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SKIN Official Trailer (2019) Jamie Bell, Drama Movie HD

guys like this only have three options
diam life in prison
so laughs kick boy oh my kiss to be
around us
she lookin at ya we don’t tolerate
stupidity got that yeah one the ear
cracks on them why you got one year ago
that was your first phone Fred gave to
me he took me in I Owen I think real
family don’t make yo shit I’m a man now
listen talk to me Babs you know about me
they go like it
you’re better than those racist I don’t
in this business you’ve got to stay
focused or follow right down the rabbit
hole what if I take all this stuff off
you have involve Brian you don’t answer
your phone you don’t show up in meetings
don’t know what I’m gonna do you need to
get the kids and get out of here
it’s time for you to come back home
going back now you have no choice
is it true as he said the earrin evil man
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