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Live London TOUR! (With Aly)

okay so I’m here in Piccadilly Circus

this is where all the tourists come

basically today I want to give you my

personal life tour of London I’m gonna

show you some special sights and special

things if you have any questions please

ask them in the comments then I’ll try

to answer it

anything about the history of the place

if I don’t know it I’ll be honest I’m

going to invent some kind of story but

it will be more fun than the original

real story so let’s get started you’re

gonna see the most amazing places in

London in Joe know how long this is

going to take but we’re gonna start at

Piccadilly Circus go through Trafalgar

Square Leicester Square and we’re gonna

end up at Buckingham Palace

so you’re gonna see what the main sights

so from here from here we’re walking to

the most annoying music ever true story

bagpipes were invented to fight the

British and to fight the English rather

by the Scottish they thought I know

that’s annoying wish people to death so

and down here is a bunch of theaters on

so who’s um Lena is saying she loves his

music mine is the worst music I’ve ever

heard in my life I’d rather listen to

Justin Bieber

I think everyone’s going we’re good mob

mentality when everyone starts to cross

the street you just join in if one of

you dies you all die easy hello Deepa

hello Simon

Jiro hello Donna

you were here yesterday no way that’s

crazy hello from France a France Bonjour

the weather sucks in London yes I know I

checked the weather forecast it said

it’s going to be 40% chance of rain so

when people will say I’m coming to

London which clothes should I bring I

don’t know all of them bring all of your

the temperature today is 16 it’s 16 but

I mean look at that sky that is not

healthy sky that’s kind of a strange

statement so we’re going into we’re

going into and let’s discuss it let me

show you this one thing really quick

that’s terrible never go there Bubba

Gump rubbish Book of Mormon however that

is absolutely amazing hilarious I

totally recommend it if you’re looking

for a theater show in London definitely

go see Book of Mormon if you’re in

London on May the 19th however come to

this place the comedy store that’s where

I’ll be

may the 19th you can get your tickets

there’s a link in the description may

the 19th if you’re in London

come see me we’re gonna have fun let’s

okay so when people come to London they

always ask where should I go where are

some cool sales obviously obviously if

this is your first time to London you’ll

go to Leicester Square but I don’t

recommend it so dull it’s so there’s so

many people it’s me it’s super boring

and there’s some people like it my

tailor saying where could you get real

fish and chips oh good question real

fish and chips okay there’s one rule

about fish and chips you never go to

somewhere that’s like a super fancy

restaurant for fish and chips you go to

just a small place literally any small

place that looks like it’s independent

not a chain then you’ll get real fish

and chips usually our Beach places

they’re the best okay so we’re in

Leicester Square this is where they have

the premieres and stuff for films so

whenever you see other London premiere

of this new movie beveler this is where

they are these guys dancing they’re

where we’re not gonna waste time with

them there are actually some kind of

cool restaurants around here I don’t

ever really come to Leicester Square to

else no one’s saying I like quiet places

yeah me too

if you like quiet places this is not the

are you liking the live video yeah I’m

gonna try and do more London tours oh

hey big uns oh good

leave me alone London pigeons are

charming they might be missing a few

toes or missing a leg or missing a head

so this is where this is where I’d

usually go if I’m showing someone around

London and I want to just show them you

know everything in a short space of time

this is where I’d come this is the route

that we’d take because you can hit so

many spots in like less than a day well

okay juicy is juicy oh no I missed your

question oh there you go Atika you’re in

the park no we’re not in the park and I

mean there’s a tiny park back there in

Leicester Square but that’s not that’s

not really a park no one goes there to

so if you have any questions about

London I’ll be happy to answer them

again if I don’t know the real answer

I’ll make up a fake one a Lukas is

saying you didn’t see any buskers and

how how do you miss buskers there’s


oh my god Young Frankenstein I saw that

with my mom a few months ago it’s

hilarious it’s so so goddamn funny

winged face fine

Ali where are you going I’m going mister

same name as me I’m going to show you

the main sights of London so if you’ve

never been here or maybe if you plan to

come here for whatever reason some

people have problems oh these are money

whatever then I’m gonna show you what I

can today

I’ll do another one with other cool

places like when it’s sunny day we’ll go

to a park I’ll show you a really nice

park to go to or where else is that

where is the other place

I’ll think about the cool places a real

English pub I mean okay well that is a

redefine real English pub would just be

if it looks old

I suppose if it’s one of those it’s new

but it’s made to look old then it’s not

you know quote unquote real English a

