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we’re going lime oh my god whoo

trying to reconnect I love it

YouTube chime we can air YouTube’s on

hello eww people

it’s mr. Oliver it’s a veggie challenge

guys I hope you all really well if I may

but I do in probably three four days a

week there’s just loads of upsides and

the point of doing the five day veggie

challenge is we want to get not just a

veggie vegans cooking delicious food we

want to get the meteor’s eating amazing

food and realizing that you know like

cooking like our grandparents you know

eating me every day it’s not supposed to

be like that but I cost a fortune

so we want to give you amazing recipes

and no compromise just celebrating

delicious delicious food coming out of

it represents so from amazing breakfast

with you careers we’ve got the most

amazing Coney’s cauliflower spiced up

easy doable right so all the cancer

dinners were sweet potatoes really

really nice so guys um this I really

want you to sign up sign up now actually

I don’t give you a shout out after the

five day video challenge it’s too quick

right and I know everything’s free

online and I’ve got thousands of free

recipes online that you can use any day

we met to build this it’s custom fair

bit but this is an experiment and it’s

not open to anyone

only the people that sign up so the

point of this is your quick a little box

that says SMS and I’m going to be SMSing

you for a week you might not want to do

it and but the point is is that over

that week and throughout the day we cook

breakfast lunch and dinner together I

give you little nutritional hits little

hacks little tutorials and little

bite-sized bits of information about the

wonderful world of vosch so we’re all in

so whether you’re a meeting a veggie or

vegan you can get amongst it and I’ve

written some beautiful exclusive recipes

is it veggie week next week so it’s

Benji week next week earning my national

veggie wait global which I don’t know

anyways that’s convenient but look the

point of this is in this delicious food

you’ll save a lot of money guys you’re

gonna save a load of money protein cost

a fortune right so this thing about

saving money is not just genius it means

that the money you’ve saved if you want

to buy me as a meteor at the end of the

week you can buy really nice higher

welfare more delicious you can support

better systems so let me take you over

so guys if you start if you click the

link at the top or down the bottom

there’s basically a sign-up page here

it’s very quick very simple name email

password and then you’ll get an email

confirmation you’ll get money to Friday

the point the point of me doing this

creative this is the experiment for you

it’s five days and in that five days I

can take you on a journey proper

nutrition no rubbish so we’ve already

been listening to you guys so we were

going to giving you the shopping list

for the week on Sunday on Friday night

so sign up for me and that is DeYoung

Jones and there’s lots of people doing

it with their family lovely so let’s

shout going out now into Honda Bekka

Lawrence Stewart Cheryl Melissa

Murray you’re in so guys this is an

experiment in the wonderful world of

food which are living I’m always trying

to find different ways to have a

relationship with you to listen to you

give you what you want let me go away

you do all the hard work and then come

back and try and give you good

information in a fun contemporary way so

this is an experiment to try and sign up

now it’s to squid to sweet it’s the

first time we’ve challenged for anything

so apologies for charging but I do spend

a fortune

thousands of recipes everyday week for

the last 15 years for free so there is

Jamie over comm and you can have it all

for free this is different because I’m

working for a week right and also by the

end of Sunday know what people are

allowed we’re not actually sure what the

right amount is so I’ve put it in low

but I’ve written new new exclusive

recipes we’ve designed it we’ve got

videos that I’ve shot view tutorials


I’m with you for the whole week reacting

and listening I think there’s probably

going to be like probably 10,000 and you

probably that are going to do it so it’s

small enough for us to read it’s not an

open-ended thing for about half a

million views and this and the other

life is so nice we can manage that

amount of people and love you and give

you lots of response so I’ll marry you I

will will comment darlings and get back

to you I can’t eat three times a day

hello well maybe maybe it’s time you did

your day from Down Under

hi darling this would be nutrition so

guys this is the five-day emoji

challenge it’s an experiment let me show

you some of the food again I’ve just

cooked these up so we got a whole range

of stuff if you just have a little look

at this let me just twiddle it look

we’ve got some beautiful passes amazing

curries these are all doable a little

bit of pickling going on every recipe

that’s a fantastic little lemon pickle


cassadee’s and you’ve got wonderful

shadows beautiful breakfast we’ve got

five days we’re breaking it down look

the point of this before ye lot starts

saying oh he’s just doing veggie recipes

