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How to Make Black Panther Claws v.1 (METAL) – How To Make

today I’ll be showing you how to make

some metal Black Panther claws that are

both strong and effective now I

personally have added these steel mesh

and impact resistant gloves to act as a

vibranium Armour a set of claws will

cost you about $3 so you won’t have to

worry about breaking the bank now first

of all do not be discouraged if you

don’t have access to all the tools that

I do I used a metal bandsaw to cut all

the shapes out of the conduit tubing and

that just saved me some time so if you

have the patience you should be able to

get this done with some common hand

tools like a file and maybe a dremel you

can get one of those for like 20 bucks

online so don’t feel discouraged it’s

just gonna take you a little bit more

time let’s go back to arts and crafts

and create a stencil first I took the

handle of this tool to fill out the

fingertips it makes it much easier to

draw on them next you want to fold your

stencil and a half and cut it out with a

pair of scissors this will give you a

perfect mirrored image customize the

design however you like I made mine a

little bit larger because I’d be

sharpening and grinding the edges but I

wanted to maintain this virtual

retractable claw a SPECT laminate the

design using some clear packing tape any

tape will do really but this was easiest

and go ahead and cut it out with some

scissors and try it on the voltage

conduit tubing for size now move over

about half a centimeter from the edge of

your finger we’re gonna create this

knuckle plate to go ahead and cut one of

those outs and then line it up with the

mark tape that together this is going to

give us

a sort of master stencil to work from

but we want to make sure we have a nice

clean one that isn’t so choppy but when

it traced onto a new piece of paper fold

that in half and cut it now I folded

this piece of paper twice so after

cutting it out you should have two exact

duplicates one that you can store for

safekeeping all right so this is I’m

gonna use as a stencil I laminated it if

you don’t have a laminator that’s fine

you can just use some clear plastic tape




like all right use your imagination this

bag I have to draw face on them Dean did

a really good job that drawing doodle of

his is like my masterpiece so we’re

gonna see these claws can do do it

there goes the phone you didn’t see that

let’s go on to some stronger material

I’m gonna stick this cardboard a little

kitty cat scratching this post I feel up

that’s kind of dumb phone probably isn’t

gonna be much more effective than the

cardboard self so alright so now we’re

gonna switch it up see if we can just

slash through this duct tape she’s gonna

catch it or break my finger this is

chicken wire salt some chickens came

does it hurt your hands at all it really

doesn’t hurt my hands and supplies that

think it’s because I have some decent

layers I could pull my channel to see

what my audience thinks that I should do

it’s not very little profile you

definitely notice that they’re there but

it gives you the next area to do what

you need to do and then open up a can of

tuna or something I don’t know here’s

the shoes all right so we found this

nice guy I don’t know his name

Joe this is Joe I decided to ask a

stranger to allow me to attack them so

this is gonna kind of replicate the

it’s the only thing that I know of you

know basically a shield versus black

being at their cost so you ready Joe my

name is gear or a good catcher here but

you can call me oh you did a number on

the shield I mean it’s a pretty good

scratches I think so Captain America

didn’t take his just point to me but I

think in the new infinity war movie

Captain America gets a new shield and

house similar for bashing sort of

gadgetry built into it let’s go so maybe

that will be another project the

deployable shield and how it’s pretty

cool so thanks Joe

I’m glad this was our first like

official ever it’s like how real

friendships that’s the bonding right

there I put a good time today you can

also make some really good pulled pork

sandwiches if you’re into that you take

a look at these things that’s probably


best test for the strongest material you

can see that I mean I guess you have to

take my word for it that I’m not in pain

but the amount of armor the having this

nice coating kind of here that that

protects against knuckles you have a

strong steel so you have cheap you have

relatively low profile you have the

ability to kind of deploy the claws if

you want to use your imagination and it

doesn’t hurt when you use them because

you have all this nice armor so I think

that’s pretty cool I think it’s a good

prototype leave a comment let me know

what you think of this try to make it so

it was a DIY kind of project without

breaking the bank

something that is at least effective for

the point of actually using them for

superhero purposes so there are a ton of

different ways that I could have done

this I actually started off with some

really advanced drawings whose gonna be

like electromechanical was gonna be

similar to like an assassin’s creed type

of blade that would come out at the top

of the hand instead of on the bottom

there’s so many features that I was

trying to add that if one of them was

going to fail then the whole project

would be a bust

for example I was going to use Springs

to kind of guide the claws down the

hands well the stronger the Springs the

less easy it is to actually bend your

hands so you want to have this rigid

structure of just basically you’d be

like this trying to like fight the bad

guys no you want to be able to grab them

you want to be able to throw something

you want to be able to grapple and do

all sorts of martial arts so you need

your actual dexterity of your hands

otherwise what’s the point so I asked my

audience in a poll what they wanted me

to actually include in this project you

guys chose that you wanted something low

profile that would have a strong

structure and would be manually

retractable you know a DIY and consumer

sort of aspect and that’s why I use the

material I did that’s why I didn’t go

crazy with the design I think that it’s

functional even though you’ll have the

deployability of the claws you still

have the ability to conceal them and

then you can activate them like

virtually by just bending your fingers

so hopefully you enjoyed this video and

you found it uh entertaining to say the

least so thank you so much for watching and take it easy as always

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