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YOU ARE GREAT – Motivational video | Inspirational Speeches | Women | 1 Hour Motivation

when I guess when you just like be
yourself and in your most genuine
possible way and are completely unafraid
that’s when everything starts to fall
into place and that takes a while like
you know rumors and opinions you know
what I mean it’s like yeah you get
scared and you want to hold back a
little but then I was like you don’t let
like none of this would be happening if
I just show like just was like who’s
myself and I went out and I was my silly
self and then it go and it all goes away
and then they’re like yeah when you let
go and you’re like here you go
take it or leave it what do you wanna
let the can be like why hold back you
get you can help you one life just have
fun and be yourself and don’t worry
about the rest and all falls in a place
I was a victim masquerading as a
survivor I used to revel in gossip and
rumors and I and I lived for the
negativity inflicted upon my sister
actresses or anyone who I felt who shine
diminished my own I think what saved me
is me being honest and I think I somehow
had the courage to do something and say
something that I knew would would
possibly end my career
and instead of making business more
I made my soul and my my life more
important and I think by by being
truthful and by being honest that saved
me and then I was given the opportunity
to do something where I could actually
just be myself and people can see who I
am and if they respond to it great and
if they don’t great and they’ve
responded you don’t have to be born into
a situation you don’t have to come from
something or possess
something you can just be you and have a
dream and plant the seed and water the
root ways
go do it act now and really accepting we
need you we need you we need you you are
the 1% you’re the percent that says I’m
gonna wake up
you are the light workers you are the
ones that have accepted this call in
this lifetime at this time you have
decided to wake up and chosen to say yes
I’m here to be of greater service than
just to feed myself right I’m here to
feed the world I’m here to give love I’m
here to be an expression of that truth
don’t hold that back don’t play small we
can’t we need you and so really if you
are anyone in this room who has been
sitting on that book idea waiting a
little bit longer before you start that
teacher training or doing 10 more
teacher trainings before you actually
teach if that’s you guys start and the
pressure will be off I can’t begin to
tell you I could cry just saying this
the mo the day I taught Eagle Eradicator
I was two weeks into my teacher training
and I said f it let’s go and I just went
and I felt so much pressure off I felt
so much lift because I just knew I felt
this technology must be shared I can’t
hold it I can’t keep it for myself I
can’t just sit in my apartment by myself
like this I gotta give this and sharing
it the pressure this just lifted it was
like oh thank you thank you thank you
and I wasn’t the perfect teacher and I
looked back and I was teaching Eagle
Eradicator wrong everyone’s arms were
like this everyone was breathing
backwards it was a mess but I did it and
I started
and in those moments when we just get to
go just go the pressure is off and then
we clear the path and we are guided to
the next right action and that is the
most magnificent thing we could do right
now I think I’ve been doing this long
enough to realize that no matter what
people perceive of me
I always shine through at the end of the
day so I’ve had a lot of people try to
tear me down but I’m here and I have
always been myself and I’ve always
wanted that and I’ve been graceful and
I’ve tried to handle myself with this
much class and it’s only because I know
how hard I work and I’m not gonna let
him get back into
I shut it all off and I’m I’m in an
other than this interview Oprah I do not
intend to speak to anyone for a very
long time this is my moment for me to
experience a rebirth with my own music I
have to shut it all out there no weights
you know the noise the noise it’s loud
you have to cancel out the noise and
remember that it’s your thoughts that
matter I just like try to always push
myself more than I push myself before
and you know I wasn’t trained what
dancing or anything like that so I’m
always trying to learn as much as I can
from my choreographer and my dancers and
I’m around I just try to have fun though
you know I really love what I do
and I think I would be doing myself a
terrible disservice if I didn’t push and
try to reach for more and I would be
doing my fans a terrible disservice to
so that’s my inspiration my fans and
just wanting to be as great as I
possibly can
you know I grew up in Colombia and
Colombia is a developing country where a
lot of people don’t have access to the
most basic needs and where education is
considered a luxury unfortunately
because we all know that education is a
birthright and and I just grew up
frustrated seeing seeing how many people
weren’t able to to realize their own
dreams you know when I was eight years
old my dad underwent an economic crisis
the financial crisis you know he lost
his business and we struggled
economically for many years we lost our
car we lost our furniture and I remember
vividly the day I walked in my house and
all the furniture was gone because my
head my dad had to pay his debt and it
was quite well shocking for me you know
I was 8 7 8 years old and and when I saw
this I was so frustrated I my dad I so
upset with my parents cuz I couldn’t
understand how they did so poorly in
business you know I’m like why why you
know I couldn’t I couldn’t get it and my
dad and my mom took me to the park where
they showed me other kids my age
sniffing glue they were orphans they had
no one to watch after them and they were
barefoot and they were abandoned to
their unlock and it probably left such
an impression in my impressionable mind
at that age that I remember that day and
I remember that I made myself a promise
I said
I said to myself Shakira you have to
succeed because you have to you have to
ride in a car again one day you know you
have to get your own car someday yeah
and and I wanted to bring the cake my
parents socially and economically and I
also wanted to someday do something for
those kids who I saw that day in the
park so as soon as I had my first big
success with PS Descalzos
which was my third album I decided to
establish my own Foundation and do my
own contribution to to the change even
if it was going to be a small one but I
wanted to be active and that’s how it
all started you know going through my
own a financial struggle and the
struggle of my family and understanding
