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BREAK THE BAD HABITS – Motivational Video 2017

Whatever, you’re brave enough, you’re big enough to dream. Translation (raphe Tai rafaa tai)
If you are deliberate and thoughtful about it.
Now, there are some aspects of it that will be organic.
But if you are deliberate and intentional.
If you build it on Monday, if you build it on Tuesday,
If you build it on Wednesday.
I want you to understand that does not happen by luck.
Productivity is always deliberate and intentional.
When he went Tuesday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Men are not fortunate.
Every single day, if you do a little,
You’re gonna wake up one day, and you’re going to be the dreams of reality.
You can not just say you want it.
You can not see the video and says:
“I want to be as bad as I want to breathe.”
It’s nice to say it.
But when Showtime, when the sun rises,
When the sun shines you got all the books.
Did you get everything you need.
I got all access.
Now it’s time to look.
What separates you from everyone,
However, when it is time to look, and you’re ready to search.
Everyone got black in their profiles.
Everyone is talking positive about themselves.
Everyone is talking as if you’re a monster.
Dress like a monster.
I got cars like the beast.
But then when it’s time to do what they do beast,
Back up.
You must get up and make it happen.
I can. I will. I must.
How do you get this next level?
How do I get my business to the next place?
How can I get other people to the next place?
Look, if you want to get rich, and you want to be really successful.
And when I say goes, I’m not talking about money.
I’m talking about a rich life.
Some time with the family.
Get to do what you want.
Look, if you want to be in business for yourself, free,
You must learn to control.
You can not compete.
But what do you do man, what do you do?
You know that most people will spend more time in their lives
The work of any one thing else?
Not to be successful?
You must adhere completely.
Everyone agree?
It should be quite uncertain.
You want a million dollars, you want two million dollars,
You want five million dollars?
How much money do you want?
How much success you want?
How bad reputation you want?
You want bestseller The New York Times?
Why you can not have everything?
“Oh but I’m 65.”
So what?
A man, Colonel Harland Sanders gave all his money after he was 65 years old.
Wasted the first 64 years.
If you are unsure of your value, your goals and what you want,
The world will never reward you.
What you want, and the value of your goals.
Dude, you need to put pressure on yourself.
You need to cook yourself.
You need a way necessary level here.
When I wake up in the morning, and I write my goals down.
When I go to bed at night, and I write my goals down.
It is the first thing and the last thing I do every day.
I did it for 25 years.
Here are four steps that must be taken to create the next level of success in your life.
Number one: you should get attention.
You must get attention. If you gotta scream to get it, get it.
What these people have in common?
Well, there’s Michael Jordan, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs,
Opera and Navy SEAL, and my mother.
You know what they have in common?
this is:
The greatness of their common. immersion. They are immersed.
They’re completely immersed in their environment.
Second: They’re dedicated, totally dedicated.
Third: they have total, full commitment.
Immerse yourself, okay?
You have to immerse yourself in the moment.
With reading. Correct reading.
Sound programs. Video.
Search for YouTube channels that are good for you.
Immerse yourself with books and audio and video daily. OK?
I hit all three of them.
When I read something, listen to something and watching something.
These are completely different ways to learn.
Anyone can do this, people. Anyone can do this.
It’s not a university degree.
This tremendous amounts of work to get attention for yourself,
Your brand, your company, your products, and your thoughts, your dreams.
Life is really really short.
I think we do not appreciate and appreciate, as you know,
Our freedoms and opportunities available to us in our lives.
The universe is for you.
You have to understand that.
Success does not require you to look out of the window.
It requires only to look in the mirror.
To be successful you do not have to look out of the window and “Oh, where he told me to help?”
“Where people do I need?”
All you have to do is to stop, look straight in the mirror,
One person you need to blow up, and one person you have to be successful
Looking right back at you.
If you are willing to make a commitment to that person in the mirror,
If you are willing to look at that person in the mirror and says:
“We have made the commitment to you from this day forward, and that’s all it takes, I’ll do whatever it takes.”
Whatever it is you want to achieve or whatever you want to do,
You literally have to see for the first time.
It’s easy to go through life to stick to the things that are weighing us down.
Feelings of guilt, resentment, suspicion and anxiety.
The problem is when these things are allowed in,
They’re taking an area of ​​good things that you should be there.
Imagine your life like a bowl.
It created you to be filled with joy, peace, confidence and creativity.
But if allowed in the concern, it pays peace.
There is no space on both.
You can not go above 100%.
You have a limited amount of room.
If you allow guilt to take up space, this space that you do not have the confidence you need.
Some people do not enjoy their lives. It’s because of their own containers.
Contaminated hearts with many things.
They have 10% of concern. He stressed the extent of their work.
12% bitterness. Mad at their neighbor.
20% of guilt. Hit themselves past mistakes.
9% of jealousy. Fellow of them is more beautiful.
They do not realize 70% of the negative special containers.
How much space to give you a sense of guilt?
Shame? To regret? To being against yourself?
Whatever, it’s too much.
Give no place to feel guilty.
Do not give a place of concern.
Do not give place to the gallbladder.
You can not come in and automatically take over.
You can control what is in your container.
You can control what you’re thinking.
What you choose to allow.
We all have negative feelings.
Negative emotions.
But you have to make this choice.
I’m not going to give this jealousy, bitterness, and anger,
Space value and allow it to poison my life.
I’m going to protect what let me.
Every morning when we wake up from the need to empty anything negative in the previous day.
But you have to be disciplined.
He says: “No, I do not give this crime any room.”
“I’m not gonna let it disturb me today.”
Or wake up in the morning and thoughts of anxiety comes.
How are you gonna pay your bills?
Whether the medical report that it is not good?
You’ll never get out of this problem.
