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Tekko Cosplayers Share Their DIY Secrets. WOW!

hey guys this is food thanks for

watching I’m over at echo choke on here

in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania today I’ll be

following around Greek gadget guru as we

explore cosplay from over 9,000

attendees behind us we’re going to show

you some of the best cosplay and worst

cosplayed that we saw these are ideas

from overwatch Sly Cooper and of course

the 40 year old virgin if you’re looking

for inspiration for your next project

this is a video to watch and if this is

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out without further ado let’s go to the

con so I’m here with your seat Racer and

scarecrow tell us a little bit about

this this terrifying gauntlet here it

looks like you maybe inject your victims

with your your nightmares serum or

whatever they call it

exactly your toxin directly injected the

build itself is made primarily from just

craft foam you get at Michael’s 3/4

thickness and then the 1/8 thickness

I’ve got just some little piping and

tubing that you can usually pick up at

Home Depot that’s primarily here but a

lot of these little tiny pieces are

actually made from Ziploc takeaway

containers that have been traced over as

the pattern and then fitted with the

craft foam over it we give the block

likes to the plastic taut or they’re

just a little plastic takeaway

containers like teeny tiny thin that’s

right so they give a good base to him

then you just put the foam over top to

keep any because that’s a foam and then

you kind of made a layer so it’s a

little bit more durable exactly so it’s

just a spray paint layer usually with a

pounded metal I use two different colors

for it as the base layer but then any of

the dry brushing I’ll use dark to make

any of the deep spots pop I usually go

in with white or a very bright silver

along the edging just to give it kind of

more of a run look and then rusting any

other just little things to make it pop

and give it a more dimension than being

flat where’s your where your guns this

is where you put your like

want you little pistols yeah I don’t

have the pistols today Oh bummer

well I really like this your little

thing how did you get this glowing is

there some sort of light going on it

yeah there’s like a little panel light I

think they’re from like et light I’m not

I don’t really remember exactly where I

got them but yeah it’s a little panel

light awesome and then what about the

jacket that looks pretty cool is that

something that you yeah I actually I

bought it on sale at Burlington Coat


oh yeah and then I got some leather

paint and I painted it over out of the

details patches awesome we’ll see what’s

up what do you have going on back here

okay so this is like her another one of

those things I know this is like what

helps her kind of have that boosting

effect right awesome yeah thank you

yeah I just got them from like you have

something in common to those except like

everyday is cosplay for him so he is

always wearing the Hat my god yeah so

what this is is it PVC pipe and dowel

rods going straight out to make for the

wings and all the feathers are basically

poster board and craft foam over it the

wings are the patch of micro

I said she made it so it’s easily

detached maybe afterwards I can take it

far and then what kind of hyper about

people you use for like this regular


it’s EBE comes with the brought over it

and then it’s painted and I just drilled

holes for the Redis oh that’s so cool

how like I use the PVC muse it’ll I see

what you’re talking about yeah and then

what did you use to make this kind of

like harness that’s it’s also PVC pipes

you heat it up you know this right here

my name is Emily Gilkey Emmylou on

social media and I do my own version of

Rey from Star Wars so what can you tell

us about this

I made this in about two hours on

Wednesday night well I didn’t decide I

wanted to do this until earlier this

week and then I said something people

would know who I was about a staff so I

went to the local hardware store I got a

6 foot cut of 3/4 inch PVC piping and

then just you kind of go through the

little PVC brackets section and pick out

all the whole pieces that you like so

like these are just PVC plumbing pieces

they just having a quick texture it

looks like it’s found objects so these

cones are actually plastic shower heads

that I gutted and just used the cone I

had to Dremel them to make them bigger

to fit the pipe is this dress too to let

layers of foam that I hot glued together

because I didn’t have anything to make

fins out of because I would go and I was

like 3/4 is everything and the night

about this yeah exactly

and then this is just corrugated

plumbing piping that it’s just

corrugated tubing that you buy I just

use them like one of those metals

textured spray paints and then dusted it

with silver I tried to get the

proportion but I have more time I want

to fix it but like I said I made it this

week I’d rather go maps and leather this

is just no belt yeah I love it

all right thank you so much


my name is Laura I’m from Pittsburgh

South Pacific

it’s like uber I did not bring this down

and it’s pretty packed in here so

I didn’t want to poke anyone’s eyes can

you tell us about your possible is your

favorite part

apart well there’s two one of them is

he when people have

decide to go big or go home actually so

cotton and polyester didn’t lose its

and when someone steps on it

it’s a but it’s still kind of a fun time

well when I looked at Sai Cooper’s

design I noticed he entered really wide

space and I wanted and I wondered if

that might be my cosplay so this is

actually made out of pink parkour do

find a cereal box and two sides of the

curve so that on the back

and actually glued to my

to the mass and

actually while I put this on I had to

pick a hot glue gun


so it’s a little bit scary but it’s

certainly worth it and I haven’t burned

myself yet

yeah you’re only putting hot glue on

next to your face yeah all I get is a

blister thank you so much I’m glad we

lovely day to you all and if anybody

asks you didn’t see


I’m Seth Thompson and I come from

greenville PA I built this which I’ve

actually dubbed the game night as like a

little clever nuance and it actually

started with the shoulder pauldron

because I went through several PS ones

because they all just for some reason

like to reset for no reason and I had

this one just just the cover and I

wanted to do something with it and at

first it was small project and then one

thing after another just I started

watching videos on how to do armor

smithing and I came and made this I have

the favorite part

I’d have to say specifically it’s just

actually more so the shield shield yeah

they just especially like the trimming

around it because I wasn’t very sure on

like coloring and whatnot and I just

kind of winged it on like maybe like a

tribal kind of paint job to it so and it

just got wet from there did you grow the

mustache for the costume I’ve actually

naturally had the mustache the entire

time thank you

so what other cosplay conventions should

we go to if you want us to come out to

your local convention then email the

organizers you can even tell them to

contact us directly because we have our

information in the description of this


near the water thank you so much for

watching we had a lot of fun today and as always take it easy

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