real English pub smells like beer and


I mean that’s the ones I grew up with

anyway get the best foods a a great

great question had the best food to eat

in London that would be food you to

other countries food traditional English

food not good so in London you’ll notice

that all the restaurants are from

different countries so that’s what you

should do just try try for him from

everywhere that is the beauty of London

it’s a mixer everywhere oh here we are

we’re in Trafalgar Square right now so

this is Trafalgar Square and of course

we’ve got the National Gallery which is

very cool it’s this art gallery has like

a load of sort of mythical paintings and

that I love that’s so so cool I

love here I love that place the guy here


this is a basket market I hate these

guys that sit on a pole it’s like you’re

floating you know you’re sitting on a

pole it’s really annoying stop



okay quick question for you guys London

London general knowledge who is that guy

who’s that guy on the top anyone know

anyone no I’m sure the comments anyone

no no wait is that Justin Bieber song

she’s singing no ID well I did ask for


not honestly it’s an improvement from

the bagpipes

Nelson yes it is it’s Lord Nelson I I’m

gonna make this up he battled the French

at Waterloo probably so they put him up

now in the in the summer people will get

really drunk and jumping these fountains

despite all the signs saying not to do


just so you get this view how cool how

and he is saying is London expensive yes

but then it depends where you live it’s

all it’s all subjective right it

completely depends where you live which

will determine whether you think London

is expensive enough someone is saying

British girls are beautiful all girls

oh my god I love this okay so I don’t

know if you can see the traffic lights P

see how they green we’ve got the female

female sign here

big fight happening and this D no gender

sign here I love this this is just

showing how cool London is learn exclus

we’re an inclusive sorry for an

inclusive very diverse City and we

accept everyone

it’s very cool Shiho yeah I know it’s

really noisy it’s the freaking the fire

engine annoying fire engines okay quick

look back at Felger square let’s have a

look Oh 13 minutes in we’ve already done

quite a few landmarks mr. Nelson

so from here you can walk up to

Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives

and that’s where we’re headed ada is

asking where is Sherlock Holmes that is

in Baker Street we will go there one day

oh you know what we could do we could do

a Baker Street to Abbey Road tour so I

could show you the whole Beatles thing

that’d be cool okay I’m gonna show you

something secret here that not many

people know okay this arch here if you

come to London you have to find the

bronze knows there is a hidden bronze

nose in these arches if you have found

it let me know in the comments Oh Daria

is asking yes but I want to know if

anyone knows where it is okay if you

know where it is tell me which column

it’s on Jo I’m not saying hello to some

there it is the majestic nose so there

is a story behind someone who puts it

there oh my god it’s windy oh my god

it’s so windy yeah there we go let’s

just walk down the middle so at the very

very end I don’t know if you can see it

but that’s Buckingham Palace down the

very very end and that’s where we’re

headed that’s where we’re going James

yeah make a night tour good coal James

that’d be really cool the lights in

central London tonight they’re very very

cool I like them London sky always that


I mean know yesterday was so blue there

not a cloud in the sky it was amazing

but today yeah it’s probably gonna rain

soon also a tip if you come to London

always always carry a small umbrella

because you never know when it’s gonna

start raining let me know if you see

your country’s flag I want to see I want

to know what these flags are and so

at geography so I would love it if you

could tell me which one your flag is in

yeah so many unfamiliar flag yes I know

you you’re rubbish at Flags

too me too and segi watch which

smartphone do I use I use a Google pixel

that’s why the sound is so bad I need a

new phone but I’m too poor yeah

tell us about the weather

Oh an Englishman’s favorite subject yeah

so one of my friends is coming from the

US the end of next week

and she’s like what should I bring

what’s the weather gonna do I don’t know

what to say because I don’t know but

every day is different one day very

rainy the next day very sunny and hot

the next day very cold

no one knows um also I just kind of

really liked that place there it just

looks cool just looks like you’re placed

it you’d see the beginning of a James

Bond film I love it I do I live in

London yes I do I live in the east and a

place called Mile End it’s near its near

bow which if you remember from my

cockney video and the bow bells is the

church who’s sorry Samara LeBeau that’s

the church whose bells the bow bells if

you live within earshot of them then in

you know you are quite unquote cockney

however now it’s just a few speed

so they’re really nine months of autumn

that’s a good way of putting it kind of

Oh people from Egypt I’ve been to Egypt

I went diving in Egypt you have a

beautiful fish there my god diving in

right now in London it’s like almost oh

I think almost 4 p.m. so it will stay

pretty light I think all day now until

