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JAMIE’S SPECIALS | Italian Rolled Lamb (Lambchetta) | Jamie’s Italian

hey guys so got a brand new dish on the
new James Italian menu that I’m really
proud of using lamb British lamb
brilliant quality and the technique of
cooking it is quite interesting
I was China kind of like rift off of
what would a lamb version of a porchetta
be right so the idea of rubbing the lamb
with beautiful things like chopped up
parsley anchovies ground coriander
seasoning a little vinegar a little
garlic and then slow cooking it slow
cooking it blonde so it’s utterly tender
but held together right rolled up and
then our job is to get it really really
crispy so then what we do once it’s
tender is that Chris penis you know
really get that happening in the pan and
you got that wonderful contrast of Chris
penis and tenderness
once you’ve colored this up a little bit
we’re gonna put this in the oven so
we’re going to just get that nice and
crispy to go with that there’s a great
Italian dish called peperonata which is
with peppers so beautiful red and yellow
peppers and we sort of braised it down
with beautiful ingredients until it’s
sort of sweet and sour and that with the
lamb is a phenomena right so let me just
show you how we do it we get a pepper I
don’t want to waste any so just push
your thumb in the hole like that bust it
open and then we want to just lose the
seeds and the stalk and then we’re gonna
hack it up into chunks
kind of like inch random chunks but
nothing too uniformed we’re gonna fry
that off now keep moving it about half
an hour sometimes a bit longer and you
want to encourage the natural sweetness
out of the peppers so I’ve got some nice
red onions here just going to quarter it
and chunk it up all nice and rough for
me I love making peperonata it’s a
wonderful recipe to master in your home
about sort of ten minutes in I’ll add
the garlic
winning you some beautiful capers as
well and a little bit of lemon zest just
to freshen it up just the lovely yellow
zest will seize on this peperonata with
pepper and salt look at these colors so
now what’s going to happen now is the
natural juices will come out and it will
start to soften and then we’ll cook
those duties away and the natural sugars
will start to caramelize delicious and
that is what we get I did a small batch
just before and that’s how it looks when
it’s done so you can kind of see the
difference in texture but beautiful
colors and of course if you’ve got green
peppers or orange peppers you can kind
of get amongst it with all of that and
then just nice little wedge of parsley
just by adding that lovely fresh parsley
at the end it’s a freshness that’s just
it’s really delicious
really really nice and then we’re gonna
serve it with a salsa verde which is
parsley mint bit of basil garlic capers
anchovies mustard olive oil and a bit of
vinegar it’s the most delicious green
sauce I’m just gonna wash that up in a
food processor and this is nice we make
this every day keep it fresh keep the
fragrance of those beautiful soft herbs
in there but it’s great with any grilled
meat it’s great with actually any
roasted grilled fish beautiful grilled
vegetables salsa verde is a real
fundamental of the Italian kitchen but
you got to keep it fresh and delicious
let’s plate up this lovely lamb dish I
think it’s really nice that blend of
soft tender and crispy bits we all love
crispy bits come on the peperonata
you know is deep and rich not just in
color but also flavor look at the colors
the colors are exceptional look at that
so rolled rest of lamb lot of love and
care gone into that and then Sasebo a
chef so we just whizzed up those
ingredients and then balanced it with
oil and a little vinegar and that’s it
lovely people a little bit of salsa
verde over the top simple but delicious
and some beautiful pea shoots to finish
and they taste sweet and gorgeous and
there you go lovely people a delicious
slow-cooked crispy rolled lamb with
peperonata and gorgeous sows of early
and this will be on a special today and for the next week hope you enjoy
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