that the one thing that I never lacked
was care protection and an education and
that’s probably what made me thrive in
you know I can tech I can tell them all
I want be yourself it doesn’t matter if
people think you’re sexy or edgy or cool
but if I don’t lead by example then I
I’m not actually conveying that message
fully so with this video like it’s not a
sexy video but it conveys a message I
really want to get across to girls that
like if that’s not your thing you don’t
have to try to be like everyone else
from day one I just I never tried to
hide that I was the girl in my apartment
with the red backpack it’s like this is
who I am and I find that people end up
rooting for you and opening more doors
if you’re really honest early on some
people start businesses and try to come
across that they’re much bigger than
they are because they feel like that’s
the only way they’re going to be taken
seriously but if you know your products
great and you know why you made it you
don’t have to apologize for being out of
your home or your apartment or being
what fear is stopping you in your tracks
and burning the soles of your feet
what if conquering that fear whatever it
is that keeps you from being what the
Creator intended for you what if you
could unleash everything great in your
life would you do it would you say yes
to that you’ve got to find a way of no
longer doing that thing you do that
keeps you from getting the things you
want and how do you know when you’re
doing the thing that you do that is
keeping you from getting the things that
you want you feel negative emotion
you don’t feel satisfaction and how do
you know when you are allowing your
thoughts to turn to things how do you
know when you’re in a vibrational state
of being where you are allowing a
vibration to be received by you in
thought form how do you know that you’re
there and ready how do you know that
you’re ready you feel satisfied where
you are and what keeps you from being
satisfied getting ahead of yourself and
demanding that it be ready before you’re
ready for it to be ready it would be
like putting a seed of corn in the
ground and waiting for 10 or 15 minutes
squirt a little water on it and then
feel disappointed that the corn hasn’t
come up out of the ground and yielded an
ear to you
and if you’re like most jimin’s after
about a wake of that you just dig it up
and eat it or call it a failed
experience you sometimes refuse to be
satisfied in the process as it is coming
and so there are some things that we
want to call to your attention today we
want you to leave this gathering
understanding the value and the
satisfaction of being willing to be
ready to be ready you got to get ready
to be ready to get ready to be ready to
be ready to be ready to be ready and you
have to be satisfied in that getting
ready part and not need to jump all the
way over to the fully manifested part
that really is all that is required
because if you could understand and
sometimes you do that your desire in all
of its fullness is in the process of
becoming and that it is yielding itself
to you sometimes even though you don’t
know that it is sometimes even though
you don’t know that it is sometimes
things look like they are going wrong
when they’re not going wrong they’re
going into a point of clarity for you
it’s a way for you to reevaluate
something it’s a way for you to come to
a new conclusion about something
now if you’re if things are upsetting
you make sure that your intention is
corrected why is this thing bothering me
am i giving in to my ego or is this
actually a real problem to witness it to
be to be the non-judgmental witness of
it to look at it and say something’s got
to give right so so if you’re unwilling
to look at your fear head-on and honor
it and and witness I always say if you
don’t show up for what’s up it will keep
showing up so looking and saying you
know I witness my resistance and you see
that fear as resistance it’s right it’s
fear as a resistance to what it is that
you desire and in the absence of
resistance you become a magnet for what
you desire now when you let go of that
fear and you transcend that fear that’s
when you start to become a super
attractor that’s when you start to let
what is truly of essence for you into
your life what is truly of service for
you into your life what is true
happiness into your life and so looking
at the fear witnessing it calling it by
its name and even if you don’t have the
tools yet what happens is is when you
look at the fear and you’re like oh I
see this fear I see this resistance I
see how it’s blocking my life and I
choose to see it differently
that’s when you’re listening to an audio
like this that’s when a book like yours
will fall off the shelf a catalyst yeah
you know exactly you open up your
consciousness pretty much you crack open
your consciousness to find solutions
rather than find problems and so when
you’re not looking at the fear you’re
just living in the fear and you’re
believing in the problem but when you
witness the fear and you’re willing to
see it differently you start living in
the solution as I commit to happiness
fully exactly what I need is coming
towards me because I become a magnet I
become an energy field that is so
magnetizing that is so excited that’s so
inspired that other people want to
support and work with that energy and so
when we dwell in the energy of joy and
happiness we become a magnet for that
which we desire so my hope for you all
is to start to think about the things
that you want to succeed in whether it’s
succeeding in romantic relationships are
succeeding in your career or succeeding
in your health goals and make a
commitment today to bring more joy to
that area of your life
rather than seeing it as a struggle
rather than pushing forward with all
this angst and negativity and neediness
and control just bring joy to it your
successes will come when you commit to
joy when you commit to happiness
so find more joy in that physical
I’ve been going to SoulCycle I
absolutely love it it’s so joyful for me
and that’s helping me raise my butt
because that was one of my goals and
success and and then we have these
moments where we want to really bring
joy into our career well if you’re
having a hard time in the office just
find ways to have more fun and as we
start to elevate that presence of joy we
will begin to magnetize the successes in
our life and so take this very seriously
bring this practice into your day-to-day
experiences and make joy and happiness
your number one priority and recognize
how your successes will be brought to
you in a form far greater than you could
ever imagine
when your primary focus is happiness
you know when you’re new when you all of
