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Top 10 Best Game of Thrones Players

the great game is terrifying and some
are the ones who play it hey guys it’s
welcome to for the top ten
best players of the game of Thrones
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Thrones playlist number 10 Sansa Stark
you have to be smarter than Father
you need to be smarter than Rob I loved
them I miss them but they made stupid
mistakes and they both lost their heads
for it and how should I be smarter by
listening to you that we sit down we
suppose it’s fitting that the youngest
player on our list also ranks the lowest
but since the stark has come a long way
since the show began at the story’s
beginning she’s incredibly naive and is
frequently a pawn in the plans of others
often as a bride to be married off
however Sansa observes those who use her
carefully and is able to correctly
anticipate their actions using her
knowledge of Ramsay Bolton to win the
Battle of the bastards and even managing
to finally top a little finger once and
for all she may be young but if she
survives the series she may grow into
the greatest player yet thank you for
all your many lessons Lord Baelish
I will never forget them number nine
high Sparrow hypocrisy is a boil lancing
a boil is never Pleasant sometimes
humility is the path to power the high
Sparrow whose real name is unknown
manages to go from a traveling holy man
to the most powerful religious figure in
Westeros exerting tremendous influence
over even the throne itself skilled in
manipulating his followers as well as
nobility the high Sparrow manages to
leverage the imprisonment of several
notable players to gain even more power
including characters who may appear
later on our list whether he’s entirely
sincere in his beliefs is a matter of
interpretation but it’s clear that
however deep his convictions are the
high Sparrow uses them and the faithful
populace as very effective weapons we
have no names no family every one of us
is poor and powerless and yet together
we can overthrow an empire number eight
Olenna Tyrell the city has been made
brighter by your presence the city is
made brighter by my presence is that
your usual line Lord Varys you here to
seduce me little obvious perhaps please
seduce away it’s been so long known as
the queen of thorns due to her sharp wit
and even sharper tongue Lady Olenna
Tyrell may not be the official leader of
her house but make no mistake she runs
the show
awana plays the game behind the scenes
and in a quiet way though her moves
often have a big impact always with the
intention of advancing her family’s
interests her master stroke however may
be her murder of King Joffrey by
poisoning his wine you don’t think I’d
let you marry that beast deal I don’t
understand you don’t you worry yourself
about all that you just do what needs to
be done she clearly took pleasure in the
act but her primary motivation was
saving her granddaughter from the little
monster and giving Margaery a chance to
marry his nicer and more controllable
brother see what she did there
here’s to you lady Olenna
telepathy I wanted to know who with me
number seven Daenerys Targaryen owned a
city Balak Oh daddy bye daddy
she of many titles Daenerys Targaryen is
supposedly the last of her house and
nominally the heir to the Iron Throne
Dany has spent her from Westeros
acquiring a host of disparate allies
while also learning how to govern her
ability to inspire and lead people from
many different backgrounds is very
and the big fire-breathing dragons don’t
hurt either
however Dany is also prone to costly
mistakes due to her righteous anger and
implacability the Khaleesi has not found
much success in playing the game in
Westeros yet she’s a better Conqueror
than she is a politician but hey she’s
proven to be a quick learner in seasons
past so maybe she’ll catch up I was born
to rule the Seven Kingdoms and I will
number six
Margaery Tyrell and if Renly wasn’t a
king I wasn’t a queen do you want to be
a queen no I want to be the queen Lydia
lenez bran daughter Margaery takes a
more proactive role than her grandmother
and aims to be a queen sorry V Queen
not only is Margaery ambitious she’s
also extremely tactful when it comes to
dealing with others and is a superb
actress even managing to manipulate the
volatile King Joffrey but loved by the
common people in a way few others on our
list are most of Margaery setbacks and
defeats happen due to the actions of
others and not her own mistakes making
her a rare player indeed if she can be
said to have one fault though it’s that
she underestimated her rivals thus he
understands the consequences of absence
and she is absent anyway which means she
