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10 Rules Of Hiring The Best Assistant

the bigger division you have with your
business the more help you need and the
key would help us a lot of times people
call themselves an entrepreneur but
you’re doing a paper work that calls to
follow up to email the check in on
decline everything you’re doing that
doesn’t make you an entrepreneur you’re
an independent contractor maybe at best
a salesperson today I’m going to talk to
you about four different types of
assistance to hire depending on the
phase you’re at ten things to know
before you hire them and five things you
will never learn until you work with
them so about a time you don’t watching
this video there’s gonna be two other
things I’m gonna give you one I’ll give
you the PDF from today’s notice the
second thing is how for you to actually
pay your employees that’ll be another
video I’ll give you but anyways having
said that let’s get right into it there
are four types of assistance you hire
depending of the face of your business
you’re currently in meaning if you’re a
startup and you’re just getting started
you just need somebody be a runner for
you hey can you go get that thing for me
hey can you send this email for me hey
can you go drop my car off for me can
you pick up my clothes it’s a runner
it’s somebody that’s just freeing up
your time so you can do what you want to
do can you tell them I’ll be late five
minutes can you tell them I’m on a call
them in a few minutes can you set up
this conference called very basic lowest
level is runner the lower the level the
lower you pay them next admin somebody
who’s admin meaning you teach them how
to do the paperwork your lawyer you’re
gonna learn some basic stuff they need
to fill out your financial person some
some real estate digital marketing
whatever you’re doing somebody that’s ad
minister of or run or obviously – an
admin you’re not gonna tell them go run
this for me go run that for me aDNA is
gonna be a little bit more clear they
know how to write they’re clear about
writing emails they know how to do Excel
they know how to run certain reports
they know a little bit more about
outlook those types of things that a
regular runner would do again admin is
gonna cost you more than a runner then
you have an executive assistant
an executive assistant is in their own
world an executive right in their own
they are doing more than the usual they
are negotiating on your behalf
they are calling people and filtering
them out they know your wiring they know
what you like they know what you don’t
like they know your time they know what
relationships you’re not gonna be doing
would because they have a filter Ford
right that is your executive assistant
they are higher to pay and then last but
not least is your chief of staff you may
have a chief of staff that has three
assistants reporting to the chief of
staff and your chief of staff has a
runner and admin and an executive
assistant and that’s your chief of staff
so you may have all four but your chief
of staff is telling what the executive
assistant to do tell them what the admin
to do telling what the runner to do
because they are very busy now at this
point with chief of staff they are
handling your money they are handling
more things they are doing above and
beyond negotiation deals maybe if the
executive assistant has a spending
budget of a certain amount the chief of
staff’s going to be higher the chief of
staff has the authority to make certain
decisions that are a higher pay grade
than some other like an executive
assistant so again having said that this
isn’t just hey how do I get my own
assistant I don’t know how big your
business is I don’t know how many
employees you have I don’t know how many
salespeople you have I don’t know how
big your board is I don’t know how much
of revenues you’re doing if you’re doing
a hundred million dollars you can’t just
get a run or if you’re doing a half a
million dollars you can’t go get a chief
of staff so you have to know exactly
what phase you’re at before you hire
your system so hopefully this gives you
a different lens knowing what you need
today and projecting what you may need
next so you have to start envisioning I
would love to one day have my own chief
of staff great but no it’s gonna be a
lot more money as well so that leads me
10 things to know number one how you do
pay higher the value hired experience
very clear so you got to get clear on
who you’re looking for and the criteria
you put up there you can’t say I want a
chief of staff where you want to pay in
15 bucks an hours just doesn’t go in
that way right you can’t say you want an
executive assistant you want to pay him
20 bucks an hour it doesn’t go that way
if you’re getting somebody that more
value more experience you’re gonna have
to pay more money so you have to ask
yourself what can I afford today what do
we need today is this really the best
advancement for us to make today if it
is then you’re clear what exactly what
you’re looking for number two secretary
to me when I hire somebody every one of
these in a way is in the category of a
secretary now obviously some people
don’t like to be called secretary
because it’s all
but the thing I like about the word
secretary is the first five or six
letters secret your job as a runner
admin executive assistant or chief of
staff I would have my executive
assistant or admin watch this video to
know what the expectation is the job of
any one of these is you’re going to be
in meetings where you’re going to see
stuff hear stuff
the next project the next investment the
next strategy the next person the next
enemy the next whatever it is that
you’re working you will be part of
secret conversations that nobody else
will be so you need to be able to keep
