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Simple Tray Baked Salmon | Bart’s Fish Tales


hi I’m Bart of Bart’s fish tails and

this is jus my lovely daughter she’s

one-and-a-half years old and today we’re

going to make this delicious recipe of

Jamie Oliver which is a often trade

baked salmon with new potatoes and

seasonal veggies so this dish is light

its nutritious the potatoes and the

beans social structure gives a bit of

sweetness to the dish we have two Herbst

we have the lemon which gives a bit of a

heaven and that’s a cake and freshness

to the dish we have of course the salmon

crunchy crispy from the outside and

juicy and tender from the inside so for

this stage guys I’m using salmon and why

because it’s a really oily fish it

contains a lot of omega threes and this

is really good for your kids and if you

buy seafood if you buy salmon make sure

you buy them coming from a sustainable

source so first pre-heat your oven on

230 degrees Celsius or 450 on fire night

okay so first thing we take a big fan

and fill it up with some cold water and

I bring it to a boil with some salt and

the first job is to clean the potatoes

so we have here some water

okay you okay then we’re going to clean

them with a brush from the outside so

what I use is like 700 grams of new

potatoes we leave the skin on okay so

potatoes so we have three types of beans

today we have the green beans we have

run our beans yet the green beans and we

have the yellow French beans so what we

the first job I’m doing is get rid of

tips so we start with the Reta beings so

I cut cut off the tops of the runner

beans but you cut it until the side of

the beam you try to get rid of this this

vein at the outside but if it’s really

fresh it will be difficult to find it so

the better the beans the less vein you

will you will find so I used for this

dish we have like

of all beans we use like one gram first

I start with the runner beans

I slice them around every four

centimeters so cut them in these

bite-size pieces

okay so we have we’re cooking boiling

the potatoes right now so what you do

you get them like 1012 minutes until

they’re nearly done and as soon as

they’re nearly don’t we going to add the

veggies so all the veggies including the

potatoes will be ready at the same time

okay so as soon as all the veggies have

been properly cooked we drain them into

a colander so the next step is you just

add all these perfectly boiled veggies

into an oven tray so scatter over the

peas add some butter use like 20 grams

of butter like 1 tablespoon of olive oil

drizzle it over so next step I’ve got 2

lemons I’m going to use the zest of two

lemons so scatter this in the tray okay

you next step is the lemon so what we

use is the lemon juice and use your

fingers to catch up the pips so what I

also do is use a bit of the lemon juice

to drizzle over the salmon so now I give

it a toast with my with my hand

it’s important that all the ingredients

are still worn so all the flavors aren’t

properly getting properly infused so

next step I take a handful of basil

fresh basil and I get rid of the stalks

nice okay so basil dill fresh dill half

of the basil off of the fresh dill my

edits to the tree so now we’re here out

of salmon we’re going to score the

Phillip lightly into the scale bit of

olive oil so now I use the other half of

the fresh herbs and to fill this course

now we add the salmon on top of the tray

of the beautiful feta cheese look at

this this is so beautiful so I’m going

to bake this for 10 to 15 minutes it’s a

bit depending on the thickness of the

filling of your fish but make sure the

skin is crispy that salmon is properly

cooked and the veggies are soft so I’m

now taking out the salmon as we cook 12

minutes and what you actually see with

wealth salmon is that the protein is

releasing a bit quicker you know which

form salmon which which is perfectly

okay so don’t worry about that okay guys

this is it it’s so beautiful it smells

perfect and if your child is younger

than you

you’re perfectly perfectly could mess it

up you’re fair for your family all the

ingredients are soft and tender so it’s

really easy to give it a bit of a mesh but we came to tasted you

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