a sudden are like you know I just felt
like I was and it was my own fault I
kind of felt like I was stuck you know
living my life the way and then if I if
I you know how dare they not like me
anymore just because I suddenly revealed
the truth of you know who I am in one
aspect of my life not you know it’s just
I’m just saying I’m gay that’s all I was
saying and and I was so mad I was so mad
that I lost you know my show I lost not
not just my show but like nobody wanted
to hire me for three years I didn’t have
any offers no and I mean literally the
phone did not ring for three three years
and and I had no money I was out of
money I was just so that tends to make
people cranky and and then you know I
just kind of and it was good it was a it
was actually I’m very grateful for that
time I’m very grateful that I got to
experience it gave me more compassion I
know what it feels like to be out of
money I know what it feels like to be up
and high and like you know I was in a
top-rated sitcom and very successful and
people treated me very well and then all
of a sudden just because of one
revelation I just was I was the joke
every puppy and I was a punchline of
every late-night talk show I was made
fun of in magazines I was it was and it
felt horrible at the time and now I look
back and I’m so grateful for it because
it it really gave me a chance to examine
myself and say who are you without Fame
who are you without success who are you
without money and I kind of found
different parts of me that would not
have grown had I not experienced that
once you make that willingness to change
the book falls off the shelf or the
teacher shows up in a form that you
could have never imagined or or you hear
something on the radio or you meet a cab
driver or some enlightened conversation
comes into your realm that all of a
sudden is that shift that you needed to
make that change and create that
catalyst that becomes your greatest
accomplishment your greatest shift and
so that’s all we need at first is that
slight willingness that willingness that
I had that desire to change that moment
to shift was all I needed to become the
woman I am today to live that life
beyond my wildest dreams
and so when I became ready I opened up
and I said okay I’m ready for change but
what’s beautiful and was the main
purpose of what I teach is that once you
make that decision to change you do not
have to do it by yourself you cannot be
expected to make these changes on your
own all you need is that slight
willingness it’s about time to really
embrace my individuality and my freedom
as a woman as a person and that’s a
message that I encourage to other women
and that doesn’t mean necessarily
letting yourself being objectified
because that means satisfying the
desires of other people you know I say
satisfy your own desires you know and
live your life to the fullest because is
short hard work and discipline and
rehearsal and that’s always the most
thrilling way to earn applause and
everything that you’ve seen me do I’ve
always rehearsed a lot for it so there’s
um there’s a lot of passion that goes
behind it
when I was 11 I had a casting director
tell me that I wasn’t strong enough to
carry my own show
and I’m sure all of you have been told
that you don’t have what it takes and
that you may not be good enough and you
don’t have enough people supporting you
and you’re being told all of these
things when deep down it’s all you want
to do you want to be a part of something
great you want to make something great
and it does more than knock the wind out
of you it crushes you when people tried
to tell you that you’re not good enough
and it almost did from me but there was
my mom next to me stronger than ever and
she said the most important thing is to
always trust in myself if I have if I’m
doing something because I love it I
should do it because I love it and I
believe I can do it so she told me to
keep going she told me and she taught me
to turn the other cheek and let the
credits burn like the critics be critics
and let us just trust ourselves so for
me two years later I got my own show and
the first thought the first thought
wasn’t oh man that girl when I was 11
said I wouldn’t carry my own show and I
did I mean I thought about that for a
little bit but I thought about what my
mom said my mom was like you have to
trust yourself and I realized if I
didn’t believe that I could do it I
wouldn’t be able to be here
presenting somebody else you’re really
just unconsciously resenting yourself so
witnessing very quickly who do I need to
forgive is it me is it somebody else
and very quickly turning it back on to
you and choosing the pathway of
forgiveness forgiving yourself for
having a judgemental thought forgiving
yourself for being an attack forgiving
yourself for having a feeling that is
unkind forgiving yourself for being
judgmental towards yourself or attacking
towards yourself whatever is up for you
in the moment just practice the f-word
and if you can’t get to the feeling of
forgiving yourself say that you are
willing to forgive yourself just saying
in that moment I am willing to forgive
myself for X Y Z I’m willing to forgive
myself for being in this bad mood I’m
willing to forgive myself for what I
just said I’m willing to forgive myself
for what I’m holding on to and just
opening yourself up to the practice of
self forgiveness will change your mood
and your energy in a minute or less I
swear by this this is probably the key
to my freedom my happiness my successes
is my willingness to forgive myself so
take that in and really own that for you
and practice the f-word all the time so
the next time you notice yourself in a
bad mood it might just be right in this
moment right now just say I’m willing to
forgive myself and and see what unfolds
see how your energy changes see how your
your feelings begin to shift and see
that bad mood just dissipate instantly
in in life and in in any career you’re
gonna have your journey you’re gonna
have your ups and your downs and you
know when it’s rough it’s rough it’s not
no I don’t think any person that wants
to win like spelling or likes having
those moments but those moments to me
happen for a reason they happen to make
you better and stronger and since I say
that to say that it does feel good to to
receive love because I know the passion
that I’ve put into the product this
project and I know my journey prior to
this and it feels good you know I can’t
lie and say that
there are no idle thoughts so if you
want to live a mindful life you have to
recognize the magnitude of your thinking
if you’re sitting here and you’re you
know you’re judging your your loved ones
you’re judging a friend you’re weakening
your own energy and you’re weakening
