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there are times in life we feel like
we’re going in circles we’re doing the
right thing but not making much progress
we don’t see anything changing it’s easy
to lose our passion and get discouraged
but one test we all have to pass is
being faithful when nothing new is
happening we’re just going to work
raising children coming home doing the
same thing again it’s easy to be our
best when we’re getting good breaks
things are falling into place that
doesn’t take much faith but what about
when you’re working hard but not getting
the credit you’re being your best but
your marriage isn’t improving when
you’re faithful in the routine something
is happening that you can’t see your
character is being developed
the routine miss of life is not exciting
but it is necessary you won’t become all
you were created to be without being
your best when it’s mundane be an
excellent having a good attitude when
it’s just another ordinary day nothing
exciting is happening you’re just
singing in the choir another Sunday
going to work with a smile another week
doing the right thing with a good
attitude another month you could see it
as boring when is this going to change
but you understand this principle you’re
being prepared when you’re faithful in
average days then you will see
exceptional days but sometimes we’re
frustrated because we know we have more
in us but we’re not seeing it happen we
don’t understand why we’re not making
progress be faithful in the routine
what’s in your future is going to be
more rewarding more exciting than
anything you’ve imagined now I’m
challenging you to stay faithful in the
as Michelangelo said if people knew how
hard I work to achieve my mastery it
wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all and
that’s the thing about getting great
that’s the thing about being an artist
of such caliber that you’re remembered
for hundreds of years after your death
it is back-breaking work
it is a blinding amount of effort it
isn’t about natural talent that myth
that some people are born with something
that we celebrate so much is just that a
myth you’re born a lump of flesh you
can’t hold your own head up you may have
predispositions but that is a long way
from actually crafting your ability and
to the point where it looks like magic
and that’s the beauty of artistry isn’t
it that it’s so unbelievable that you’re
more willing to believe that it was God
given that they were anointed with it
than that they just worked their ass off
but the truth is every one of the
Great’s no matter how much natural
talent they were born with they’re
remembered because they worked they are
remembered because they did so much work
because in that work is
in that work is difficulty in that work
is unbearable adversity but it’s in that
adversity that the magic happens and as
Victor Hugo said adversity makes men
prosperity makes monsters so I know
right now you wish you’ve been born with
some talent you wish that all those
dreams that you had they were yours for
the taking that you didn’t have to put
blood sweat and tears into it that
somebody would hand you at least
something in the beginning that they
would give you some start since spark
that’s where the monsters created if you
really want to get hard if you really
want to get tough if you want to get
great if you want to be unfuckin
touchable because no one can bend or
break your vision of yourself then you
have to suffer that’s the way of the
world and as Florence Nightingale said I
attribute my success to this I never
gave or took any excuse
and that’s the secret at the end of the
day if you know what you want it’s only
a question of whether you’re willing to
pay the price to get there so ask
yourself are you willing to pay the
I want to talk to you today about
staying committed
we all have opportunities to give up on
what we’re believing for walk away from
an uncomfortable situation slack off not
be our best but if you’re going to reach
your highest potential
you have to stay committed you can’t be
moved by what’s not working out give up
on a child because he’s not doing what
he should slack off at work because
you’re not being treated right you have
to have a made up mind that you are in
it for the long haul it may be difficult
you have a good reason to walk away
don’t take the easy way out stay
committed to your marriage stay
committed to raising those children stay
committed to your friends they may make
give them some grace don’t be a fair
weathered friend be committed in the
good times in the tough times stay
committed to your job be a loyal person
somebody they can count on day in and
day out you’re not always going to feel
like it there will be good days and
tough days times when it’s exciting
times when you feel like giving up
that’s when you have to dig your heels
in and say I’m going to do the right
thing when it’s hard I’m committed to
this marriage I’m going to love you even
though you don’t deserve I’m committed
to this job I’m gonna be my best even
though my supervisor isn’t treating me
right I’m committed to my dreams
but too many people are wishy-washy
they’ll love you as long as you perform
perfectly not they’re out of there
they’ll be there best if you keep them
encouraged keep them propped up they’ll
pursue a dream as long as they’re
getting good brains their commitment is
based on things going their way but when
it’s difficult when it’s taken longer
than they thought they’d get discouraged
start to slack off when they don’t pay
me enough
I’m undervalued if they would pay me
more I would do more but if you don’t
pass the test of being your best where
you are showing up on time with a good
attitude doing more than you have to but
y’all it’s difficult to stay committed
