above all to understand
what are the right processes is not a
made of processes ideas what is the
process procedure in Italian among the
procedures and procedures that allow you
to produce content
every day on an ongoing basis and
always be present before the eyes
it’s near your ears
potential clients
then obviously you have to know
platforms this manual work
craft must know how it works and
facebook business manager you need to know
which in the stein I also know has slipped into the
explore a window at the top for
to suggest in st garante away because it wants
push the active balances
you have to know you have to get your hands dirty and not
each platform a life cycle as it is
we see photography today , however
facebook instagram youtube platform
linkedin that other platforms are there
new platforms on which it suits us
aim not in theory but in fact
because in fact if one lives in it
this world sees the curls here
number of people who reach changed
yes no where then there is the part of
promotion that the one loved by everyone
they all usually jump to this part
here but you see it comes after you have
made an important upstream job for
many are discounted instead the most thing
important of all that I repeat nobody
made apart from promotion promotion but it is
online only offline promotion today on
line of light go together is something
of united what are the options that ai
what are the activities that work for
more what are the initiatives you can
to make respect for yours
competitors and then all this path
closes with the monetization part
there is fundamental because it is a hobby
then do what you think you are
playing but it is not a stuff that takes
seriously but if you have to do a business
to the monetization of likes do not pay
the bills but also means that
maybe you’re a charity if
a charity and want association
collect no money and for one
just cause fantastic must know how
maybe if you understood in politics
he says I must succeed at the end
the vote of my potential readers the
monetization is the closure of this
circle but there must be fundamental and
The reason for it is often overlooked
which maybe an hour adds there is a
million of fans but a gain a lira
you have a great following I understand for the
your product service is however then to the
end the accounts do not come back
monetization also means knowing
what are the most business models
smart but how is that netflix e
Amazon Prime have a screenshot template
wine model his script shaun
within your business
yes no and so many are also ideas
suggestions I did not answer everything though
one tries to ask myself the problem
that if one asks good questions
at that point the answer is much more
easy to find it did not leave with the
solution we start with the right questions
or building everyone finds his
positioning and its way into each
industry usual as not all courses
it’s okay for all this course here not
It’s fine if you’re brown brands there or if you’re
mail because you already found yours
road is already crazy numbers you have
already your model fine story indeed if
makes in progress to marche brown ii of monaco
I cover the other category for the
which does not go at all well and rescue
all the world of those who believe
of the phenomena that all dear ones of one
phenomenon does not for course text you already know
all 2 everything obvious never easy never
you have to meet the needs of stockholm
of nothing has a psychoanalyst injury
according to me but another speech also in
this case is different young people
gray fur for what remains and is
fed up with these fumaroles on the web
pseudo marketing specialists who think
to be geniuses understood every time
many say but no but I base them all
the bodies and then capitulate a video and it
look in three there you have problems
here this course is not for you and
the other category that does not have to buy
this course is if you are a student one
shaved there is not a penny do not spend
money you put them up high but not
spend more money or if one has
much free time and has money from
spend the money to invest is the desire to
search online find all the
information is all there the courses today
of any sector made by anyone
they have information that they are
free available online
I buy in progress to see one understood
new stuff you’ve ever seen it
discover the particular revelation you
take a course for two reasons first for
hear the opinion of
that professional of that teacher who
maybe he has a vision that looks like
interesting of can come in handy and
number two in progress and as a book is a
orderly way to get the information
all there in place of having them scattered
I have over a thousand videos if you have time
to go and see everyone and connect
all the pieces you do not need
videocorso compound the advantage instead
the videocourse as it is that you have
all ordered in logical reasoning
and I set myself there to re-register
every part from scratch and miss with the fact
bunch so however this is the help is a
logical path with a whole series of
video that you look at calmly with yours
rhythms you concern them is much easier
a video course is not a video of
entertainment is a moment of
Training takes time there is
frantic editing of my videos
classic and this helps to understand e
then to put into practice because if then
one puts into practice he threw away
enough money I stop here that I talked
too much you evaluate if you care
I hope so anyway if you do not
Interest we see you online with
some other free videos and regardless
from all I really hope you have
success online I wish you most of all
marrying this digital opportunity
because if you take it with common sense
constructive way joining yours
skills your characteristics
exactly doing the right thing in yours
sector this point the opportunity
extraordinary that suits you for yours
communication for your business
all the difference in the world
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