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‘Who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ + ever: What do they mean? – English In A Minute

Hi, everyone. I’m Saskia and in this episode,
we’re going to look at what it means when we add
the word ‘ever’ to the end of a question word.
The most important thing to know
is that when we add ‘ever’ to a question word,
it’s not talking about anything specific.
It often means we don’t know the who or the where,
or they are not important.
Let’s look at some examples.
Whoever ate my cake is in big trouble.
This example means that
‘I do not know who ate my cake’.
Whenever I go to the cafe,
there are never any sandwiches left.
This means
‘the time when I go to the cafe is not important’.
I never put on weight,
so I can eat whatever I like.
This means ‘what I eat isn’t important’.
The puppy followed the girl wherever she went.
By adding ‘ever’ to ‘where’ it means the place
is not important.
So if you want to say the time, place, person or
thing you’re talking about is not important or unknown,
just add ‘ever’ to the correct question word.
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