to my job committed to my marriage
committed to this dream nothing’s going
my way if it was easy everyone would do
it I’ve heard it said on the road to
your destiny halfway through every
person will be tempted to give up some
turn around go back the others stay
committed and keep moving forward
what’s interesting is both people travel
the same distance one goes halfway back
to where they started the other goes
halfway ahead and reach their goal
committed people outlast the difficulty
committed people stick with the
relationship even though they have a
right to walk away committed people go
the extra mile and do more than they
have to 1960 a young man opened a pizza
place in Michigan he was an orphan that
had been raised in a Catholic orphanage
he borrowed nine hundred dollars and
started this small pizza place he had
all kinds of bad breaks a business
partner got into his account and stole
several thousand dollars his life
savings 1968 a fire burned his building
down the insurance company paid him a
penny on the dollar he could have gotten
discouraged thought this is not meant to
be this young man stayed committed to
the dream he had an idea instead of
people having to come get their pizza he
decided to take the pizza to the people
he came up with the first delivery
service he called it Domino’s he started
with one restaurant nine hundred dollars
today there are over six thousand
Domino’s few years ago Tom Monaghan sold
his company for a billion dollars
he’s incredibly generous he helps
underprivileged children around the
stay committed keep doing the right
thing you can’t see it but up in front
of you is a double portion stay
committed to your dreams stay committed
there is nothing you cannot be there’s
nothing you cannot do there’s nothing
you cannot have
you’re the most magnificent almost
remarkable the most splendid being God
has ever created
who could reject such wondrous
magnificence but you do not know who you
are then you think you are a great deal
less I tell you this you are you’re a
homeroom maker you set the guidelines
and you decide how well you have done
how well you are doing but you are the
one which decided who won what you
really are and who you want to be and
you are the only one who can assess how
well you’re doing all you see in your
world is the outcome of your idea about
it do you want your life to truly take
life will take off for you then when you
choose for it to make a choice like you
just decide you have not so chosen as
yet you have procrastinated prolonged
protracted protested now it’s time that
you promulgated and produced what you’ve
been promised what is gonna be who
you’re gonna be how you’re gonna do it
just decide your world would not be in
its present condition where you’d have
simply listened to your experience the
result of your not listening to your
experiences that you keep reliving it
over and over again you cannot resist
something to which you grant no reality
the act of resisting a thing is the act
of granting it life when you resist an
energy you place it there you attract
not just what you fear you attract what
you feel what you are the more you
resist the more you make it real
whatever it is you’re resisting what you
open your eyes to look at disappears
that is it ceases to hold it’s illusory
form if you look at something truly look
at it you can see right through it and
right through any illusion it holds for
you leaving nothing but ultimate reality
in your sight in the face of ultimate
reality your puny illusion has no power
it cannot belong hold you in its
weakening grip you see the truth of it
then the truth set you free it’s only
when you say I did this can you find the
power to change it it is much easier to
change what you are doing than to change
what another is doing
the first step in changing anything is
to know and accept that you have chosen
it to be what it is you are always in
the process of creating every moment
every minute every day how you can
create will go into later for now just
take my word for it you are a big
creation machine and you are turning on
a new manifestation literally as fast as
you can think we really do paint our
world with our thoughts and our levels
of belief you are a three-fold being you
consist of body mind and spirit you
could also call these the physical the
non physical and the metaphysical the
process of creation starts with thought
an idea conception visualization if you
see it in your mind you can hold it in
your hand everything you see was once
someone’s idea nothing exists in your
world that did not first exist this pure
thought you have a clear picture in your
head if something is gonna happen a
clear belief in that it will happen no
matter what
thought is the first level of creation
if you can see it here next comes the
worm and you have the courage enough to
speak it it will happen everything you
say is a thought expressed it is
creative and sends forth creative energy
into the universe I wrote myself a check
for 10 million dollars for acting
services rendered and I gave myself five
years there were three years maybe and I
put it in my wallet and I kept it there
and deteriorated and deteriorated and
stuff and and but then just before
Thanksgiving 1995 I found out that I was
gonna make
ten million dollars on demand number
next comes action actions are words
movie words a thoughts expressed
thoughts are ideas yeah well yeah that’s
visualize them you know go eat a
sandwich go first to your highest
thought about yourself
imagine that you that you would be if
you lived that thought every day imagine
what you would think do and say and how
you would respond to what others do and
say every second of every day I was
daydreaming put the new car up on your
mirror put the weight you want to be on