secrets this is why I put this big thing
your loose lips if there’s anything if
there is a single glimpse I get of loose
lips fired a single glimpse of loose
lips I get in this area you’re fired
because you are gonna know my health if
I have doctor’s appointments if I have
financial if I have hey I’m gonna go see
the doctor for what I’m gonna go see the
doctor for such-and-such that’s nobody’s
business that’s you and I I am opening
up my life to you if you become
someone’s assistant or executive
assistants so secretary crews secrets
number three not scared of you when
you’re hiring somebody you don’t want
somebody that’s scared of you because
they’re always timid they’re never able
to tell you hey I don’t know if this is
somebody we should do business with I
don’t get a good feeling about this
person here you know that thing we sat
down here Pat I just don’t think it’s
the time right now for you to do this
because look at the five things we have
going on honestly which of these five
things is priority these three things
can we just set aside these two for next
week I feel like this is a week that we
have a lot of things to do we need to
set this aside for next week find no
problem a person that’s scared will
never tell you that I don’t want
somebody to be scared I want somebody to
see the stuff that I’m not seeing maybe
I have blind spots and this person is
gonna catch on and say Pat these two
let’s set it aside for next week
somebody who’s not scared will tell you
that number four great on the phones
pleasant voice why because a lot of
things is going to be talking to other
people your handler you’re gonna handle
guests appointment sales negotiation you
need to have a pleasant voice I’m always
listening to the voice to see if it’s a
pleasant voice to be on the phone
there’s some people that are frightened
of the phones this is not a position if
somebody’s afraid of the phones number
five protective and proactive you’re
protecting me you’re protecting the
executive you’re protecting the CEO
you’re protecting the CFO you’re working
for your very protective yet proactive
at the same time hey I don’t know about
this but let’s think about doing this
hey I was looking at this and I think
it’s important for us to do this hey I
noticed last week when you were doing
this do you want to go see the doctor
should I get you to dentist appointment
Proctor sit wants the last time you saw
the dentist hey when’s the last time you
wanted to call this person hey you may
want to call that person mr. birthday
coming up tomorrow it’s their
anniversary Proactiv that person’s
weddings coming up this person’s
birthday is coming up that person said
do you want me to send them a gift hey
your wedding anniversary’s coming up hey
it’s your dad’s birthday proactive
protective all both at the same time
number six negotiation for me if you
work with me for a long time if there’s
one requirement I have for you working
with means you have to learn how to
negotiate period especially if you move
up more in the company no one in our
company will become a see top executive
if they don’t how to negotiate nobody
and let me tell you how I typically
teach a negotiation there is negotiation
teaching you by saying here’s the 17
things to do when you negotiate and I
need you to become a better negotiator
and that’s fine because you’re teaching
people how to become a negotiator the
best way to teach negotiation is to
actually negotiate best way one of my
best negotiators in a company that I
have right now somebody that’s about to
be the chief of staff here soon and she
has seen me negotiate a few hundred
times and so she now does that I listen
to every time if we have a big deal
we’re spending a lot of money I’ll say
has a ran through her yet no she needs
to make the final call
she’ll make the call and she’ll come up
and say Pat this is gonna cost a seven
hundred twenty-eight thousand dollars
you have you checked everything Pat I’ve
checked everything it was this or was
this was this was this I brought this
and I brought this and I brought this
and I brought this down and if I say I’m
not comfortable I’ll get on a call then
she’s a pattern I’m telling you I’ve
already asked that question we can get
on the call and we’ll get on the call
not moving got it she did a right thing
seven hundred twenty eight thousand
dollars but sometimes I’ll have somebody
that’s coming up to me with something oh
they said this is the final offer
today’s the day and I’ll sit down I say
today’s the day today’s the only day
oh so thirty first I know what the other
person is doing it’s their closing it’s
the closeout let me get them on the
phone with them I’ll get them on the
phone hey John listen I understand sir
thirty first you’re trying to move us to
do sign a deal right now I hope you
realize there’s no way in the world I’m
paying this price here and I’ve already
talked to you know
XYZ and I’ve already talked to these
guys you are overcharging me by 30% so
if you want to get my deal today here’s
what it is and I understand it’s
closeout so don’t give me the sale
script I need you to talk to your sales
manager come up with the final price
because I’m not renegotiating the next
number you give me it’s either gonna be
a yes or it’s gonna be a hard note but
if you come to me with another number
that I’m having to renegotiate again I’m
hanging up the phone I don’t have time
for that so all of a sudden the other
person sees it you know they’re giving a
little bit say okay I got it
I understand how this work right this is
a little bit tougher than I thought then
they learn and pick up and they either
do one they don’t but all of these four
at the lowest level to the highest level
they need to learn how to negotiate on
your behalf
next seek every outlet possible to find
an assistant it’s not just let me put a
