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New Clue Why Millennials Are Different

so as a CEO I’ve heard thousands of
Millennials over the years and often I
give my peers that say Pat stay away
from them Millennials are lazy you don’t
want to recruit them they always are
entitled they’re victims you know they
don’t like to talk to you on the phone
they only text you back they’re always
all social media so I said listen if I’m
gonna do video Millennials I’m gonna
take a complete different approach to
those that say they are lazy let’s say
they are and you’re right I don’t want
to talk about the effect which is them
being lazy I want to talk about the cost
and on top of that I want a little bit
deeper I want to look at drugs and
generations and what they have to do
with the impact of Millennials being the
way they are today according to you so
look if your boomer or Gen X and a
millennial share this video with you I
want you to watch it and let me make my
argument to you and say I agree I
disagree but if you’re a millennial and
a boomer or a millennial share their
with you the same as well because no
matter who you are in what generation
you’re from they’re gonna be parts in
this video you’re not gonna like and
disagree with and there’s gonna be
partially gonna watch and say I love
this part he makes a lot of sense
because I don’t want a one-sided message
which is what a lot of these articles
and videos about Millennials do so I’m
gonna get right into listen here’s one
thing I believe as a cyclical cycle that
happens listen tough times produce
strong people strong people produce good
times good times produce weak people one
more time tough times produce strong
people strong people produce good times
good times produce weak people let me
explain in a start-up if you ever work
in a startup
it is tough times it is not easy every
day you’re about to go out of business
so whoever makes it during the startup
time they become strong people then the
strong people together bring the good
times the good times is when an
assistant had a few shares gets a
$600,000 check when one of the
salespeople is making one and a half
million out of your income when one of
the executives gets a six point nine
million dollar check because they were
able to go through the tough times sort
of strong people to the good times but
the good times typically what it does
pain goes away standard gets lower
everybody gets more casual so guess what
comes next weak people and guess what
weak people produce tough times how many
companies have you seen one out of
Sears blockbuster all these other
companies went out of business tough
times they’re great strong people good
then they went out of business so now
let’s get right into it if this is
correct and if boomers and gen-x say
that Millennials are lazy that
Millennials are distracted and
Millennials all day all they do is
they’re on their phone all the time who
is the cause to the effect of them being
lazy so let’s get right into it let’s
look at the four generations first we
had the Silent Generation these are
folks that were born between 1928 to
1945 okay then we have the Boomers
they’re born between 46 to 64 then we
have Gen X born 65 to 80 and then we
have Millennials born 82 mm so now I
want to take a look at what were the
toughest experiences each generation
went through as these kids are growing
up right what impacted their lives
obviously if you look at the Silent
Generation they went through the Great
Depression which probably the most
difficult time in America the last
hundred years you’re talking about a
time where everybody was trying to
stretch the dollar literally that’s
saying it’s from that time where hey
let’s eat a piece of this piece bread
you eat a little bit of this honey did
you make money today did you find a way
to make money no paper oh my gosh how
are we gonna make the rent I don’t know
what to do with the kids they’re cold
don’t turn on the AC but it’s cold don’t
turn on the heater those were tough
times so imagine your kid you’re growing
up watching mommy and daddy trying to
survive that croute creates a certain
level of toughness in your skin right
World War two is also with the
experience next boomers what did he
experience Vietnam War sexual revolution
JFK MLK Robert Kennedy assassination
Cuban Missile Crisis Civil Rights Act
moon landing that’s what boomers
experience now next gen X desert storm
personal computers Iranian hostage
crisis Rodney King dual income families
both husband and wife moment that will
work in Watergate
that’s Gen X Millennials they have
social media video games schedules for
the first time ever kids have a schedule
what do you mean well this day he does
this practice on that day he does this
on this day you take piano on that day
you do this and this they do this that
used to be something that royalty