the refrigerator if you could see it in
your mind you could hold it in your hand
so do you want your life to tick off
begin at once to imagine it the way you
want it to be and move into that check
every thought word an action that does
not fall into harmony with that move
away from us when you have a thought
that is not in alignment with your
higher vision change to a new thought
then and there when you say a thing that
is out of alignment with your grandest
idea make a note not to say something
like that again when you do a thing that
is misaligned with your best intention
decide to make that the last time and
make it right with whomever was involved
if you get
as they achieve my dreams and by doing
that eventually they came true
this will require tremendous mental and
physical effort it will entail constant
moment a moment monitoring of your every
thought word and deed you will involve
continued choice making consciously this
whole process is a massive move to
consciousness what you will find out if
you undertake this challenge is that
you’ve spent half your life unconscious
that is to say unaware on a conscious
level of what you are choosing and way
of thoughts words and deeds until you
experience the aftermath of them then
when you experience these results you
deny that your thoughts words and deeds
had anything to do with them I want to
remind you
to continue to dream and dream big
what dream or vision do you want to turn
into reality there is nothing you cannot
be there’s nothing you cannot do oh
there’s nothing you cannot have
if you’re going to try go all the way
otherwise don’t even start if you are
going to try go all the way there is no
other feeling like that you will be
alone with the God and the nights will
flame with fire do it do it do it do it
all the way whoa the way you will ride
life straight to perfect laughter it’s
the only good fight there is
if you’re going to try go all the way
life is an adventure this is your life
this is your time this is your moment to
do something great what are you gonna do
how hard are you gonna fight to go out
and seize your unique destiny it’s a
hard decision and after you make the
hard decision it all becomes easy you’re
still alive you can still love you can
still make a difference but now you know
the clock is ticking fight like a
junkyard dog for your dreams and for
your life you’ve got a demand success
and happiness for your family life will
give you what you accept I live my life
wrong I don’t want this to happen to you
if you listen and take evasive action I
can help you change your future the
following few moments may very well
change your life I wish someone had told
me this when I was your age
it’s really okay to feel bad for a
little while give yourself time to mourn
what you think you may have lost but
then here’s the key
learn from every mistake when you think
about success and when you identify what
it is that matters oftentimes there are
pockets or highlights or just a little
wink here or there that will help you to
understand where you’re supposed to be
going and what it is you’re supposed to
be doing a blessing isn’t a blessing if
you can’t handle it so do you have the
adaptability in your plan for what
you’re getting ready to do next do you
have the ability to adapt to better
worse rich or poor cygnus health who you
what your purpose is and the gifts and
the calling that you have are so unique
that there will never be another you in
the history of the earth you must
achieve that’s why you’re here you’re
driven to succeed you’re driven to
maximize moments you’re driven to
success it I want people to tell me I
can’t do something and then I get
excited it’s actually I’ve realized the
majority of the most pitiful moments in
my life are people telling me I can’t do
something what do I need to do
differently today what do I need to
model it is time for you to tell your
family what you really think need
believe dream of you have to have
courage confidence and therefore you’re
gonna have choices more success only
stresses you out when you don’t have the
habits to handle it
I didn’t have that influence I grew up
in a economically broke
mining town I mean I didn’t really have
a lot of great influences I didn’t know
about seeking to serve outside of myself
I was just too young I didn’t know I
didn’t get it I didn’t get it the world
starts wearing those dreams down and
they start just existed they give up on
their dreams and they start just
accepting it well that’s not the way
it’s supposed to be not for you the
world really needs you now more than
ever together with love compassion
forgiveness and faith in humanity
success can be just as daunting as
failures it can throw you off kilter
if you can’t adapt quickly enough to it
you will lose it you can have more
opportunities than you have
infrastructure how do I want to interact
with people what skills do I need to
develop how do I want to serve well I’m
telling you all that positive thinking
and how you think and what you determine
your destiny to me it works you must
prepare your mind to be happy stress is
an indicator it’s a benefit it’s a favor
unless you know you’re at your limits it
does not mean that you cannot do it but
it doesn’t mean you have to change
something anytime there is stress you
have to change structure or strategy
you got a tape action now the great John
Wooden always said mate today your
you’re gonna look there’s only one you
and you’ve only got one today you’re
spending today I think in a great
location but there is only one today one
now tomorrow it’s gone I want to talk to
you about change and the one thing that
you can count on is there will always be
change and if you don’t plan on the
change as a leader that will determine
how successful you are whether it is
