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Meghan Markle doesn’t understand Prince Harry

mr. mrs. mountbatten-windsor correct

well to be exciting wait

Prince Harry yes good lord what seems to

be the problem with your relation well

we are great and I love Megan very much

yes we’re very much in love but we’re

having a few problems communicating it’s

quite natural you use different words

and it can be quite knipfing I find for

for couples such as yourselves um no I

literally do not understand this man and

I don’t know why

we’ll be having a chinwag just a

bog-standard chinwag and she starts

whinging oh my god Harry why are you

saying these words I do not sound like

that well you do anyway look as Princess

Megan I just want to make sure that our

marriage is off to a good start I don’t

want there to be any communication

problems between us ah this is a bit of

awkward they’ve obviously haven’t told

you they’re not actually going to give

you the title of Princess I’m not going

to be a princess Megan it’s really fine

don’t worry about it Duchess whatsit

Duchess Duchess and Princess are

basically the same thing no no they are

not the same not like at all of Sussex

what’s a Sussex it’s the place of which

you’ll be Duchess look please don’t

throw a wobbly

what’s a wobbly we’re eating sure tea

with me sure tea why don’t you

understand me because you don’t talk

right you are the reason for our

breakdown in communication codswallop

absolute codswallop now you’re just

making up words every bloody time well

yes my wife is actually from the US we

haven’t actually understood each other

for many years

she’s from Kansas that’s right yes

Arkansas bless you

so um how often do you find these

problems arise generally whenever we go

out we can’t even enjoy going out for


chips of that arguing there did you hear

that I did yes all for what why do you

say like that fish and chips

yes exactly why do you put the accent on

the fish that’s how you say it no it’s

not we’ve had this conversation many

times fish and chips

fish and chips fish and chips I’m

literally saying what you’re saying look

I’m gonna give you both a little

exercise to do next time you go out I

mean this weekend have you got any plans

to bits and bobs who’s Bob we don’t know

any Bob’s bits and bobs it’s like odds

and sods oh my god will you please talk

right look um what you have to remember

is that most importantly is that you

love each other you know

misunderstandings are just very

superficial really okay so I’m not going

to faff around you know it’s all going

to be tickety-boo when you get back at

the end of a long day I’m feeling a bit

cream-crackered shall we say no she’s

being a bit go be well I mean he perhaps

has his breath might be a bit sort of

minging as it were o’clock yourselves

down and have a bit of a snog you know

if you don’t snog enough then you can

run into all sorts of Barney frankly so

if if I come back from the Boozer all

Trollied yeah little snog she’s got the

leggy little snog Bob’s your uncle a

relationships fixed yes otherwise you

know you’ll be gutted because your

relationship will just go pear-shaped

and by the time you pop your clogs you

know you’ll have spent so many years in

a rubbish marriage are you kidding me

right now

I’m not winding you up love it’s a

aluminium that’s another word they don’t

[Music] you

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