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Behind the Scenes in Italy | Shopping with Gennaro Contaldo

hi lovely people air I am in Torino
multiple are to market one of the
biggest markets in Italy probably is in
Europe this is where there is everything
all different prove them vegetable
everything is in season
surely you can buy all we stop the
supermarket and if you want the really
good stuff this is the place you have to
come you will love this is what he loves
Jamie is set up working on many things
is set but a person and really look
forward to find him to see miss Jamie
look us trying to dissolve genes they’re
here this is sample legal or look at
this is when you open up you just to
tell you look oh my goodness male
dismantle assembly well then you can
crack it you can make so many different
the dish
we just cook just garlic it from some
fast inside little salsa paper be the
palm is it is already a fantastic the
recipe but a car like a surprise me you
could put it inside all you can make all
the garlic mix with the rosemary and so
and so and so it’s unbalanced I gots a
pop push my hands lie down top I do this
look can you see almost all the zest
coming up you can see spray make sure
when you buy them because this is keeps
the lemons no I cooked with this a
problem gonna try or just put them on
top high help to those lemons which
should have a wax on top on the lemon
fish is natural you can eat it you could
squeeze you just with a jest you can be
lovely drinking which I call a cannery
no I can just put a popped water on top
and with the jest you come back to Samba
you can spread on top of the bed
whenever you do a little bit of garlic
and zest of lemon on top unbelief on
it is a multi robot the soap fresh soft
sweet s’alright
generally the shotgun do not there is no
and Vermont Oh is the very face of
Italian cooking unbelievable in this
market there is everything is broccoli
this is so easy to cook this is a common
treatment wrapper Terminix stops which
you go committing included additional
forage some pasta dish is some beautiful
cooking so girl yes
is the quality of food this is why this
is what I’m talkin about this is what is
about the red painted green tape on
yellow paper so all-in-ones
it’s fantastic to make so many different
parmigiana pounds it is so good for
cooking next
Oh dish whatever you cookie max are so
happy they like so tasty spelling-book
he come out to you kilometers in the
seal you could sprinkle on top people
put them inside vegetable
I believe is the greatest invention of
other cheese in world yes yes a thousand
recipe out of um January job and I love
I think the world so when you’re gonna
show market don’t forget to my bouncing
that you see the a penis you penguin you
will love it helps it is very focused on
food because the combination of herbs
with whatever you cook in you know make
perfect balance what a quarter fat bank
to manage and labs when you put them all
together they give a kind of armory that
create a kind of God that need a kind of
smell and taste it everything goes with
everything’s you know how can you do
Rose Bowl without using sage Oh rosemary
is a mask how can we do any pasta with
tomato without use the Buzzard is a must
how can you do any kind of fish sauce
without the parsley is your master and
this is why it is very important abscess
part rock this just a smell to touch the
so excited I’m going to everything I need for cooking let’s do it now
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