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Ralph Smart on The Murder of Nipsey Hussle

I just want to take this time out to say
rest in power rise in power rest in
paradise too Nipsey Hussle
the rapper who is slain murdered in
California yesterday and actually got
the news I was out and about and I’m
like what he was such a positive brother
somebody who was helping the community
and I’m lost for words because this has
got to stop you see after growing up
when 2pac died I was like this is
and recently when XXX 10th accion was
murdered I’m like this is terrible
when little Pete passed away this is
terrible any loss of a life is terrible
but especially under these circumstances
Nipsey Hussle to me I want to send a
condolences to his family Laura London
because he was somebody who was helping
a lot of people using his platform to
help people in a positive way and that
is commendable he was doing the doctor
say be documentary doctor say be the
naturopathic healer who cured AIDS and
everything and he was doing the
documentary on that so that’s why you
also got to investigate this whole
murder because it’s very suspicious that
he was doing this documentary and now
he’s just gotten murdered this has got
to stop right now you have a lot of
solace beings on planet earth people who
don’t feel any emotion and this is a
danger a warning sign because once you
lose your soul you will do anything and
deep-dive is I’m here to tell you what
you got to do right now is show the
whole world love is stronger than hate
let me repeat that
love is stronger
and hey to everybody who has been
affected by this death the passing away
of nipsey also it is a shame because he
was still young so much potential but we
all have to do better there’s a reason
why I do what I do encourage the youth
encourage people to become their
greatest version because love is the
investigate this murder ask questions
contact your local government to say
what just happened don’t be silent about
once again deep divers Nipsey Hussle was
a very very powerful figure to the
modern generation and his death won’t be
forgotten we will celebrate his legacy
he left behind a lot of positive music
family loved ones who are all morning
and deep divers right now it’s about
getting justice make sure you fight for
the justice of Nipsey Hussle so whoever
did this can be brought to justice
deep divers have a beautiful day Nipsey Hussle your legacy will live forever

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