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World’s Smallest Flare Gun! (Actually Shoots!)

inside this box is the world’s smallest
flare gun I thought this was really cool
and I reached out to miniature army comm
and ask them to send me one there’s not
very much video out there that’s
actually firing and so you’re gonna see
today what this thing can I actually do
it’s the burl oak pistol we’re out here
in the beautiful frozen Schenley Park
and test this out see if it actually has
some nice kick to it because our
beautiful flares it’s handmade so mother
nature has to provide us a place where
we can actually load this thing this is
like little barrel portion there’s even
a little lock here that holds it so I’m
not gonna do that just yet it’s like
this is one of those videos where
they’re making like a tiny cheeseburger
farmhouse except we’re looking at like
really small in fire realms
this is a yellow flare because it has a
wide stamped into it so which one do you
think would be the brightest maybe a
white or red flare do a red one this
one’s got a harsh tint into it so I’m
guessing that you fire put this in first
like so so pretty sure that this way
this works with it being a pin fire
round is that the hammer actually
doesn’t hit the back of the cartridge it
hits this little pin or at the top and
so we’re gonna load him the flare
there’s actually a lock here you can see
that is what you have to press in I’m
gonna put the pinky on it so I don’t
lose it because if I lose this in the
snow I don’t think I’m ever gonna find
this thing and we’ll go ahead and load
in this all right so we’re looking
around and we’re not really sure how far
this thing actually fires because a lot
of the videos are just on Instagram or
some people kind of just like using
their cellphones to take videos so it
may be going way far into the air which
I’m doubtful or it could just be going
like 20 feet I’d say that’s about 75
feet I’m so impressed the sound it made
– and look there’s some smoke over there
that could seriously get somebody’s
attention I can’t even I thought this
thing was a total gimmick we’re gonna
shoot it straight up in the air and see
I said load out the cartridge I guess
you need to use this little rod here
because I’m sure it’s expanded a little
not exactly sure look we can see the
barrels a little bit chart here it was
like you would have so much less power
cuz I mean how much gunpowder could you
actually fit in here alright this
there’s green this one looks like oh so
maybe it’s orange this is white
let’s do green Oh green let the
Christmas spirit there we go pull it up
our little flare here so now we know
that this thing isn’t a complete gimmick
like holy crap that thing went probably
75 feet we’re gonna shoot this straight
up in the air and see let’s say you’re I
don’t know and some sort of emergency
situation like you could carry this
literally in your pocket maybe we can
make some sort of little container to
hold all that stuff and kit instead of
carrying around a little wooden box mean
3d printing
a lot of customization that can be done
so leave a comment below you think we
should try and incorporate this into
some sort of survival little out towards
tin survival kit or maybe something
custom James Bond gadget that shoots act
like a little device that could expand
it outwards into my hand like you see in
those wild west movie
that was kind of anticlimactic that’s
funny though
that’s so cool
whoo-hoo that looks sweet initially I
thought this was kind of just like a
gimmick I really thought it was gonna be
probably less powerful than a nerf gun
it’s just gonna fart out the barrel and
I was gonna go ten feet well holy crap
when this thing fired off for the first
time I couldn’t believe my eyes like I’m
looking through like an LED panel I
thought it was just like some
malfunction it went flying across and
skipped onto the ice probably about 75
feet and it’s consistent I thought maybe
you wished a fluke we tried it a few
times you saw the lighting may not be
perfect but I think it like I don’t know
maybe it did work out because of the way
that the flares sort of lit up in the
darkness super excited about this thing
I can’t wait to work with some other
projects maybe incorporated into some
serious revival tin other sorts of
gadgets that I can create but you can
pick one of these up yourself they do
sell them they’re completely legal
there’s not enough actual gunpowder to
do any real damage overall I think this
is a really awesome product it’s Stephan
on a gimmick so if I’m stranded in the
woods and there’s a there’s a rescue
shop or flying overhead you think this
thing would give get their attention
yeah I think definitely it maybe scare
off an animal it’s just a fun thing to
have in your back pocket
and it’s not a joke I was completely
surprised so maybe this thing could save
your life someday who knows
hopefully doesn’t come down to it I
don’t really know how I was loading the
thing my fingers are pretty much numb at
this point so maybe you need to invest
in some actual good gloves some mini
flare gloves with that some mini flare
loading gloves now or like find someone
with the world’s smallest hands so I
know a lot of you are looking for DIY
and don’t worry there’s an e playing
more of those in the future but come on
this thing is freaking amazing doesn’t
take a genius to realize that there is
some amazing craft in the ship here and
I wanted to show you kind of an unboxing
if you want to scan a closer look all
right so you can see up close there is
this engraving like a little rabbit’s
and I thought that was Chinese at first
but it looks like some sort of
I don’t know corn stock or something and
then PT B looks like the initials on the
other side you have again so we’ll plant
thingy and some sort of deer so you pull
back the hammer and this little piece
here acts like a spring and when you
push that down
kind of tell how this design works
there’s this cutout C shape there if you
look real close you can see that portion
in the center is what’s locking there if
you don’t press this down it won’t close
so that’s a nice little safety feature
so it doesn’t accidentally close and
fire so you have to press that in close
this and you’d screw on this tiny barrel
here load in one of these flares which
looks like there is some black powder
there that’s kind of compressed so you
lid this in first and there’s a bunch of
different colors Y being stamped for a
yellow flare well there’s already one in
there now these are the twelve by two
millimeter pinfire rounds so small I
don’t even know how to handle these
things so the way these work there is
this tiny little pin
hence the name pin fire around and there
is a primer that’s actually on the
bottom where the hammer strikes down and
smacks the pin into this small primer
then there’s a small charge of black
powder that ignites the flare here which
you can see there’s a little bit of
black powder there too I’m guessing
that’s like the charge that sends this
thing out the barrel it’s pretty simple
you can see the little pin fire little
portion on the top here kind of fits in
that groove and then you press this in
and close
now I know a lot of you want to see
these DIY gadgets and how-to projects
but I mean this thing is freaking
amazing and it was handmade I could
literally see some my old man grandpa in
his basement with like thousand-year-old
tools making something like this it’s
not something that I really have in my
tool Arsenal as far as skill level and
it’s not something that I can really
learn or teach anyone at this time so
I’m thinking about this as a tool and I
want to build upon it so we have 3d
printing I have laser cutting what I
want to do is create a prototype that
will take all this boxiness and condense
it into some sort of Swiss Army knife
where you have a flare gun on the actual
little pocket gadget so maybe something
else I don’t know maybe just foot it
fitting it all into an Altoids tin and
creating some other gadgets to fit in
there for right now but I want to know
what you think about this and how we can
improve upon it so leave a comment below
that’s all I have for today thank you
for watching and as always take it easy
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