Do not allow it in.
Take an inventory of what you give for space.
Life is too short to go through it with negative things holding us down.
Worry will make you weak.
The living will make you old, give you wrinkles, take the passion.
It will be bitter, anger, resentment, and shorten your life.
Get in the habit of unloading crimes, emptied of anxiety.
You make a mistake, empty guilt.
You did not do your best? Empty regret.
Do better next time.
I will remind you of every mistake you’ve made for the last 30 years.
It’s easy to live life in remorse.
Think about what you should have done differently.
Man, I should’ve raised my kids better.
It should have been more faithful in my marriage.
I would like you finish college.
Do not go through life looking in the rearview mirror.
Campaign on yourself, who live in regret.
You can not do anything about the past, but you can do something about now.
Being against yourself does not help you do a better job.
He pushes you down.
Why do not you forgive yourself?
Why are not empty guilt?
Why does not stop sounds accusing?
When you fall, do not stay down and go back again.
When the accused whispered, “Look at you! You blew it again. You can never get it right.” ,
Just answer again, “Yes, I know I’m not perfect, but I’m tolerant.”
“I may not be where it should be, but I’m making progress.”
“I’m moving forward, I’m not where I used to be.”
Do not let guilt poison your future.
Emptying out.
Somewhere, deep inside, you know what kind of person that is designed to be.
If you want to produce a large nut, and think like oak.
Not like Acorn.
I think that such a person who intends to become.
Such as the Christian question, “What does Jesus?”,
Ask yourself, “How can a person you want to be?”
Oak of three parts.
He’s got a stem, cap, and seeds.
It represents a stem connection to the past.
Every nut, all oaks that existed ever in line it before,
It is encoded in this transfer, through this stem.
Legacy in this nut.
Cover carries the seeds until the seeds ready for planting it on himself.
Therefore it represents the maximum of your trainers, your mentors and role models, guides, and your parents.
Your friends, your teachers.
What kind of seed is in you?
I think, part of our responsibility in life, is to find out what we are.
To discover ourselves.
From the first, we need to respect our nature.
We need to realize that we are part of the ongoing series which carries the legacy and responsibility.
There are many things you can do with our lives.
I think it is our duty to find out what those things and do as well as we can.
So we pass along the right footprint for the next generation.
So first, we need to respect our nature.
Secondly, we need to know our nature.
But you know things about yourself that most people do not discover.
For example:
You know how smart you are. Not just how smart you are compared with others.
What are the ways that you are intelligent?
You know what you care about.
What are the values ​​that motivate your choices?
If you will spend an extra one hour every day, study your chosen field,
You have to be a national expert in the field in five years or less.
So take care of your nature.
Know, first:
“I am valuable.”
Accept it.
“I want to know who I am, and I want to know how it works and how I can better understand me.”
“And then I want to feed this kind. I want to apply myself in the world.”
“I put myself to work in such ways that the rest of the world says: Well, that’s cool”
So ask yourself every day.
“How can the person you want to be, doing things I’m about to do?”
The truth is very concise. Very few words.
But people do not want to hear the truth.
Cause the truth hurts.
But do you grow out of the pain.
I was really, you really are.
You can not figure out how to deal with success,
You can not figure out how to deal with failure,
You can not figure out how to deal with the bumps in the road,
That if you had a taste of everything.
We all have the ability the next level.
There are no other people that are holding you back.
Your boss does not hold you back.
Your parents have not been holding you back.
Those are excuses.
For me, there is no such thing as luck.
Each luck is opportunity meeting preparation.
Clear and simple.
You have to be ready and prepared for this situation.
If you are an employee in this company, the boss puts you in the case of pressure,
That privilege.
I believe in you.
You better offer.
Cause if you do not, this situation goes to someone else.
You may not get this opportunity again.
Everything matters.
If you take any situation and just take the word “only” and take the word “only” to get out of it,
The whole phrase changed.
It’s just a game.
it’s a game.
It’s “only” on the job.
The body has limitations.
Not mind.
We focus a lot on what is going on from the neck down,
Forget everything starts from here.
Everything starts from here.
If you were not mentally prepared, and you really never physically prepared.
Since the start of preparation.
I firmly believe that everyone in this room,
Everyone on this planet has a gift.
It’s your job to find out what that gift.
Then becomes your job to decide if you’re going to work on it or not.
Everyone sees the work you put into it.
But this is what you do not see that will determine how you’re gonna get it.
I hear things all the time.
People say, “Oh, look in the mirror.”
“And you’ll see why he did not succeed.”
I do not think so.
This is what you do not see in the mirror.
This is holding you back.
This is what you do not want to see.
Talent is why it’s not enough.
When you see finally, and browse and decide to work on it,
Then you can take this next level.
A lot of people are not honest with himself about what they really want.
I wanted to earn more money than you ever.
I wanted to travel the world.
I do not know. I do not know.
I wanted to build a second home.
I’m not sure what you want.
But I want you to understand that you gotta give something.
You can not stay where you go to where you’re trying to go.
Do not let any work you do, kill your dream.
Because the only thing that can make you feel alive,
Is your dream.
I honestly think that, if people do not call you crazy, your dream is not big enough.
Regardless of how many people told me, “No,”
Regardless of how many people lied to me.
Focus on one thing. Make it a priority and stick with him no matter what.
Whatever your dream is. Whatever your goal is.
You’re not gonna be able to achieve that if you do not have a party dream every day.
Like I gotta dream session.
You must take out ten minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes,
But a lot of time you have, and you’ve got to actually go in the room
Close the door, you gotta see yourself doing it.
You must feel yourself doing it.
I really gotta walk it.
Should I go in the future, he lives outside, back in the present and start working towards. Translation (raphe Tai rafaa tai)
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