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Chicken Skewers | Gennaro Contaldo | Jamie Cooks Italy

hi lovely people are gonna make Ana
fantastic recipe yes it comes from a
Jimmy cooks Italy and will be a chicken
skewers yes
chickens Puri so good comes a lovely
prosciutto good
parsley almond garlic little anchovies
fantastic capers Selina capers all good
and lovely balsamic vinegar so first of
all I’m gonna make the filling so I got
nice and full of parsley just chocolate
very very fun through their little stock
come on yes I’m gonna bash some almonds
let’s get to the garlic you crush it now
you chopping it oh my god I wish you
could smell just put them inside
about a tablespoon of capers you do the
circle of the sea York rational bits is
to get all the lovely flavor of juice
from inside and you got about five we
let your vine chilies you just cut it or
mash them as well in the same time the
answer is to give you that saltiness to
the paste use a little bit of the only
inside the anchovies and put all the
pasul inside now to get a paster
together oh yeah so nice when you doing
a pestle and mortar if you want to get
to pestle and mortar just to go to Jamie
Oliver’s shop now we have this fantastic
basis so everything’s just concentrated
with the flavor flavor but we need a
little lift with one tablespoons of a
fantastic Bassam mega vinegar come on
come on come on come on little spoon yes
then you mix all together double things
start to change color it’s gonna be
unbelievable it’s gonna be so good this
is done let’s get on the chicken you got
some level these chicken fights
now we’re gonna bash it just put the one
on top special right this way and you
put another one just fashion a bit
lovely look Allah beauty this is
possible now got to stuff in here which
we done early on hop spoon it’s chicken
just put them inside just spray them a
little bit oh my goodness me for the
moment now they start to roll it is full
of flavor so good what you do now yeah
prosciutto pick too old them it together
so it just slice of a prosciutto little
sack lettuce a chicken with a prosciutto
which is both the perfect marriage is
all together come on Fantastico let’s
get this queues now got four skewers you
get old one of the spirits as slowly you
put in one side then you get another
skew it then you put them at the other
side so everything is older inside just
give me a space from a1 each other
people have a metal skew you can use in
those nice long wood skewers oh yeah
yeah let’s wash my hands first now I
actually peels kilo large potato I slice
about one centimeter thick with some
salt and cook for about 6 minutes but
lovely cherry tomato a very sharp knife
a little crisscross because when I put
them inside the water
I don’t want actually to cook I just
wanted to remove the skin straight
inside cover their cooking seconds you
take him out remove the skin but they
smell sweet check it up at a top yes
they’re ready not rain first oh yes I’ve
improved pan let’s put some olive oil in
the pan potato just sling them all in
spread them around little bit dress it
up with some in olive oil you touch on
the sole got my cherry tomatoes put them
on top oh my gosh so good
well nice a little bit of black pepper
on top then I got my skills just put
them on top
yes oh my mind this is gonna be
unbelievable the old ejuice they’re
coming from chicken fine from the
prosciutto and the herbs and everything
was inside they’re gonna go straight
inside and they’re gonna make a fist now
it’s gonna be for 30 minutes 200 Celsius
in the oven and then you’re gonna enjoy
oh my oh my God look at that
I just got some time just dipping inside
this lovely juice brush mo lova oh yeah
just put everything back lets it cook
now for ten minutes right is this ready
I’m so excited
hooker that oh my god I can almost cry
for happiness oh my god
I look at this
oh my god it’s all coming out and every time to put a little bias on your mouth
time to put a little bias on your mouth you’re gonna have an explosion again no
you’re gonna have an explosion again no flavor the lovely juice which will come
flavor the lovely juice which will come from the chicken from the prosciutto and
from the chicken from the prosciutto and from all the feeling son when he’s right
from all the feeling son when he’s right through you can see look they’re all
through you can see look they’re all inside there perfect juice just little
inside there perfect juice just little tiny birds I have to taste it
full of a flavor taste ability everything cuidar I just will enjoy
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