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We POWDERIZED a Steak and Made a Protein Shake

in today’s video we are going to see if
we can powder eyes a steak guys in the
past we’ve dehydrated a number of things
but all of them have been liquid or at
least mostly liquid we want to move on
to something a little bit different so
today we’ve got steak if you take steak
and you put it in a normal dehydrator
you basically get beef jerky and that’s
not what we’re going for we want to just
completely dry it out and for that we
have a new toy
guys this is our new baby this is a
freeze dryer we’re gonna do so many
weird things with this so freeze dryer
is like a dehydrator on steroids
it’s crazy what this thing can do the
general idea is that this machine first
you put the food in and it can do all
sorts of things it gets cold it gets
really cold 50 to 70 degrees below zero
in Fahrenheit after it gets down to that
temperature it starts pulling a vacuum
you put your food in these trays and
everything in there gets pulled into
that vacuum once all the air is pulled
out it starts warming back up at that
point in the super low pressure all of
the water that was in the food it’s
frozen because it’s super cold and then
as it warms up it starts to sublimate it
goes directly from ice into water vapor
in the air without going through a
liquid stage so it does kind of what dry
ice does normally but water only does
that when it’s under such low pressure
so you’ve probably actually had
freeze-dried food before and didn’t know
it fruit and cereals marshmallows and
Lucky Charms and if you’ve ever been
backpacking I’m sure you’ve had a freeze
dry backpacking meal before so it’s very
useful so here’s the basic idea we have
gotten a new freeze dryer and we want to
play with it so the first thing that
we’re gonna try some raw steak and some
cook steak see what happens let’s go
lovey germs will survive the
freeze-drying process
so this is not like cooking or even
dehydrating with salt on where you can
then eat it like this this is not gonna
kill germs so if we freeze-dried these
steaks and then tried to eat the raw
freeze-dried steak we’re just as much
risk as if we’re eating the steak raw
our stakes have been freeze-drying for
quite a while we actually gave them two
full days because they’re pretty thick
steaks and we wanted to hopefully get
them freeze-dried all the way through so
now I think we needed to find out if it
worked move product from dryer there
goes oh that’s cold
yes that’s the point it keeps it that is
well below the temperature of a regular
freezer there’s some frozen steaks oh
wow they weighed nothing they are so
much lighter so I actually I actually
have this scale over here just for this
I unfortunately didn’t think to weigh
these beforehand but a steak this size
would normally weigh you know easily
over a pound so I’m curious to see what
it weighs now so less than half a pound
now that is probably a pound of water
lost honestly what did he want with me
I cooked one even lighter that’s even
lighter so it probably lost some
moisture when we’re cooking it yeah and
I don’t know we didn’t compare the
weight of these two before we dehydrate
it them freeze-dried them there we go so
we’ve now got three raw steaks three
cooked steaks so now we need to do some
experience well I want to know if the
cooked ones are edible and if we can
save they’re all ones at all I think we
can they’re supposed to be rehydratable
rehydratable rehydrate so you really
have a gradable is a word now but
actually even more than that I’m curious
what it looks like on the inside so I
ah there we go
it just looks like a frozen steak but it
sounds like a cracker kind of powdery
small piece of freeze-dried steak see
it’s like a steak cracker actually like
it yeah yeah not a lot
oh my taste like a roast beef but
okay well this will be my snack now
got a little piece here I’m gonna see
what happens if I dip it into some hot
water see if we’ll sort of reconstitute
into cook steak a lot of air bubbles I
think it was it’s too hot if this water
is hotter than you should actually cook
a steak so so you’re gonna put it in
again I would say that tastes more like
roast beef but I did just heat it up
with water that was too hot next I think
we’re gonna take this freeze-dried raw
steak and we’re gonna try branding and
grilling it while it’s still
freeze-dried and then we’ll see if we
can reconstitute it you can usually get
whoo that’s a that’s a lot more of a
burn than last time
curious have we already started like
burning this oh there you go that’s only
been on there for like a minute and a
half probably it doesn’t feel hot though
you should not eat we’re off for eat red
meat however with a steak the the danger
is the germs that are on the surface the
germs don’t travel down inside the meat
so by cooking the entire outside of this
we should be creating something that’s
safe to eat I don’t know if it’s good to
eat but safe to me we’re gonna try it
your way I smell
I say it smells like burnt bacon move it
like it’s not a good smell
so that’s concerning oh my gosh that
really soften back up off what is
happening here well we’ve disconnected
back from the rest of the meat that’s
this is just like a blue rare steak but
it’s softer not as bad as I was
expecting we’ve got a couple more cooked
steaks these are safe to eat yeah
they’re also very dry to the point that
you can literally just break it in half
I want to see if we can blend this into
a powder and what are we gonna do with
that powder that remains to be seen
I mean people make shredded chicken
spreads why not a shredded steak spread
yes this is very very shredded like
mulch made of steak okay now you can
tell if there was moisture in it once
upon a time it’s moldy it’s like sad
but you know we have to do right what do
we have to do we have to try it we have
to add water back into this you really
want to make a protein smooth we’re
gonna make a state’s move you say when
when was that okay good that looks
cranky wait I add a little bit of salt
there’s no way we’re not gonna regret
all right here goes the grossest thing
and call that the consistency of salsa
yeah I’d say it’s alive but it is very
guys we got the hack Smith here with us
and apparently he is very brave because
we now have two textures we’ve got one
that had some water and it’s sort of
like a you described this is the cat
food consistency add it looks like that
food I to be a little more generous I’m
gonna say it’s about the consistency of
like tuna fish and then we have a
thinner consistency it’s actually been
mixed with more water and it’s about
consistency of a thin milkshake or a
smoothie thank you the three to one on
our death three oh no you know I thought
it would be worse oh okay
actually if you put that on a cracker I
my gosh did you want to take a take a
gulp there you are guys warm I like my
smoothies cold yeah this would be worse
well you got a couple of swallows down
that was I was boarded either of us well
I’m going that Canada that’s fair
I approve we’re weird we know yeah he’s
out he’s out I was too much for him we
scared him off he’s gone like I just had
breakfast so I’m not even hungry and I
think this would taste better by this
hey you want something to wash that down
with is warm and not war would have to
be like a hot drink it’s just like
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