good change or bad change there will
always be changed and generally there
will be both live your best life attack
the world enjoy the journey starting now
from the day forward be changed and
charging as I have watched and observed
successful people what I have discovered
about them is they really have figured
out why they’re here
when the thing gets rough and it gets
tough what you need as a leader and as a
thinker is not just a success to get
there but the success to stay there
sustainability it only happens when you
make a decision by your self failure is
not final failures only feedback every
morning I will do today what others
don’t so I’ll have tomorrow what others
more if you hire people for where you
are you wasted money if they can’t go
where you’re going who will be impacted
200 years from now and will your name
carry weight with those who are broken
and those who are hurting there were men
for more and just what you do for living
you are an internal being men to inspire
and help the world let’s get it right
once and for all in this lifetime one
day just like me you’ll die too what do
you want to be remembered for what can
you do for this to make the world a
better place what is your true purpose
on this earth my definition of old is
the day you start talking more about
what you did then what you’re gonna do
your old go out and make it happen
every day get up and live learn love and
laugh and go out and go for it
seize your future seize your destiny and
live the life you deserve if you run
after your destiny you will
automatically distance yourself from
your history
you got to get up early you got to make
a list you got to show up with a great
attitude and you got to get it done I
feel confident I know what I’m doing
know what I was supposed to do I believe
in my ability to figure things out
I will earn this the truly succeed you
have to control your thinking but in
today’s digital immediate media world
it’s tougher than ever what is your true
what is your Dharma what is your purpose
what I’m doing is not for right now it’s
for the generations to come so hopefully
my life will stand the test of time and
whatever I build whatever I saw how I
treat people particularly those who
don’t look like me or come from where I
come from or think like me or have my
perspective if I can treat them with
honor and dignity and respect if I can
fight for their hopes their dreams and
their aspirations and I can lift
somebody else if I can push one person
into destiny then all the years of my
life will have been worth it and then I
can say with surety my life was a
I want to tell you about success strain
success strength success creates strain
it challenges your ability to grow it to
evolve the very thing that you’re here
to get is the very thing that’s gonna
drive you nuts and strain the strain of
winning stress is an indicator it’s a
benefit it’s a favor unless you know
you’re at your limits it does not mean
that you cannot do it but it doesn’t
mean you have to change something
anytime there is stress you have to
change structure or strategy whenever I
am stressed out it is an indication that
I don’t have the strategy or the
structure for where I’m at and that
stress is a warning bell that you need
to re boot recalibrate and need to
change your structure or your strategy
then just as soon as you have it down in
a nice neat little box of how you think
it’s gonna go and that when I walk down
here this is what is going to happen by
the time you get there it will never be
what you expected it to me so you gotta
get used to being a little disappointed
you’ve got to get used to being a little
bit shocked you got to get used to
walking into situations and being
flexible and adjustable because if you
are not flexible you cannot survive
because success can be just as daunting
as well your ears how do you people know
what day it is you’re not busy enough
you need to be so freaking busy that you
don’t know what time it is you don’t
know if it’s before lunch after lunch
before dinner after dinner when you’ve
had those productive days remember the
day when you were so productive you you
literally work through lunch and dinner
and you looked up at seven o’clock you
should have been home an hour ago and
you’re like dude I haven’t had lunch or
dinner you know why because that day you
were eating the marketplace you are
consuming the marketplace because you
were active productive hit Mitt slamming
creative and completely
look that’s where you need to be today
if you don’t like your financial
position in life you need to get so busy
okay so consume so obsessed with
activity standing magnificent
unstoppable extraordinary not excellent
it’s a different level it’s a level
where you are not one of the best you
are the best you know what’s amazing you
only have to be tooling is more than
everybody else and you get everything
you get the joy the last day the father
the family the passion the economics the
freedom of the Spirit it’s all there
what Jerry Maguire called the quad maybe
all of it and it’s just two million
years above and most excellent people
give up because they’re exhausted and
there’s some people go the harder I hit
it the more I hit it sooner later
it’s going down I’m not stopping and
when you do that enough it pops open
that’s a problem and it would be good if
you could fix it but you haven’t got a
clue about how to fix that you just walk
around that and go find something that
you could fix because if you muck about
in that not only is it unlikely that
you’ll help that person it’s very likely
that you’ll get hurt yourself so you
know just because while you’re
experiencing things announce themselves
as in need of repair doesn’t mean that
it’s you right then and there that
should repair them you have to have some