job application on zip recruiter or or monster nope all your
contacts all your associations all your
friends all your co-workers any board
you’re sitting on anybody you know I am
looking for an executive assistants
screaming off the top of your lungs I am
looking for an executive assistant
matter of fact I am always looking for
an executive assistant always looking
for an executive assistant if you know
somebody or if you yourself are somebody
who has five years of experience as an
executive assistant send us a text to
seven four seven two six zero eight four
six one notice what I just did I just
told you I’m looking for an executive
assistant you do that all the time until
you find a person you’re looking for by
the way the reason why I’m looking for
an executive assistant because my
executive assistant keep getting
promoted everybody that starts with me
as an admin they typically end up
growing one of my assistants is now
about to become a chief of staff that’s
a whole different kind of a salary
equity position different types of
things but I’m looking for an executive
assistant right now so you make sure you
tell everybody about the fact that
you’re looking for an assistant number
eight take your time and hire in twos
take your time and hiring twos the
bigger the company the more important it
is who you hire listen I have a lot of
assistants right now but to hire the
person I’m looking for is gonna take a
little bit more time and I’ll typically
hire in twos the reason why I hire and
choose is because I’ll bring two people
and I’ll say okay this person works in
this place and I’ll explain to you why
because five things I can learn from him
until I hired them but our hiring tools
and yes for a few months I’m paying
the salary but 60 90 days later I’m
keeping the person that I’m more
impressed with and the other person I
sent him off and say this is just not
gonna work out for you I keep one person
it’s almost I could try out one person’s
hired the other person’s fired
number eight I talk about take your time
number nine filter through your
executive team meaning whoever you’re
hiring let your executive team filter
them out let them sit with them Pat I
don’t know if this is gonna work because
it is this a pad I really like this
person five people came in they get
filtered out on one sitting they’re
there for 20 minutes one by one by one
by one by one to get filter that you
know what I like this person I like that
what did you think about I like that
person I don’t like this person because
you know what I also like that person
perfect now we set up a follow-up after
them being filtered out by your team who
knows how well you work with who and you
may have some blind spots that your
executive team sees at last but not
least number ten communicate
expectations clearly one of the biggest
challenges why an employee didn’t work
out with me over the years is because
the expectations weren’t communicated
clearly the more you communicate
expectations clearly the better you
doing retention goes higher because
everybody knows what is expected of them
grab a sheet of paper and exactly right
these are my no way in the world I’m
willing to negotiate these three there’s
no way in the world this is gonna work
out this said these are the nine things
I really like these six things I’m okay
with but these are the things I want
express that your team then create the
proper add them poster then make sure
everybody knows that they’re coming
through while your non-negotiables are
what the things you are that you’re
looking for and what things you’re
willing to be a little bit more flexible
with all right so five things you will
not know about them until you work with
them you hire them you did everything
right there’s still five things you’re
not gonna learn about them until you
work with them number one is their ego
how they deal amongst other people
because you’re not going to know them
when you’re hiring them number two how
to handle pressure okay and how they
perform under pressure and one of the
best things is when there’s a pressure
taking place that leads to a crisis and
you watch them wow deadlines late you
know we have to hit something you know
something took place a major crisis took
place an enemy a issue that we have to
address a conference called something’s
going on and you kind of watch them you
say oh my gosh this person gets rattled
no way in the world this is going to
work because we’re in that kind of an
environment where we’re growing so fast
if you don’t know how to handle crisis
and pressure this is just
the place for you you’re better for
fortune 100 company where everything’s
pretty smooth but you’re not built for a
start-up there are assistants that are
built for startups and/or assistants
have appealed for fortune 100 fortune
500 you need to know who you’re hiring
for what season of company number 4
people skills and number 5 initiative
you will not know those things until you
hire them so having said that again you
know what phase you’re at when you’re
hiring an assistant know these 10 things
before you hire them and know that even
if you do it right there’s five things
you will not know about them until you
hire them so having said that there’s a
video I want you to watch the video is
titled how to pay your employees many
times people ask me Pat how should I pay
my employees how should I pay my staff
how should I pay my executive how should
I pay my salespeople here’s the video I
did title how to pay your employees and
the other one is if you want the PDF of
today’s notes text seven four seven two
six zero eight four six one again seven
four seven two six zero eight four six
one and we’ll send you back the PDF of
today’s episode if you got any questions
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