like 7 8 that’s told day what we’re

The Globe Theatre they’ll be a good one

and you know you could you could also do

a load of other places in a very short

space of time you could go to South Bank

hit the London Eye hit Waterloo

Shakespeare’s Globe it’s pretty really

cool oh don’t I change my hair Amy you

for some guys you have to make a choice

tried to shave your head or you look

like an idiot made the first choice the

trees look like they’re dying I know I

know but soon soon they look beautiful

because the nice weather is coming and

everything’s going to be happy and sunny

and everyone is going to be really

really happy I’m no vehicles okay

but you know what soon there’s gonna be

that royal wedding Prince Harry Megan

and this place is gonna be super crowded

if you think this is crowded today wait

don’t recognize any of these flags yes I

don’t either let me know if you see

yours I don’t really see mine I’m

balding but I rather have my hair short

Vicente man if if that’s if that’s going

on be confident man shave it off you’ll

feel better

okay if you’re watching this icon repeat

if you’re not watching this live later

later today or tomorrow skip this oh my

is it true that when Megan Malcolm

marries Prince she won’t be a princess

it’s that true I didn’t know that is

that true is making mock I’m not gonna

be no of course she’s gonna be a

princess if you’re married to a prince

of course you of course you’re a

princess right well no am I wrong

someone please correct me Malta is on

the left which one this one a Malta oh

no no no it’s raining starting to rain

guys Oh she’ll be a Duchess Duchess

Megan Marco yes that sounds kind of cool

but I think I mean I think it would

always be cool if someone if you ask

someone for something and they’re like

who do you think you are some kind of

princess and being able to respond yes I

am that would just be super cool what if

a prince Mallory marries another Prince

well then we have either two princes or

okay so the for a female its Duchess for

a male its Duke Julianne is saying how

old am i that’s a bit personal and 33

though I don’t care

I’m yes I’m 33 that’s why I hate

everything go to the palace I am going

to the palace I’m gonna going we’re

gonna say hi to the Queen if she’s in

you have some tea so who you who’ve you

have been to London before it’s let’s

get some questions going I want to get

to know you so Venezuela where and it’s


where’s Venezuela am I blind can I


are these world flags or just britain or

colonies another great question I mean

it could be we did colonize a lot of

places people okay this is what I don’t

understand people say oh the history of

my country is really bad

yeah we’ve such a terrible history and

we have such a bad stereotype yeah do

you know England’s history England’s

history is filled with incest family

murder beheadings our history is the

real-life Game of Thrones so English

people definitely are the worst people

for history my fault I taught you at

Malvern house he’s you had my student

there man that’s a long time ago what

that’s really cool to see you then

okay we’re getting close

we’re getting close run run where it’s a

South Korean flag good question I don’t

know I’m looking for it though no

there’s no more flags I mean okay Canada

England literally the only two flags

I’m sure you big men on for two reasons

one we’re not close to Big Ben to his

big banners in hospital he’s having

maintenance so he is completely covered

up I know Shiho I couldn’t see the

Japanese flag either you know maybe it’s

the colonies maybe they are wow that’s a

dick move

why would we put up colony flags oh hey

yeah we conquered this country and we

saw claim to this country as part of

Britain I mean that’s no cool clock

hospital is where Big Ben is now he’s

just under a lot of cover because he

needs maintenance few years okay so yes

this is pretty cool it’s great photos

this little place

Oh Commonwealth uh yeah maybe

Commonwealth which i think is like the

come with this where we just put up

flags I know it’s like all you need is a

flag then you just claim something as

your own it’s like hey we put a flag in

the moon it’s ours now someone for

hey Miguel how you doing man am i was

close to Leicester Square but now this

is Buckingham Palace right here so okay

this is where the Queen apparently lives

you often see her coming out in out of

here in her little car it’s not a little

car it’s quite a nice big car but she

looks cute the guards are out okay let’s

go see some cards is she inside okay

there’s a thing it’s like if the flags

up then she’s in and if it’s down she’s

out if it’s a half-mast

there’s a know do you ever think she

comes to the window and this just gives

us all the finger I would pick you

we made it guys we made it so in less

than a half an hour I just showed you

some main cool landmarks of London so if

you come here you now know the route

that you should take together some not

all of them of the really really cool

landmarks of London so I hope you

enjoyed that if you liked what we did

today let me know where you would like

to see me do next time let me know in

the comments or get in touch with me on

social media come on Instagram have a

teach me same with Twitter Facebook I’m

on there by hate to music’s Facebook ciao

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