humility he put it very well he said
when you change the way you look at
something what you look at will change
change your perception you know the
reason most people don’t make decisions
because they can’t see how they’re gonna
get there so what do they do they keep
doing things that they can see how
they’re gonna get there and that’s why
their life never really changes if you
don’t own something you’ll not the boss
you have to take full responsibility for
everything that you do why be
subservient you must be the master of
your own Kingdom I’ve always said people
are designed for success but something
called life comes along and programs and
conditions them for failure the world
starts wearing those dreams down and
they start just existed they give up on
their dreams and they start just
accepting well that’s not the way it’s
supposed to be not for you not for your
life but you have to show up and fight
like crazy fight like a junkyard dog for
your dreams and for your life you’ve got
a demand success and happiness for your
family life will give you what you
accept if you’re setting and writing
down goals for yourself you’re already
in front of 95% of the population but if
you want to get in front of 99% of the
population before you even asked
yourself how you’re gonna go about
achieving your goals
you need to ask yourself why why do you
want this now a good wife might be oh I
want to be rich and why well because
then I’ll have a lot of money a good way
might be well I wanted to get into shape
and why well because I want to be
attractive to the opposite sex hey work
to your potential not your quota if you
want to stay really motivated if you
want to answer the question – why people
that have already made it keep pushing
it is because they don’t operate on
quotas they operate off potential
they’re driven to reach their potential
this is also tied to their ethical
obligation they know what they’re
capable of most powerful man in the
world has 24 hours in a day to get what
he or she needs done the richest man in
the world has 3,600 minutes
one day to earn his money the most
educated man in the world has a hundred
and sixty eight hours a week to learn
the greatest athlete in the world has
365 days in a year to Train how much
time do you have courage is the key to
life itself a lot of people who are born
in situation a missive I’ve just I’ll
never get out of this so they won’t I
say to people who say well I would like
to have done so and so and so so you
could have done it so but I couldn’t get
out of here man the bus runs every day
didn’t have that choice did you you
discovered a talent developed an
ambition and recognized your passion
when you feel that you can’t fight it
you just go with it
when it comes to the arts passion should
always trump common sense you want just
following dreams you’re reaching for
your destiny you’re a dancer a singer a
choreographer musician a filmmaker a
writer a photographer a director a
producer actor and artist you have to
have an aim in order to do something
you’re an aiming creature you look at a
point and you move towards it it’s built
right into you and so you have an aim
well let’s say your aim is the highest
possible aim well then so that sets up
the world around you
it organizes all of your perceptions it
organizes what you see and you don’t see
it organizes your emotions and your
motivations so you organize yourself
around that aim and then what happens is
the day manifests itself as a set of
challenges and problems and if you solve
them properly then you stay on the
pathway towards that ape and you can
concentrate on the on the eight on the
day and so that way you get to have your
cake and eat it too because you can you
can point into the distance the far
distance and you can live in the day
when you wake up knowing you came here
to fulfill a mission you’re gonna shoot
out of bed you’re not gonna crawl out of
bed why because you’ve got work to do in
the most beautiful way you’ve got a
purpose if you’re having a rough time
with what you have
why would I give you more so a lot of us
block our blessings but not even so now
if you waken up miserable about your job
why would he give you another job why
would he do that
so you can go beyond grateful for that
you got to thinking for the position you
in and thank him for all the good things
that’s to come and then a new job would
have been your way but I bet you you’ve
blocked a lot of blessings by just
hating that job so much he not gonna
give you some more stuff day I’m honest
and I tell the truth about everything
and they look you’re lying to yourself
be honest about it you lie when you say
you don’t have enough time the fact is
you have the same amount of time as
everyone else you’re just not using an
efficient and you might be using it for
the wrong thing
we all have the same 24 hours amounting
to 8760 hours a year that’s what we all
have if you don’t know how to use it hey
that’s a problem if you don’t know how
much times even available that’s a
problem I assure you that you haven’t
decided how to use time if you don’t
know how much is there if you agree that
time is money you have are that same
time as money then your time should be
inventory how much time do I actually
have in a day a week a year how much
time am i actually using
TV or wasteful events or Xbox or poker
online are things that can’t get me
production see you want to inventory
your time and protect it like you would
anything that is valuable if you
distance yourself from your history if
you did wrong after what’s in front of
you you will escape what’s behind don’t
spend all your time trying to fix what’s
behind you because there are something
in your life that will make you
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