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English expressions for SUMMER! – Lingoda Language Marathon Returns! #SPON

do you remember the movie diehard three

these German terrorists are trying to

rob a bank and then a cop comes into the

bank almost ruining everything I mean

have you seen anything strange over the

last hour or so so the German terrorists

they have to convince the American cop

that they are actually Americans oops

just gonna make a round on the Bob floor

if you want to tag along

but then one of the terrorists says this

she was like it’s gonna rain like dogs

and he ruined it raining dogs and cats

no one it’s raining cats and dogs too

no one says it’s raining cats and dogs

anymore if your teacher is telling you

to say raining cats and dogs please tell

them to stop


we use this structure it’s something it

down for example pouring it’s pouring it

down outside so rainy chucking it down

Chuck means to throw very hard if you

don’t like swearing don’t watch the next

five seconds my favorite one it’s

pissing it down outside

this does not happen very often in

England so as soon as the Sun comes out

what do English people do the clothes

disappear and we do this

sunbathe to sunbathe not sunbath I often

hear sunbath not that say it with me

sunbathe an example sentence you might

hear in London is plus 10 degrees I’m

going sunbathing

when you sunbathe one of two things will


maybe you have a nice glow to your skin

maybe your skin’s a bit darker and a bit

sexier in this case you have a tan

that’s the noun you can use this as a

today I’m going to take advantage of the

Sun and I’m going to tan also as an

adjective to be tanned look at me I’m

tanned and sexy so you can use it as a

noun verb or an adjective this guy

however not so lucky if your skin is red

after the Sun and it’s ow it’s painful

to touch you are burned the adjective

burned also as a verb this is how we

would say it commonly I got burned maybe

you have seen this word with a T that’s

fine too okay before we continue

are you a hard-working dedicated student

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up ok back to the lesson let’s talk

about the heat

when it’s so hot and this happens to you

sweating pronunciation I often hear

sweet Sweeting no sweating the verb

sweat and how can he talk about the heat

it’s baking it’s sweltering say it with

me pronunciation baking that’s a

difficult one sweltering this is not as

and of course we like to be creative so

we could say it’s hot as hell for

example or replace that word for any

swear word all the bad words which are

nouns replace that with those and you’re

good those words of course I know some

of you don’t like swearing that’s fine

however I really really enjoy it and

this is English this is what we

naturally say okay but how about some

expressions that’s what you came for

let’s do that let’s imagine that you

have a friend I’m sure you have a friend

when times are good when everything is

great no problems no nothing they are

your best friend but maybe one day you

have a problem you have some trouble you

really need your friend to help you

please help me I need you I have a

problem ya know this type of friend in

good times your best friend in bad times

then disappear this is what we call a

fair-weather friend of course it’s not a

good thing they are only your friend

during the good times the bad times

bye-bye friend if you have a story about

your Fairweather friend write it in the

comments sometimes the weather in London

is a little bit crazy and we get storms

we have an expression with storms let’s

imagine that something great happens to


you got a great job everyone is super

happy for you this is your moment but

but then your friend is like hey

everyone pay attention to me something

amazing happened to me baby in there

this person is taking the attention away

steal your thunder or steal his thunder

steal her thunder basically to take the

attention away from something else and

put it on themselves

has anyone ever stolen your thunder tell

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lesson and want to see more remember to

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