families and political powers and
millionaires would do now the regular
middle-income family has schedules for
their kids why because it’s what
Millennials are going through so what
kind of an
tact has this had based on the thing I’m
talking about well look technology-wise
also changes things Silent Generation
the technologies they experience was the
Hoover Dam obviously a few other ones
but that was like oh my gosh we have the
Hoover Dam boomers experienced the
microwave the first time came out they
were blown away Gen X’s experienced
anything handheld cell phone smart all
of this stuff handheld and for
Millennials today technology you know
what’s advancement for them anything
everything is limitless
oh are you kidding me we can do anything
they think anything is possible today
because of the level of advancements so
now if this argument of tough times
strong people good times
weak people is correct we can say no one
had a tougher time the Silent Generation
that’s tough times boomers strong people
boomers produce Gen X good times
Gen X produced Millennials weak people
if you say that they are lazy that they
are this that they are that well then
maybe this formula is right that you’re
saying up but now let me give you
another part of this so for the boomers
and Gen Xers are saying I told you I was
right that’s why they are the way they
are they’re so sensitive you can’t tell
them anything it’s always a fight they
don’t want any constructive criticism
was going to tell him the truth
perfect remember cause and effect
remember the whole thing about cause and
effect okay stay with me here I remember
back in 2006 2007 I was thinking about
you know one day I’d like to get married
so I was talking to this man who was
very successful said listen how do you
judge a great parent he says what do you
think I said I think you judge a great
parent based on great kids day race he
says I used to think that as well he
said the way you judge a great parent is
by their grandkids if your grandkids do
well you did a good job as a parent Wow
never thought about that before yeah it
has to be with your grandkids
interesting so if you see anything bad
about Millennials the finger gets
pointed to boomers and I know boomers
don’t like that because maybe you were
too soft here and they became even
softer why here’s why
so this influenced me to go a little bit
deeper and say I’m curious to know which
generation had which drug they kind of
around with the most okay so I went to a
website called drug abuse comm and they
had a research done by substance abuse
and mental health administration looking
at which generation use which drug the
most and during what age because a lot
of times you may participate with drugs
when you’re younger and obvious as it
gets older you don’t have a reason to do
it anymore because your association
changes watch this when you look at the
colors of generations you’ll notice
Millennials are red Gen X is green
boomers are yellow and the lucky few
which is called the Silent Generation
it’s the same thing they are blue but
let’s take a look at this marijuana a
lot of times people said well marijuana
has got to be the younger people smoking
more weed than anybody else nope
boomers smoked the most weed okay
cocaine all cocaine’s got to be right
now it’s just sad to ride no Gen X’s
nope boomers used the most cocaine
according to the study don’t get upset
at me this is this study boomers partied
very hard is what boomers did but you
know what’s the one drug that concerns
me the most here’s what’s the one drug
that concerns me the most ready
painkillers look at this chart here
who’s at the top who’s even close
who’s even a close second nobody
Millennials are taking more painkillers
than any body else why because the
generations prior to that want to remove
any kind of pain that Millennials are
going through every time there’s any
kind of pain take this go do this or
poor you take this no baby he needs to
take this pain killers painkillers think
Euler’s it’s become the painkiller
generation so but you can see your point
fingers to Millennials but you can’t
blame it on the Millennials it’s a cause
and effect we can’t sit there it’s all
their fault the point I’m trying to make
used to follow and watch this
what are the greatest things that we
need to win in life is pain you need
pain a start up needs pain baby I
watched my wife have three kids back I
mean I’m like I cannot tell you the pain
this woman went through but when the
baby’s on her chest the tears coming
down the connection the first time I
held my daughter I couldn’t stop crying
but I saw what she went through it was a
complete different thing businesses all
of it requires pain but what’s this is
what this is what’s happened over the
years Silent Generation had the most
pain then boomers
genex been Millennials lesser the pain
the lesser the threshold of being able