there’s every being around you in some
way is picking up the frequency of your
thoughts some people are looking
perplexed like what the hell is she
talking about right now I can hear your
I know exactly what you’re thinking it’s
not that I can hear it it’s that I can
feel it think about it you know you
could be in those relationships for like
you’re your boss and you know you do
everything perfectly but in your head
you’re like I hate you I hate you I hate
you I hate you and they just they don’t
want to promote you they don’t want to
support you there’s constant tension
within the relationship you could say
all the right things but if you don’t
think it if you don’t transform and
clean up your thinking then you’re
literally polluting the planet so first
and foremost we gotta think about what
we’re thinking and so how do we change
those thoughts because you have you
think okay that sounds great but like
I’m down Negative Nancy lein and I don’t
know how to change direction how do I
make a u-turn alright so some simple
first and foremost witness it yesterday
I was saying this look look at your
crazy and call it by its name it’s fear
when you see those crazy thoughts show
up in your life when you hear those
thoughts of I’m not good enough I’m
better than that person is terrible I
have two choices I can continue down the
road and I can continue down that dark
path or I can actually pivot I can
redirect I can choose again
I like I like to stay happy and I like
to mom
I like to live life light and make the
best of life and I think that when you
carry a certain kind of energy or if you
have like a funky energy that you hold
on within yourself you just can’t grow
and you can’t really like move how you
need to so for me I just like to be
happy and cool with pretty much
everybody you know and that’s just
pretty much it
working on my craft and making sure that
it was perfect so that you know that
when finally I would get that
opportunity I’d be ready for it
you are who you surround yourself with I
know that’s such a cliche quote but it’s
true I’ve just witnessed it too much
it’s easy to get caught up because of
course you’re you’re throwing things
you’re given things that are fun and
exciting but it’s just at the end of the
day success is nothing if you don’t have
the right people to share it with you’re
just gonna end up lonely isn’t it nice
how life keeps presenting more to you so
that your idea of what you prefer
continues to evolve recognize that you
think that you are doing a pretty good
job of vibrationally staying up to speed
with your desires or are there gaps
between what you want and what you
expect you know how you can tell two
ways how satisfied you are along the way
if you are not resisting the evolution
of your own desire you feel satisfaction
even if it has not manifested and the
other way is how long it takes if there
are things that you’ve wanted or if
there is something that you’ve wanted
for a long time and it continues to not
manifest in the fullness and the way you
want to do well then that is an
indication that your habit of thought is
contradicting your own desire and it’s
easy to understand why that would be so
because so often you are giving your
fullest attention to what has already
manifested to what you want to say what
is to the current situation so if you
want more money but you don’t have
enough and your attention is always upon
or usually upon how much you’ve got or
how much you haven’t got then
you’ve may have a vibrational tendency
that is actually pushing against what
your desire is so there’s a discord a
resistance within your vibration and
even though Law of Attraction is
responding to your desire as you are
emanating it’s through thought Law of
Attraction is also responding to your
patterns of thought that you would call
belief or expectation you do get what
you think about whether you want it or
not that’s really a simple way of
describing how law of attraction works
but in order to really fine-tune this
business of deliberate creating and
after all it’s only deliberate creating
that is truly satisfying it’s only when
you do it on purpose so that you’re able
to pay attention and even measure the
satisfaction factor as your desire in
its vibrational or what you may want to
call thought form evolves into the see
it hear it smell it taste it touch
aversion in other words there is a
gestation process there is a process of
becoming and the amount of time that it
takes from the inception of an idea you
might call it that
and its full fruition really is about
what you are doing and it is really only
about what you are doing with your
thoughts now a lot of times you don’t
feel that it is fair for you to have to
take responsibility for what you are
doing with your thoughts in the early
stages Esther would say but Abraham it’s
true it’s true as if something that is
true or something that it’s really
deserves a lot of attention
and we said to her just because it is
true would not be our criteria for
giving our attention to it because there
are a lot of things that are true people
have manifested them or are manifested
in them even you may be manifesting them
that you don’t want to continue to
manifest and so if there is something
that you want not to experience you must
withdraw your attention from it and if
there is something that you want to
experience you must give your attention
to it but what trips you up sometimes is
that you think you are thinking about
what you want when what’s really going
on is you’re thinking about its absence
because you think the subject is enough
in other words if I want more money and
I’m thinking about money then should be
more money be coming to me and we say
the way you can tell whether you were on
the vibrational end of the stick where
abundance is or whether you’re on the
vibrational end of the stick where lack
of abundance is is by the way you feel
when you’re having thought if you are
feeling discomfort you’re not thinking
about abundance you’re thinking about
the absence of abundance and the more
you do that the more you sort of set
into stone it isn’t that way at all but
the more you create a habit of salt
that’s what a belief is a belief is just
a thought that you continue to think and
the reason that you continue to think it
is because you’ve already been thinking
and the reason that you’ve already been
thinking it and you’re continuing to
think it is because Law of Attraction is
making that thought that you’ve already
been thinking that you continue to think
more accessible to you to think really
really feel what it would feel like to
be in the action of what it is that you
are dreaming of and what does that feel
like to be the on the career path that
