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We Powerized a Starbucks Latte

are we doing this yep today we’re taking
one of the most popular drinks in
America a Starbucks latte and seeing
what happens if we dry it out completely
hey guys I’m Nate okay i’m callie we’ve
got another fun experiment for you today
we’ve dehydrated a few things before and
today we are taking on a very popular
drink so today we’ve got a Starbucks
latte and we’re gonna see what happens
if we dry it up it’s a simple idea we’re
gonna pour the entire contents of one
Starbucks latte into our dehydrator let
it dry out for as many days as it takes
and then see what’s left we’ve got our
dehydrate on 5000 we’ve got our latte
let’s learn what happens now I stopped
bringing it
no calories gonna be our expert on what
this tasted like and you’ll probably get
to taste the dried up bits too
that would be coffee with milk in it
right yeah steamed pressed steamed
pressed coffee with milk in err
here goes these videos in no way
sponsored or endorsed five Starbucks
plug everything in we go alright we’ve
got this dehydrating it’s probably and
take a couple of days to really dry out
of the way what do you think is gonna
happen how dry is the question so we’ve
done soda and that ended up just being
like you like it was like a really thick
syrup like molasses consistency then we
did milk and that like just completely
flaked we’re able to put that in a
blender and just turn it into dust I’m
hoping we get sort of like a the same
thing a powdery consistency maybe
something that’s almost something that
we can break but that’s kind of what I’m
thinking that’s gonna happen so maybe
we’ve got one that will dry out
completely and be like flaky and dry but
even just with the chocolate milk that
we did that had just milk and powdered
chocolate and that still ended up being
just a little bit more gummy and
flexible than the plain milk so I’m not
sure how’s it gonna end up we’ll see
give it a couple days guys has now been
a few days and we have led this latte
dry out like dry now it’s time to see
what happens to it she’s very
disappointed pull that out what even
happen wait oh that okay so I think we
were both wrong you said it was going to
be like crumbly I thought it would be
powderized but I’m gonna it’s just like
a sheet what wait I regret everything
not good
mmm oh and it suddenly smells very
strongly it actually weirdly didn’t
smell that strong while I was drying out
I thought it was I was gonna like make
the whole house smell strongly a coffee
it was pretty mild I barely noticed it
honestly but now as we’re like breaking
it I’m smelling it a lot more see how
much of this we can break out and fit
into our mortar and pestle here very
crispy crispy
all right so especially compared to the
soda this is just flaking right off like
yes there was sugar in this but I think
the difference is probably what corn
syrup okay that’s interesting around the
sides where it’s a little bit thicker
still kind of a weird gummy less crackly
consistency so that is pretty much what
we saw with the milk and the chocolate
milk is that it was too thick
it didn’t dehydrate 100% and it didn’t
all right pretty ro grinded ground
ground it did pretty well grounded all
right so you’re the expert and you said
this does not taste good it does not
taste like a latte it doesn’t smell like
a latte it does not taste like a latte
so I don’t drink coffee but I do usually
like the smell of coffee this does not
really smell like coffee it smells like
the coffee that you leave in the
coffeepot in the office for like a day
on accident
yes yeah we’ve got our same cup we’ve
got some hot water we’re gonna see if we
can turn this powdered Starbucks back
into regular Starbucks this was a 16
ounce law take I’m gonna fill up just a
little bit in here
it’s back to smelling like coffee that
looks pretty much just the same so there
is a very distinct smell to Starbucks
coffee anybody who has ever been in two
different coffee shops would know it how
would you describe that to me that
smells like coffee again and I’m not an
expert by any means but like it does
actually smell like coffee instead of
like burnt hotdogs I don’t know what it
smelled like before it was not pleasant
Starbucks is known for having more of a
bitter flavor okay so I didn’t drink
that much because they did have my own
latte that morning so that’s less water
than was probably in it when we poured
it into the dehydrator I bet they’re
still on stirred in stuff at the bottom
yes okay yeah God didn’t dissolve all
the way all right
we’re still gonna see what it tastes
like so it’s probably good that we don’t
have quite enough water
I refuse to drink Starbucks coffee
without the sippy cup lid that’s what
makes it taste good for science for
that has almost no flavor all and I bet
it’s because there’s still some pieces
in here that haven’t completely
dissolved yet it tastes like salty milk
salty milk there you go dehydrator
Starbucks latte and reconstitute it and
you get salty milk can we blend that
let’s see if we can make this a little
bit better
Oh mud look at that I drink that there’s
the other one who gets to drink it so
you tell me when you think it’s mixed it
hold on it no no I don’t know what that
is but it’s an abomination so I at least
got the foam off just one more one more
try describe the terribleness take some
milk warm it up slightly add like a
tablespoon of salt leave it out on the
counter for a few hours and then add
like half a shot of espresso that’s what
I just drew so you’re saying it’s pretty
bad I regret everything
guys don’t dehydrate Starbucks if you do
dehydrate Starbucks don’t try and
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