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Jamie Oliver’s #5DayVeggie Challenge

the beautiful tomato sweet thou full of

pertinency salubrious robust and

privation Pomodoro sexy silky a

luxurious fruit its tomato its various

look at it look at the shape of it if we

not got any more budget than this this

is rubbish we’re trying to upsell to not

as here very nice

this is the five-day veggie challenge

I’m launching something very exciting

it’s the five-day veggie challenge this

is tasty healthy and affordable

delicious meals that I’m gonna help you

cook click through come and join it

it starts on May the 14th if you’re a

meteor a fishing or a vegetarian this is

for you I have exclusively written a

whole bunch of beautiful new recipes

breakfast lunch dinner snacks I’ve got a

load of videos shortcuts nutrition

shopping all this stuff is in the

five-day veggie challenge is to quit

sign up it’s five days together I’m with

you every single step of the way I’ll be

texting you messaging you we go on a bit

of a journey you’ve got the recipes

forever but this is a moment to really

change some of your perceptions about

the joys of veggies so guys whether your

meat eater or officia it doesn’t matter

this is the five day they cheat challenge

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