is your dream or what does it feel like
to be doing the work in the world that
you’ve been so long and to bring forth
or what does it feel like to be
spreading an empowering message in a
unique and innovative way and in the
process of gathering those feelings we
do it through meditation sit in your
meditation for two to three minutes a
day and just allow yourself to cultivate
the feeling of what it is that you
desire I have had many experiences
throughout my life where I’ve just
allowed myself to be in the feeling of
service or in the feeling of excitement
of seeing myself on a stage or in the
feeling of seeing myself sitting next to
Oprah and doing an interview and all of
those emotional feelings that came forth
in my meditations became the
manifestations of my life
to be honest in the best possible way I
really haven’t been able to sleep or eat
anything I mean I’m taking care of
myself but it’s crazy when you when you
really believe in something it’s so
different and not to say that I didn’t
believe in anything in the past I just
didn’t know what I was what my purpose
was I didn’t know what I was meant to
say how I was supposed to say it and
then once I started experiencing so much
and I knew people were wanting to know
what I felt and I was scared to be
honest and now to see it come to life
it’s crazy
gonna lie those self-love it I’ve been
very fortunate that self-love has just
always been something I’ve always known
but I think it’s also because of my
mother and father like my mother father
had been married for thirty years all
I’ve seen is my dad loved my mom one way
all I’ve seen is my dad loved me one way
and I’ve also been I have I’m an
independent woman not over independent
though I don’t want to be so independent
that it’s like I don’t need a man like I
want to write the right man in my life
but you know I’ve just learned that you
know again on my toughest days like when
I try to find positive within myself
positivity within myself and really
think about loving myself like that’s
always brought in good energy because
you can’t depend on someone else to make
you happy right you know everyone to do
that you know so I kind of always known
things would be that way but I have the
more that I get older the more that I
really understand it and the more that I
can really really work on that you know
because you’re like I’m just like you
said like you said I’m very comfortable
with myself and I feel like I’m gonna
only get more and more comfortable which
can make me more powerful too so
when asked me once what they or many
times I think what I thought it meant to
be an artist and I said what I think an
artist needs essentially more than
discipline or even Talent is a
perspective so if you are always
changing what you do based on what other
people say you completely lose yourself
and you become just you know something
that’s constantly affected by what’s
around you as opposed to stable and your
own and like autonomous and your
identity we start to shift our
perceptions when we start to see things
with a better perspective when we start
to see our experiences as obstacles
turning into opportunities or a
resentment as a divine assignment to
forgive more or a moment of lack as an
opportunity to focus on what we’re
grateful for rather than focus on what
we don’t have we start to make these
shifts within our life what begins to
happen is that we begin to have more
faith in that way of being and so the
neat thing that occurs and this has been
my experience the past six years of
practicing the life of a spirit junkie
is that now my choices my
moment-to-moment choices are choosing
more of a positive perspective when
there’s traffic my first thought is okay
I welcome the traffic to go I try to
start to think about the weight or if
I’m supposed to be late maybe I’m meant
to be there late maybe there’s something
greater coming or if something doesn’t
happen the exact way that I believe it
should happen I know and my first
thought is there’s something way greater
coming so this is just the type the
types of miracles that occur in the ways
that your mind begins to shift when you
start to practice these principles in
your every corner of your life
I never understood it when people would
say oh you know in your 20s you just
need to be alone and I just I never
quite got it because they would never
explain to me that it’s so important to
define yourself on your own terms you
think about it when you’re in love that
person’s opinion affects your opinions
and everything you do goes through this
filter of how would they feel about it
because if you’re a caring person and
you’re in love then that’s what you do
but there’s something really wonderful
about changing your life if you want to
cutting your hair short if you want to
move into New York if you want to
changing directions of your entire
creative outlook if you want to and
having it only be on your own terms
very strong effort every second to be
the nicest person that I can be but if
it weren’t because of my mom I think
that I would have never made it because
she realized that I was telling the but
not only that she supported me she
believed in me and and she went ahead
and helped me helped me build my
confidence you know my own confidence
confidence in myself which is a vital
tool that you need in order to survive
any kind of job
I think it’s really valuable for us to
recognize that we when we’re on a
spiritual path that’s our path but it’s
not for everybody and not everyone wants
to know every detail of our path we have
to trust that our shift in perception
are energetic changes are the raising of
our own energy will help raise the
energy of other people around us and
hopefully we’ll start to see how we are
no longer an energetic match for the
people that don’t think and feel the way
that we feel and so slowly we’ll begin
to see those folks begin to melt away
we’ll see them disappear we’ll see them
fall off in our life and we’ll see some
of our relationships begin to change and
sometimes it’s a little bit alarming for
people but it’s actually a good sign
it’s a sign that you are not stuck in
that pattern anymore it’s a sign that
your desire to change has been lifted
and that you now are vibrating in a new
frequency and those relationships will
melt away
if those relationships are still coming
up for you while you’re in this path of
transformation what I often say is
rather than pointing the finger at those
people saying oh you are ruining my life
you’re making things difficult my hope
and my intention for you would be that
you begin to look at those folks and say
what is it about me that is still
triggered by their behavior what is it
in me that may be attracting this type
of person into my life what is it within
