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What they don’t want you to know – The Spirit Molecule | Graham Hancock

our society is absolutely designed to
shut down 90% of the potential of the
human creature why should it be the case
that the society is afraid of realizing
from a potential when it comes down to
its special interests that there are
those who run things in society and that
there are those who are there to kind of
serve them and serve their ends and
serve their need and so what our society
has created is a realm of unquestioning
meat robots who will perform their daily
tasks without complaining and without
causing any trouble and that may be very
useful to certain small interest groups
but it’s extremely damaging to the rest
of humanity once we realize our
potential we don’t need elites anymore
who needs it leads who needs to be led
this is another revelation that comes
from working with psychedelics as we do
not need leaders they are not over us
telling us what to do they may imagine
that that’s what they’re doing but they
have no right to do that
the moment we begin to wake up and start
asking and really profound questions
about the nature of reality and about
the society we live in their power is
instantly diminished and I think that’s
why we’ve seen such vigor and really
nasty unpleasantly put into this
horrible wicked thing called the war on
drugs which has been used as an excuse
to enter the inner sanctum of people’s
lives see I’m not sovereign over my own
consciousness I can’t make free choices
about my own consciousness I can’t make
those free choices while doing no harm
to others then I am NOT free in any
useful or meaningful sense and the
moment that I free myself then I become
a danger to those who run things in the
world anybody who has been led to
question the nature of things profoundly
as a result of psychedelics is a danger
we’re risk being thrown in prison we
risk having our reputations destroyed if
the powers that be enter our home and
find that that we’re using psychedelics
I mean this is really an Orwellian world
that we’ve created how dare some guy in
a suit sitting in government tell me
that what to do with my consciousness
while at the same time they’re allowing
you know the glorification and
glamorization of alcohol which is one of
the most dangerous drugs on the planet I
mean alcohol is a seriously dangerous
drug whether you’re talking about
cirrhosis of the liver or whether you’re
talking about traffic accidents or
whether you’re talking about violence
alcohol there’s no doubt about it nobody
can dispute it is the extremely
dangerous drug so a society that says
alcohol is okay and you can even
advertise it but psilocybin or DMT are
not okay and if you use them you’ll be
sent to prison that society is just
little through and through with
unbelievable hypocrisy and we have to
bring that out we have to show people
this is the case because what’s going on
here is a fundamental abuse of human
rights we must be free to make decisions
over our own consciousness always with
the proviso that we do no harm to others
and any government any state agency that
attempts to limit our freedom over our
own consciousness is itself an agency of
I think one of the wonders of these
medicines of the antia is that they
reconnect us to spirit and if there is
anything that is desperately needed in
modern industrial technological society
it is a reconnection to spirit that’s
what’s missing that absence of spirit is
why there is so much pain in the world
today and why people are willing to
inflict so much suffering on one another
once we reconnect with spirit we realize
that we are an intrinsic part of the
human family what the psychedelics are
showing us is that we are all members of
one family of consciousness and they
strip away all the trivial shit like the
color of our skin on a country in which
we are born or the legal system under
which we grew up they strip that away
and they bear so big
it is a mystery to be alive at all to
have experience
our senses to fall in love to be engaged
in the world all of that if you think
about it I mean where did we come from
if we grow up in a family we go out
there in the world we take it all for
granted but it’s a giant mystery from
beginning to end these psychedelics are
agents of liberation I’m not saying
they’re all perfect and wonderful the
good necks but are they agents of
liberation that lead us to ask questions
that we would never have asked before
yes absolutely and do they lead us to
want to be better human beings yes
absolutely and do they lead us to see
the faults on the crack lines in our
society which have been so carefully
papered over yes absolutely and as a
result there has been a concerted effort
to suppress this growth of freedom but
you know what it’s not that effort is
failing people are waking up
not faster than me and not a large
enough number but it’s happened it’s a
small a it’s growth and it’s gonna
continue to grow and humanity will in a
positive course I’m absolutely sure
about it psychedelics have a great
you [Music]
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