does not intend to suffer those
consequences number five
Tyrion Lannister told Varys that I was
giving the princess to the Greyjoy’s
I told Littlefinger that I planned to
Wed her to Robin Arryn I told no one
that I was offering her to the Dornish
no one but you given his stature
Tyrion Lannister has had to hone his
mind since a young age
and it has served him well in the Game
of Thrones when his father entrusts him
with being the hand of the king in his
Tyrion takes to politics with gusto
playing several major figures against
each other to achieve his goals and even
successfully leading the defense of the
capital after losing his brief position
of power he eventually regains it this
time under Daenerys
however Tyrion success is somewhat
marred due to his ignorance of warfare
and having the one thing that the other
Lannisters lack a good heart
Tyrion Lannister my name you hand of the
Queen number 4 Tywin Lannister the
future of our family will be determined
in these next few months we could
establish a dynasty that will last a
thousand years or we could collapse into
nothing as the Targaryen state Tyrians
formidable father Tywin is the Lannister
patriarch and is nearly single-handedly
responsible for his family success and
reputation a master military commander
Tywin is equally skilled in financial
and political matters skills which he
acquired during the decades he spent as
hand of the king it’s a rare enough
thing a man who lives up to his
reputation cold calculating and utterly
ruthless Tywin helps bring about many
major events from advantageous alliances
to even the infamous red wedding
although obsessed with securing his
family’s legacy at any cost
Tywin treats his own children like
pieces on a game board a strategy that
ultimately leads to his undoing enough
we’ll go back to my chambers and speak
with some dignity Mukunda back there
she’s in there are you afraid of a dead
whore number 3 Cersei Lannister did it
ever occur to you that I might be the
one who deserves your confidence new
trust not your sons
not Jaime or Tyrion but me let’s close
out our Lannister streak with the Queen
lioness herself nearly a smartest here
Ian and even more ruthless than Tywin
Cersei is absolutely one of the biggest
power players in the game of Thrones
after orchestrating her husband’s death
Cersei became the power behind the
throne to some degree or other when her
two sons sat on the throne working all
the while to increase her authority when
you play the game of Thrones you
although her willingness to murder and
torture her way to the iron throne has
been successful sir sees hatred makes
her prone to mistakes that cost her
dearly and her quest for power has
caused her to lose nearly everyone she
number two Varys the big fish eat the
little fish and I keep on paddling the
series resident spymaster Varys uses a
network of informants that spans
multiple continents to influence events
in Westeros and beyond cunning and
incredibly intelligent the bald eunuch
has surprisingly benevolent intentions
for someone nicknamed the spider varus’s
main goal is to keep the players from
trampling the common people and working
to install someone good and strong on
the throne though he attempts to
accomplish that dream with callous
efficiency and a healthy bit of
self-interest of course Varys only
misses out on our top spot due to his
lack of audacity the absence of desire
leaves one free to pursue other things
before we unveil our topic here are some
Tywin Lannister has given me the north
but he won’t lift a finger to help me
take it as long as the Ironborn hold
moat Cailin our armies a trap south of
the neck the wine will flow red and the
music will play loud and we’ll put this
mess behind us
number one Petyr Baelish did warn you
not to trust me there are players in
Game of Thrones and then there’s
Littlefinger Petyr Baelish manages to
ascend from minor nobility to one of the
most powerful men in Westeros possessing
a spy network only surpassed by varus’s
and having no loyalty to anyone but
Littlefinger’s ambition extends to the
Iron Throne itself his schemes help
bring about the death of two hands of
the King including the one that kicked
off the plot of the show and that led to
Joffrey’s murder heck he even killed his
wife Littlefinger is the very definition
of a magnificent bastard and while his
schemes were no match for an all-seeing
Brandon stark ultimately leading to his
watching him climb the ladder was
endlessly entertaining none of you knows
you said I did warn you not to trust me
now the real question is is Baelish
really dead
what do you guys think let us know in
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