me that is still calling in this kind of
experience and so get honest with
yourself what is it within me that’s
calling this in how am i participating
in this and how is this experience
coming from a dark corner within my
psyche and recognizing that the outside
world is always reflecting our internal
condition and recognizing the mirror
that people are always mirroring back to
us what we are feeling so if she has
people coming up into her life negative
friends people that are jealous she says
negative people randomly popping back in
and she wants to keep them in a distance
well the real work is to just open and
rev up your practice
pray for them extend light to them and
sometimes politely excuse yourself from
the experience sometimes we have to
remove ourselves from those experiences
and then most importantly ask yourself
what is it within me that may be
attracting some of this behavior get
honest with yourself okay
I meant to put a goal on your life
you’re not meant to say once I get there
I’ll have it all I think that that’s the
biggest lesson I’ve needed to learn is
how to be present in that moment and to
know that I’m always going to strive for
something I think everybody who’s
watched my story they’ve seen that not
everything has kind of been handed to me
and and I’ve been honest about
everything some of the things that
haven’t been me in the past and other
things I’ve been so passionate about and
so spot-on with so if anything that’s
what revival represents it’s that I feel
the most confident I’ve ever felt and it
goes like that like it’s constantly
changing and I don’t know I think that’s
just that’s what I want it to feel like
be about you just be positive man like
even on your worst days try to find
something positive out of them you know
and try to find a way to keep your head
up you know I was just saying another
young girl I was talking like how you
know we go through a lot as women we go
through a lot of people and you know
there could be something like the days
that seem like they’re your darkest days
but you have to know there’s a light at
the end of the tunnel and the way that
you get closer to that light is just by
simply opening your eyes looking in a
positive direction pushing in a positive
direction even when you like if there’s
something negative try to find something
positive to counteract it like always
try to find look on the brighter side of
things and love yourself you know
self-love is the best love you could
give yourself and when you do that
you’ll bring in so many great things you
know and you’ll bring the things that
you want to bring in
a matter what’s up choose to show up
with love choose to show up with grace
now something really tough is up maybe
just choose to show up with self
compassion if you’re going through
something I’m not gonna sit here and
recommend if you’re going through a
traumatic period in your life I’m not
gonna recommend that you wake up and
you’re like it’s rainbows and
butterflies and Gabby Bernstein spirit
junkie app no that’s not what I’m gonna
match that’s not what I’m gonna
recommend what I’m gonna recommend is
you wake up and you say I’m gonna choose
to see myself with love today I’m gonna
choose to be compassionate and kind to
myself today I’m gonna choose to go slow
today but that’s still a very very
mindful morning okay so more in the
morning is probably the most crucial
time to be conscious of your mindfulness
and show up with grace and show up with
love and bring it bring it bring it
bring it in the morning
if you believe all your your your praise
there’s nowhere to go they’re not going
to grow and if you believe you know
every negative thing about you you’re
not going to get out of bed so I try to
be reasonable people whose opinion I
respect I listen why lots of hard work
lots of determination I consider myself
a laborer of what I do
an artisan and I think I’ve been
building my career putting a break over
a break under the Sun with sweat and
hard work that’s the way I’ve done it
and I haven’t given up not one moment
and that must there must be something
very abnormal about this because it’s
been so many years doing this and I
still cares so much and I don’t think
that’s normal you know but with every
project I feel that I hadn’t
accomplished anything that I feel that
I’m starting from zero and I care
tremendously in a way that sometimes it
surprises me so you feel like you proved
yourself over and over again yes I think
that I have to be that I have to embrace
new challenges and and those challenges
make me grow and grow and it’s the only
way to go and the only way to I can see
if life you know so yeah that’s the way
I see it the thing for me is if
something can be going wrong and I think
I don’t realize how crazy this is I
always keep thinking to keep pushing
forward so I don’t really get a full
idea of how bad it is but you realize
how tough it is when you’re like moving
forward and you look back and you’re
like whoa like that was really crazy
time like you know so that’s something
that’s how I am because it’s like you
kind of have to keep you have to when
something does not feel right and it
feels like it’s not working you don’t
know how bad it is you can not dwell in
that because that’s how people to me
lose their mind a bit go insane I just
want to constantly have goals to keep
reaching them because I don’t want to
stop if I feel settled then I won’t keep
so yes personally there’s a lot of
things I’d love to do in my life and
professionally I feel like I’ve just
begun so there’s a lot
I mean that I could go on and on and on
like literally feeling like I shrink
when a beautiful woman walks in all of
that you know you it’s it’s been a
journey and you have to make a
commitment to to wanting better than
functioning and dysfunction we all come
to this world with a star with the
talent and with a gift and then later
dreams are born and no one absolutely no
one has the authority to stop those
dreams you know when I was seven years
I came to Los Angeles for the first time
and I passed by the Walk of Fame with my
mother and a friend of hers who’s
actually here with us today and I
remember that my mom told me Jackie one
day you’re gonna have your name on this
place it’s not one would have overheard
this conversation they would have
thought that my mom was delirious but
she was not and here we are so I want to
say to all of you to dream as big as you
can and it’s been the absolute opposite
you know going through you know going
from sexual assault victim to rape
survivor going through a divorce go
having career setbacks re-examining why
you even are in this business Who am I
who do I want to be to the world that’s
what we were like let’s just tell it
