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so I’m sure you’ve all played the game

player unknown battleground and they

have this silly weapon the frying pan

now I thought how amazing would it be to

actually make our own frying pan but I

don’t have the skill of the blacksmith

nor do I have the tools so what do you

think I can actually help him with this

quest my father is the owner of I forge

iron comm and that’s where all the

blacksmiths come together and they talk

and it just so happens that there’s a

I just hey how about you get over


welcome back to see you it’s amazing

what you got it I mean I think you have

just about every tool that I could

possibly go then well you’ve heard of

the game and player unknown

battlegrounds one of the melee tools

which is just how it happens to be

bulletproof which makes no sense I got

hit in the planning to save my life who

said that you’re the best guy yeah yeah

I make a few frying pans now and that

five Jim Hoffman I’ve been a blacksmith

for about 35 years or so full-time right

now I’m doing mostly work for museums

frying pans are somewhat difficult to

document in the earlier periods in the

19th century in Pennsylvania a lot of

local blacksmith we’re making frying

pans they’re not using presses so

they’re hammering them it’s actually the

bottom of an oxygen cylinder and they

have different curves formed in them cut

different cylinder bottoms with

different shapes for different size

frying pans so today we’re gonna make a

historically accurate frying pan out of

a disc this is 14 gauge sheet steel I

will use the large power hammer for

kind of hard to see on this one but

there’s some cupping to the sides and

I’m gonna take that out and this larger

pan you can see the cup size that’s what

the client wanted most people want flat

size which actually work better for

cooking especially to scrape the edges

so what I’m going to do is flatten this

side out


are you able to see the difference where

it’s flat where it’s more cup shaped

it’s also gonna open the pan up a little

bit the other thing I’m watching is

where the scale bounces off gives me an

we need to flatten this just a little

bit not be careful because if you move

it too much it just starts going back

and forth and won’t stay tight the

hedges are just a touch rough I’ll do

you let this air school because I’m

gonna drill it for the holes to rivet it

to attach it to the pan go over to the

I’m holding the handle I want to get it

line up relatively close to rim center

punch mark keeps the drill bit from

dancing around on the piece

these are commercially made rivets

they’re softer material can you use at

home and maybe if you don’t have the

commercial software rivets could you use

just a regular nail or you can use a

nail but it’s a little bit harder to

work okay so you could you can cut a

nail off but it’s gonna be harder over

but can you maybe anneal it and make it

uh sort of a weakened metal the saw

I haven’t had great success with that

hug that up I don’t want it too tight

adjustment get it so that it’s lined up

so here’s your frying pan Wow

I love the hammered finish we left on

the outside that way if we let people

know that it’s homemade and what were

you talking about before about like

adding some swirled vinegar or something

so I kind of clean that out if you soak

it overnight or even for a couple of

days it’ll help clean some of the

remnants out of there set it and forget

it huh yes that’s pretty awesome and

then we could also you know take a bet

those big shoes comfortable yes they

have a carved arch support in up

ee-ha look at that


that tastes like success and it’s good

luck this is goodbye the final call here

and I literally even fried bacon for me

you want to cool no it’s good alright so

many of you have probably seen the tug G

frying pan we decided to make one that

was historically accurate however now

that we have such an amazing

blacksmithing friend Jim Hoffman why not

go for a historically accurate the

Viking axe maybe inspired by God of War

do not undo his work improve upon it

only there’s a lot of other things we

can do so if you have anything now that

we have a guy who graciously if he has

the time created for us please let us

know comment below and we’ll see if he

can make what someone would have

actually used so leave a comment below

what do you want us to try and build

next Jim may invite us back so that he

can help us out with when these projects

if he has the time we’ll have to set

that up with him but we’d love to hear

what ideas you have so leave a comment

and if you found this video entertaining

share it with your friends leave a like until next time take it easy

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