because everyone’s going crazy about

bacon even well 20 years next year since

the naked check every book I’ve ever

written with the exception of one is

about 60% veggie right I’m a meat eater

so whether you’re ready vegan on what we

mustn’t do guys is create reasons to

sort of people advice of about food but

everyone can do what they like less but

the five day major challenge is to show

the people that

I think they can do better think they

want to feel better I think they want to

save some money I think that maybe their

skin or their body or you know without

question why I’m Emilio but without

question the goodness in veggies

cocktail of wonderfulness the stuff that

we do know I’m most importantly the

stuff we don’t know about veggies is

blinding without question the rise of

disease on this planet is because of

consumption of beans pulses seeds and

ventures right fact fact so if you love

Peggy come on if you hate veggies come


this this there will never be a better

time than to come and do it with me and

I’ll be working and grafting would be

for five days straight I’m doing it all

my office at least three times a week

and I think for a lot of people this

would be a big thing we’ve got Michelle

out from BNI signed up wait your recipes

bless you the shopping district on

Friday my six-year-old daughter will

love getting involved oh man remember

kids weren’t put genetically on this

planet to only eat chicken nuggets right

kids will be anything and they’re all

weight they’ll always challenge you and

definitely I’m going to be cooking at

home I mean my kids I’m responding to

you guys I’m a huge meteor but I’m open

to change I’m interested in getting a

as you brother I love me and and we’re

living in a funny time now where in my

opinion I think we take a lot for


so to eat maybe you should have to

think about it you should feel a tiny

bit uncomfortable or maybe maybe the

veggie vegans would say very

uncomfortable but you should what you

shouldn’t do is not think about it and

for me if you eat veggie three four

times a week you can either save that

money and put it to good use or you can

use that money to trade up beautiful

free-range pork you know gorgeous

gorgeous you know well raised good

farmers good so you know this is not

this is an inclusive experience guys

everyone is welcome kids

Oh young beta vegans new name it lead

back love Europe here in your recipes

energy enthusiasm infection I thought we

said I’ve got an infection now bless you

weather and one thing is is if you get

all benches in your life and by the way

guys and the five day video challenge is

going to over-deliver on your daily

amount of videos right so anything in

England funny enough they say eat your

five through bed today by the way based

on science battle eyes so what the

government do is they say fine because

they don’t trust you at all they don’t

trust you at all to do five and actually

it’s more like eight we need to be in

about age service today

what does that look like is a handful

like eighty grams

eighty grams of fresh veg 30 grams of

dried and fresh or frozen reading and so

even the five-day major challenge we’re

going to within the get we’re going to

go shopping

we’re gonna be like using the freezer

but you can using fresh we’re gonna be

making beautiful spices it’s not long on

the Friday is a slightly 10 more minutes

cooking but generally these recipes are

going to be super quick so guys get

involved that’s my little Facebook like

the link should be up there or down

there sign up the five day video

challenge if you’ve got a friend who you

think should eat more veggies if you

think they’ve got can do that or if you

feel like could I feel happier more

optimal have a bit more of a spring in

this step do you know what it could be

lots of things but it could just be you

know getting more veggies in a Dublin

veggie you should never ever eat veggies

because it’s the right thing to do

veggies because they’re delicious right

so I’m gonna give you like that it’s red

salads little sauces you know this foods

going to be bright and colorful so

that’s it I’m gonna sign out love you

very much and remember there’s a

two-pound paywall and I need to know but

I can go away and create really

important content and spend money and

bring a load of information to you if I

think to quids really good value but I

don’t we’ve never done this before so

that’s interesting

also I like the idea that it’s an

intimate group but the main reason for

doing this is to have more banter back

and forth from you

listen so there’s a Facebook group

attached to the five-day venture

challenge that will tell you all about

it should be allowed I’m gonna have been

listening to it and my team are gonna be

all over everything but I’ll be looking

at it I’ll be looking at a hundred

hundreds and hundreds of comments every

day and my team will be going from

everything so guys people of and let’s

celebrate veggies next week let’s have a


let’s save some money let’s try things

we’ve never tried before I think I’ve

said everything I’m supposed to say

right um it’s like this is a little

homegrown experiment and let’s do it guys lots of love

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