yeah let the chips fall where they may
and I never thought like being honest
would have that kind of reaction
I love what I do so much and I do want
to be successful at it that it’s like I
can’t think I cannot like what moments
like that happen I cannot like keep I
gotta keep pushing be about you just be
positive man like even on your worst
days try to find something positive out
of them you know and try to find a way
to keep your head up you know I was just
saying another young girl I was talking
like how you know we go through a lot as
a woman we go through a lot of people
and you know there could be something
like the days that seem like they’re
your darkest days but you have to know
there’s a light at the end of the tunnel
and the way that you get closer to that
light is just by simply opening your
eyes looking in a positive direction
pushing in a positive direction even
when you like if there’s something
negative try to find something positive
to counteract it like always try to find
look on the brighter side of things and
love yourself you know self-love is the
best love you could give yourself and
when you do that you’ll bring in so many
great things you know and you bring in
the things that you want to bring in if
I could leave you with anything is you
have to value yourself and it sounds
super cliche and everybody says it and
if you don’t value yourself you don’t
love yourself no one’s gonna love you
but seriously like I just realized that
at you know it I got divorced my show
got canceled that all these terrible
things happen and I hit rock bottom and
what I realize is I’m an educated
amazing vibrant relevant person one bad
thing does not define who I am
I am so much more than a failed TV show
or a failed marriage or what the blog’s
say I’m so much more than that how to
love myself first and not just in a
relationship in my everyday life I give
myself so much I let people pull at me
in every direction and I want everybody
to be happy and eventually I would I
mean I would be in my bathroom sobbing
right before I’d go on stage and then
I’d just put myself on stage and and I’d
want though I’d want to be there for
those people I never took a moment to
just go go away and be myself and figure
it out I kept pushing myself and I think
the biggest thing I learned is it’s okay
I’m gonna stop when I need to stop I’m
gonna feel when I need to feel and I
don’t care what comes with that or what
people want to say it’s normal
I’m supposed to keep going and I just
wanted that’s all I want to do I’m gonna
lie those self love it I’ve been very
fortunate that self-love has just always
been something I’ve always known but I
think it’s also because of my mother and
father like my mother father had been
married for 30 years all I’ve seen is my
dad loved my mom one way all I’ve seen
is my dad loved me one way and I’ve also
been I have I’m an independent woman not
over independent though I don’t want to
be so independent that it’s like I don’t
need a man like I want to right the
right man in my life but you know I’ve
just learned that you know again on my
toughest days like when I try to find
positive within myself positivity within
myself and really think about loving
myself like that’s always brought in
good energy because you can’t depend on
someone else to make you happy right you
know everyone to do that you know so I
kind of always known things to be that
way but I have the more that I get older
the more that I really understand it and
the more that I can really really work
on that you know because you’re like I’m
just like you said like you said I’m
very comfortable with myself and I feel
like I’m gonna only get more and more
comfortable which can make me more
powerful too so
don’t you think that the things that we
really want should be more accessible
and the things that we don’t want so
much should be less access well we said
really that’s exactly the way that it is
and as I said well then why don’t I know
and we said because you’re not paying
attention to how you feel when you’re
thinking the thoughts so over time we’ve
been breaking it down for you to
understand a little more fully by
explaining to you that you were Source
Energy before you came into this body
and the larger part of you still is now
if you can accept that then everything
else to here today will be easy for you
to understand there’s a non-physical
part of you sometimes humans have
referred to that part of you as your
soul but it’s the eternal part of you
who was there before you came into this
body and is still there even though you
are in this body it’s a part of you who
is aware of everything that you’re
thinking about while you’re in this body
so just sit with that for a minute
here’s this non-physical you and you are
an extension of that so here you are the
extended version of you the leading-edge
in this time and space version of you
and you are doing just what you said you
would do you are exploring the variety
and as you explore the variety you come
to your own preferences whether you’re
even consciously aware that you’re doing
it or not of what you prefer and what
you do not prefer and every time you
find importantly your personal
preference of something you emanate a
vibration we’ve been calling them
rockets of desire but you emanate a
signal that says I prefer this and your
inner being who is always aware of you
becomes a vibrational match to that new
and amended because of the life you just
lived version of your desires so each
time you seek and find a new preference
for yourself the non-physical part of
you the inner beam part of you the soul
source energy part of you becomes the
expanded amended evolved improved
vibrational version of that and that’s
what we refer to as your ever-changing
and ever growing and ever expanding and
ever becoming desires in other words
that’s what the evolution of all species
is about so you know what you don’t want
which causes you to know what you do
want and you emanate this rock of a
desire and that is what we’ve been
referring to as step one of the creative
process step two is now that you’ve
emanated this rocket of desire your
inner being holds that newly-found
discovered by you vibration right as you
have offered it and law of attraction
causes a melding of all that you’ve
asked for
together in what we are calling a
vibrational reality now humans are often
a little resistant to this vibrational
reality because most of you are not able
to translate it at first into anything
that feels real to you because you can’t
see the vibrations or hear them or smell
them or taste them or touch them so you
want to call what’s already manifested
reality and you want to call this
abrahams delusion or something
