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EIAM: History vs Story

Dan: Hi, I’m Dan from BBC Learning English
and today I’m going to tell you the difference
between those two confusing words
history and story.
Both words are used for a description
of events. So that makes them the same, right?
WRONG! They are not the same.
History is the description or study of past
events based on fact, often to understand
their consequences. ‘Christopher
Columbus arrived in America in 1492.’
A story is the description of a series of
real or imagined events, often to entertain
people. ‘After arriving in America in 1492,
Columbus and his crew were attacked by a giant
man-eating T-Rex dinosaur!’ That didn’t
happen! It’s just a story.
So… history is the description of past
events based on fact and stories are descriptions
of real or imagined events often to entertain.
Leave us a comment about a piece
of history or an imagined story from your culture!
We’ll try and guess which is which!
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