to take pain sensitive out out out out
out out so now watch this this is one
side of the argument the last side of
the argument I’m gonna make to use the
following you know what people say well
I don’t like the fact they’re always on
their phone every single time they’re on
their phone phone phone phone phone
phone phone social media like like like
like like that like pokes picture all
this other stuff right I don’t like it I
don’t think it’s healthy fine no problem
no matter who you are what age you are
no matter what generation you’re from
all of us like this dopamine injection
we get and we all get it in many
different ways some is through food some
is through sex some is through TV some
is through exercise so much through
drinking some is through drugs some it’s
through social media some is through
travel some is through a lot of
different things right so watch for the
boomers and Millennials that are
watching this let me ask you a question
would you like to see Millennials
replace their form of dopamine which is
social media replace with the form of
dopamine that boomers got when they were
that age you see if you’re gonna make
that argument you kind of got to look at
it all different ways so now I’m not
trying to put the blame on boomers I’m
not trying to put the blame on
Millennials I’m not trying to put the
blame on Gen X all I’m saying is we
cannot just make a blanket statement and
say they’re lazy
we cannot just make a blanket statement
and say it’s bland millennial small or
boomers fault or Gen Xers fault we have
to look at the whole package but here’s
the truth listen many times if you’re
watching this and you’re a millennial
Millennials may say I knew it it was
mommy’s fault it was daddy’s fault was
grandpa’s fault it’s all your fault
watch this it’s your fault listen
Millennials let me just simplify it for
if this argument is right I would be
worried because whoever’s generations
are before you they’re going to die off
I’m gonna our generation is gonna dive
the world is gonna be yours the country
is gonna be hoarse so if this is true
these times are coming for you and your
kids if it is true right so what does
that mean Pat what are you trying to say
to me I went to concert one time back in
2005 2015 and this guy named ru sh my
brother-in-law took me I’ve told the
story many times he gets up at the end
he says I want to talk to
the younger audience here here’s what I
want to tell you he says I see the eyes
I see your fire I see you guys are so
excited about life he says I remember
when I was young and so ambitious and I
had to wolf in me right
he said just remember this make sure the
young wolf in you takes care of the old
wolf that one day you will be again make
sure the young wolf in you takes care of
the old wolf that you one day will be so
rather than sitting here pointing
fingers at anybody it doesn’t matter
it’s too late it’s too late you can’t
point fingers and do anything DeGeneres
has already been done but it’s not too
late for you to decide to be a leader of
your generation it’s not too late to
look at this and say maybe some of this
is right maybe I’ve got to be a little
bit self-aware maybe I do need to make
some adjustments maybe I do need to do
something maybe I need to kind of change
the part about here I don’t want to be a
statistic I don’t want to be part of
this I want to be strong so then the
next time every time you experience
paint don’t just fight don’t run away so
I don’t want to deal with it another
argument I don’t want to do why you
calling me I want to take a little bit
of constructive criticism from the
people be willing to hear some people
out that’s for you and boomers and gen-x
is the next time you’re tempted to say
Millennials are lazy study a little bit
more everybody’s got to do a little bit
with this whole thing taking place
educate get deeper encourage inspire get
some one other millennial to say maybe I
want to be the chosen one maybe I want
to be a strong leader maybe I want to be
that example for that generation so
having said that look pain is pain but
paints a beautiful thing without pain
great things don’t happen so I got one
thing I want everybody to watch your
especially the Millennials who maybe
don’t like rejection most of us don’t
like rejection in life to win you’re
gonna be rejected many different times I
made a video a couple months ago titled
how to deal with rejection here’s a link
to go watch it and anything I talked
about today in the article stats of
drugs all that stuff I’m gonna put the
links below as well and by the way
Millennials boomers Gen X I do want to
hear from you any thoughts comments make
sure you comment below and if you
haven’t subscribe you to the channel
click on the sub button right here
thanks for watching everybody take care
bye bye you
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