but what it is it’s a vibrational
version it is from our point of view
what really is it’s the new and improved
asking it’s where Source Energy puts all
of its attention it is what is in the
state of becoming and if you could find
a way and we’ll show you today how to do
it if you can find a way to be focused
upon this vibrational reality you would
feel satisfaction even though it hasn’t
fully manifested and in fact unless you
find satisfaction in the not yet fully
evolved so that you can see it and hear
it and smell it and taste it and touch
it version of it unless you do find
satisfaction in that you are likely to
begin in your awareness of the absence
yet of what feels like the real reality
to you you are likely most of you do it
to push against it without even knowing
you are by noticing that it hasn’t
happened yet because you can’t focus
upon the becoming of something and the
absence of something at the same time in
other words it’s one or the other and so
because you are so enamoured and we
understand why you would this is a
beautiful environment seeing and hearing
and smelling and tasting and touching is
the leading edge it’s what you have come
for it is perfect that you want your
thoughts to turn to things it’s perfect
that’s what this time-space reality
really is all about for you but if you
get out there ahead of your vibrational
capacity to allow then you often defeat
your own purpose by taking score too
then offering a vibration that slows it
down rather than allows it in so step
one is you ask step to its source yields
it to you in vibrational form and step
three is you must be in the receiving
mode so that you can be the translator
of the vibrational form inches a
tangible form that’s how creation works
you see so it’s not a difficult thing to
understand really you got it just now it
is something that you have to practice
doing and the only reason that it gives
you any difficulty at all is because you
are so accustomed to enjoying your
reality that you are translating through
your physical senses what you see with
your eyes is a translation of vibration
and we know it’s wonderful Esther said
to us the other day Abraham I hear you
I’ve been hearing you I’ve been
listening to everything that you’ve said
from the beginning of the beginning of
the beginning I hear you I get this I
think I get this is it but I would like
you to know that as much as you are
excited about my vortex and all of the
wonderful things that are in it and as
often as you direct me to its content
and ask me to be excited like you are
about it I really like manifestation
I really like the tangible and we say we
know you do that’s why you’re here the
tangible is important but you’ve got to
figure out how to get there from there
sometimes we just want to say you can’t
get there from here you can’t get to
where you want to be as you are beating
the drum of the absence of it you just
cannot get there you are defying the
laws of the it’s always been interesting
to me that when the the monk sits at one
point during the rainy season had been
in some sort of a jungle and have been
encountering all sorts of really nasty
spirit entities you know that were
making life miserable for them and they
ran to the Buddha and said can we just
leave that encampment it’s just too much
it’s too scary and he said you need to
go back but here go back and practice
this and he had them practicing
loving-kindness that
sensing the space of love the field of
love as the story goes the field was so
powerful that the transform the energy
of the tree spirits and creatures and
they became allies and you know it’s a
happily ever after Buddhist story but it
talks about the power of befriending so
attend we then feel it the friend offers
space say yes some kindness so an
example that I’d like to share with you
is of one woman I worked with some years
back she had gone through a series of
really painful relationships and they
all ended and they’re all they all she
felt were failures that reflected on her
undesirability her lack of worth
and she had a 10-year hiatus like from
like 32 to 42 or something like that and
so it’s a long time and then she began
dating and as you can imagine in this
new round she was terrified of what was
going to go wrong I mean she was so set
so primed with with fear and
fight/flight and her main way of fight
fly it was this generating all the
stories like she tell us if I really
need to be like this because that’s
what’s going to show that you know she
had all these ways you want to configure
herself to be likable and although in
her fear was he’d see her fear that was
her fear so when we work together you
know and I asked her what was going on
you know she described the fears I’m
gonna blow it he’ll see how afraid I am
he’s just being patient right now but
who likes insecure people you know I was
this stuff that I’m sure many of you can
relate to this was a mental for your
body okay and then her physical body
she’d say so the first step was okay
just say to the thoughts thank you very
much but not now and come into the body
that’s the first step you know just
attending contact what’s here in her
body as she she named it it was
clutching and tightness and pounding so
she’d name it and then say yes okay
let’s just say agree to let it be there
agree to let it be there and then she’d
go off into thoughts again as soon as
she was settled into it and the thought
she was believing these are real this is
really what’s gonna happen I said no way
you don’t have to believe them thank you
very much
come back
so that was step one recognizing how she
left thank you very much come back feel
a name and agree to what’s here as she
got a little bit of the knack of being
with the sensations and it takes
something to stay with unpleasant
sensations then she began to very
intentionally become more gentle and
that’s what I mean by befriending it’s
in some way there’s a sense just as the
gesture of touching your hand on your
heart I should use my right hand that
just like this gesture in some way she
was communicating to the place of fear
it’s okay you can be there I’ve done
many many sessions with people where if
they can get to the point of like
sensing well what is the fear most want
often the fear just wants us to accept
that it’s there it’s a part of us that
just needs to be accepted says some ways
you’re saying okay you can be here
that’s what I mean by befriend the
intention to be kind and the more if you
became gentle and the more she just let
it be there the more she discovered what
we call space a kind of tender space and
as she described it you know I get it
that that fearful insecure person is not
who I am
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